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  1. This is a new feature. They said it's gonna be added with the update.
  2. And guess what that's just a song title. Someone ever told you to not rate the book by cover? Seriously leave me the hell alone. That's not healthy. Chill out and have a good day or don't. So long!
  3. No I am not. How smart of you. What are you police officer? You won't frame me into some crap just because you are offended. Lmao Also 1 or 2 posts isn't 28 pages of bs. You are not a jedi or something therefore have no force or anything. So stop trying to predict what I think or who I am. If you think I am offended by that. Think again. You all are so salty you can't even handle jokes. Get a break. Also dark time? You got depression or something? Go to doc instead of sitting in the forums and harrassing people.
  4. You're very salty on the other hand. Try some sugar. x) Spamming the topic with idiotic speculations, won't really speed anything up you know. Oh so now we play in Edit post huh? Okay here goes!
  5. Someone out there at DE... just close this goddamn topic already.
  6. Guys, there's still gonna be two Deluxe Skins for each warframe... (I'm not even gonna mention some really great TennoGens) do not worry. I'm also not entirely sure about that Equinox... yet. From the very left side of the picture, not exactly fan of this kind of legs. However I don't like what they did there with Harrow Deluxe as well or even Limbo Deluxe, not to mention Atlas one. Not everything is perfect for everyone obviously. For me even though I love/like or dislike some other deluxes, so far the new Ash Deluxe and Garuda Deluxe - both skins shoved all other deluxes under the carpet basically. Of course it would be perfect "for me" if all Deluxes would look like new Ash deluxe or the Garuda one, but I would guess that's more like Devs choice. You also forget Ivara's only theme isn't just huntress she's also goddamn Thief. Her Deluxe has kind of elf ranger like vibes. So I'd say it's good enough.
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