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  1. fair enough. while I stand on my 1 for 1 clause. I can gladly give up on WHAT is nerfed/lost. but for the most part the loss of range was to reduce the amount of semi-afk players. since they would turn it on and never turn it off and not having to actually move. and the fun thing about her losing the DR was that apparently it was the dojo duals that was the breaking point for that nerf. but i mean...nezha AND gara have a MUCH better version of it now. in the past it was 91% DR with intensify-this was before DE impelmented the 90% cap and this was before corrupted/nightmare mods.- and it was a half meter range. much shorter than the 2 and 2.5m range of nezha and gara respectfully ((both of which those 2 have scaling on them as well. be it defenseivly or offensivly.)) moral of the story...bring back overheat as her passive that procs after skill casts for a few seconds. and then ember can have a truley viable close range brawler/caster.
  2. as wild as taht would be...they already nerfed my beutiful kohm bouncy projectiles because of low end pc's...so this alas will not become a thing. the first one would still come with the same issue...fire out in the field hurts ALOT at higher levels. and the 2nd one would be a little much considering it would be giving you a strong damage boost at no cost while also giving you free DR. thats why i opted for overheats return. because its mostly a DR for a few secondss aftr you cast. requireing you to activily maintain your energy levels and constantly casting to keep it up. while i like the convert % damage taken into heat. that would be better off as an actual skill otherwise it would get nerfed into being a useless passive that either dosnt absorb enough or dosnt convert jack for damage.
  3. ya at one point I had thought of an entertaining rework that to remake her world on fire into a large aoe zone that just made everything around you a constant fire trap ((similar to the randomized fire enviromental hazards but on a LARGE scale)) I think I also had ring of fire with a higher status as well and some other stuff I dont remember
  4. ya. they nerfed her range over time at the cost of more str. but worst eff honestly have 1 positive at the cost of 2 neg is really the BS part ((I'd been find if the range shrank but it didnt spike up in cost... but the real change was to combat the "semi-afk" play style of her and banshee. ((and the people complaining about starchart ember...but ember lost her overheat because of "dojo duals" so...what do I know.
  5. ya but the issue with current armor is it scales constantly. wihtout DR and just a really big number. you can still get the same effect. its just instead of armor scaling up in DR AND armor health. it just scales up in armor health. then you rebalance around the numbers that way instead of armor being INSANLY good on enemies it can help the factions be more on par...and then perhaps we can make it so corpus dont have to be able to one tap us just to be "even" with grineer.
  6. personally the 1 positive ((bonus str)) for 2 negatives ((loss of range and eff)) isnt a fair trade off. but otherwise it DOES have decently high status chance and its constant. Ya. I personally never used firequake so i dont have first hand but I have heard that was an issue.
  7. with variations. Armor would be hartier in values. have different damage resistance/weakness. lack the regeneration properties of shields that would ALSO mean that grineer just arnt meat shields while corpus sends an army of glass cannons. ((hell i'd even say give shields a slighly shorter delay to buff them up slightly to make them "even" it would make balancing factions ALOT easier thats for sure.
  8. im not gonna lie...Ive been in the very tiny pool of taking the mass effect approach to armor...having it a different type of Health bar instead of an infinite scaling DR. would also make the "health" state more viable and put more reasons to take more than a single damage type into a mission.
  9. So ive been one of the people that seriously think people are over blowing the WoF nerf. mostly because it almost didn't even effect me because accelerant ember. but ive gotten to thinking. there IS one part of her kit that gets worst as the levels scale up....and thats her passive currently her passive requires you to be on fire to gain power str and energy regen...but out side of self damage ((which requires you to take a porly moded weapon and hope you dont gib your self trying to proc fire)) all you have is area/scenery damage and our favorite units with flamethrowers...both of which make short work of you as the levels go up. while tinkering on. "how would i fix that' i remembered something...old ember before accelerant. over heat. the skill that was "too powerful" but you see...compared to now days that skill is mediocre. a half meter aoe with 40% ((91% with str)) DR... we have multiple frames that do this but better. Nezha with 90% DR as well as lacking a duration because it runs on a scaling HP bar.(( as well as a 2m range slash aura)) and Gara's Splinter storm. which is a 70% (scaling easily to 90% with a single mod) as well as a 2.5m range aoe with infinite scaling ((cuz 1 tapping 200+ CHG by sprinting past them is fair and balanced)) so at this point..overheat is no longer the scary boogyman and in fact fits more with modern ember than before. with the nerf to the range on WoF ember is being pulled more into a short range caster. so i feel giving overheat as a new replacement for her passive would be fantastic for her health in the game. The way it would work would be on ability cast it triggers overheat. giving you the short range fire aura and DR for a few seconds. Would incentives actually being active on ember instead of just letting WoF burn constantly. and would buff up her def enough to make up for the oh so painful loss of range i been hearing about for the last year or 2.
  10. ya that last bit would be an interesting synergy. also i thought about the ammo thing origonally. would be neat to add in some augments to give a new rotation of "support" skills on his 2. including ammo refund/mutation.
  11. So i been thinking on my take of vaub. as people who may have seen me post here and there...I often take a "minimalist" approach to changing. while yes Ill change skills for the most part its on the minor levels of somethign equivalent to Oberon FIRST rework way back when. So with introductions out of the way. lets brush off some dust and get started "ideology" So vauban is the CC frame. alas thats a hard put in todays meta with murder being so much better than CC. atm the closest equivalent we have is the offensive Khora. ((similar to how Rhino and frost fit in the roll of offensive/defensive tanks)) so I wanted to kind of work in an "elemental master" into his kit similar to how khora venari has the IPS combos. Passive: his passive works. it fits REALLY well with his kit giving him bonus damage. if it DID need a buff. I would be to instead increase the damage the enemies take by 25% instead of vaub's damage. Tesla: Okay first off.it's simple and the idea of a stationary CC zaper is neat..but the skill underperforms. so first...increase the base status chance remove the requrement to charge for 3 seconds to hit 100% ((and the bse of 10% is insanly low for a skill with low damage ment for CC.)) second change. remove the cap of charges or remove the duration. it makes no since to not have both. especially since high duration builds you can get 30 charges but the mine despawns at 18 zaps anyways. Minelayer ---> Emplacement so minelayer is an interesting skill but for the most part half the skill is useless and the other half dosnt work. Well taking some advice from khora ((on IPS/ability change for vinary)) and a bit of of our new friend,wisp. So we are scraping the multiplacement mines for a single encampment. Pushing forwardthe idea of Vauban being a defensive engineer. and taking the idea of Khora IPS. we will let his tower of power based on elemental damages. Fire: Fire a constant conical jet of fire toward an enemy. Chance to proc fire/panic. ((alternative. a double sided rotating flame jet.)) Ice: Emit a large slow aura in the area. reducing enemy movement Electric: Emits a shield pulse restoring shields (( alternative: Grants Skill Efficiency reducing cost of abilities and/or ability str )) Toxin: Emits a toxic gas in the area,draining HP and restoring allies health in the area. ((debating on weather to keep it an HP drain or to make it HP regen.)) Bastille: I like this skill. it works. so isntead of making the skill different or buffing numbers...Ima add everyones favorite word "synergies~~~" Tesla can now be placed ON Bastille. causing it to charge the wall zapping everything entrapped in the ability. If there is an Emplacement in the area of Bastille as well the mines damage will combine with the element of the emplacement. ((giving Bastille the ability to deal electric,radiation,corrosive,magnetic damage)) Vortex: this one is difficult for me. so outside of inventing new augments ((there is no reason we CANT have more than 1/skill)) every few seconds Vortex pulses. stumbling enemies in a larger area toward the vortex. ((this is probly my weakest change...I honestly have nothing to make it neat and interesting to me. send help or we can leave it alone)) well what you think? let me here your insults and thoughts. sure it probly wont be picked up by our based god Pablo but I kinda enjoy doing these.
  12. both. but if i had to choose one. Id like to at least get one or 2 more areas ((tau and mabey something more spacey)) afterwords I'd like to see a few more expansions. atm fortuna is slowly expanding with the additions of the orbs expanding the story abit.... cetus kinda...was very short. sure we got boss fights but outside of the 3 beasts ((with story in the background)) a rare event,and a random event. we dont got much in the way of "story line" for cetus. Just a small quests and a few hidden lore books.
  13. TL:DR OP dosnt like this gun because it dosnt fit his exact definition of a sniper rifle. this gun trades out alpha damage for DPS. instead of being a gun focused on hitting a single target its a gun made to be rapid fired and abuse the sniper scope mecanics. also you keep bringing up self damage as a negative constantly of "oh my teammate might walk in front of me" that means you lack spacial awareness. thats not so much the guns fault as your own. ((in case you are curious. ALOT of weapons arnt what they are. you realize how many machetes arnt machetes?))
  14. will we be getting 1hmelle & single secondary in the future still? I have been waiting for this since the initial reveal. is it possible to get equipted augments added into the ability stats? alot of augments are effected by mods and sometimes its hard to tell exactly how ((some augments dont scale))
  15. Still waiting on an icon for broken and locked on the new corpus lockers sure we know when we can see if we can open it but there is still no way to tell if its broken or just locked.
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