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  1. will we be getting 1hmelle & single secondary in the future still? I have been waiting for this since the initial reveal. is it possible to get equipted augments added into the ability stats? alot of augments are effected by mods and sometimes its hard to tell exactly how ((some augments dont scale))
  2. Still waiting on an icon for broken and locked on the new corpus lockers sure we know when we can see if we can open it but there is still no way to tell if its broken or just locked.
  3. neat. i can sell javlok capaccitor... but i would still LOVE to be able to use tactile reload on the Javlok...Just saying...its a synergy that needs to be had T.T ((Ill also accept firestorm on the LENZ. let me hae the option to nuke myself along with the room,please))
  4. I have a question now that rivens have been pulled from companion weapons ((be it temp or not)) can we please please PLEASE remove that stupid mod conflict thing? khora dosnt have that issue with kavats. and since "companion weapons arnt meant for damage" anyways. why not just save us the pain of forcing us either level up 2 of everything or have to keep swapping back and forth between weapons each time you change guns ((not to mention that half of them you cant use because they are pistols))
  5. dude...level 25 enemies were hitting as hard as level 80 enemies. at that point it needed it.
  6. yesh...that explains why tier 3 bounties felt like i was doing sorties,lol. I knew something was wrong with those guys,lol.
  7. ya but alot of people still dont like kohm cuz of large spread and ammo issues. astilla fires slugs so dosnt ahve taht "less that 100% is useless" issue. marelok is slowly getting upthere. but remember it WAS one of the best pistols that everyone used before akstilettoP
  8. personally I like this. but I feel this needs to happen more often. it needs to be more organic. while I doubt I can get this every 2 weeks or so. getting this every decent sized update would be fantastic.
  9. can we make it so the gear wheel stops condensing itself...I had it perfectly organized and then I used one of my dragon keys and now my organization is ruined cuz i had to make a new one and put it at the end T.T at least have it so when you run out it drops a "CONSUMABLE 0" in the spot instead of removing it from the list and pushing the list down.
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