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  1. Even though you replied with a very sarcastic response to my question, I thank-you. "But" i the future i respectively ask that you Don't help me in any future problem i may encounter. Have a Good 2020!
  2. Hi fellow Tenno Thank you for a very quick answer to my dilemma. Do u mean the portal looking thing first white second blue and third green i think? The swirly looking cloud lol.
  3. Hi Guy's & Gal's. I'm unsure on how too earn more Avionic Capacity points so i can improve my Railjack's ability skills such as, Weapons, Speed, Armour and things like those. I've used the points given to me to help with my ships build. So i would be so appreciative if any Tenno can help me with this problem. Thank-you in advance Tenno.
  4. Hi Tenno & a Merry Christmas or a Happy holidays to one & all. I have a problem i hope i can get answered quickly & simply for me to undrstand, I built a railjack in my own dojo about 30mins ago, the Cephelon told me it was completed & i could use my railjack but the platform is inactive where my railjack is it has taken me days & alot of resources to complete my ship so why can't i use it PLEASE HELP my Tenno Thank You for your time.
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