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  1. Here is my little feedback on that really fun frame. Hope I'm not repeating ppl in the 6 previous pages. Hope my english isn't too bad. RESERVOIRS: For most stationnary missions, the powers work great. I would add a mechanic that make you able to spawn the 3 pods at the same time. It's becoming quickly annoying to hold 1, press 1, hold 1, press 1 and do it a 3rd time, every few rooms. Especially for Capture, Ext, etc... A "double tap" on 1 could be nice to create 3 pods at once. WIL-O-WISP: / BREACH SURGE: Work great too. Maybe a bit bugued too much ? A lot of time ennemies doesn't seem to be affected even with their eyes glowing. SOL GATE: The weakest ability of her kit. Don't be shy to buff it (dmg wise). We have frame like Mesa with WAY more powerfull ultimates. We're talking about a piece of energy from the freaking SUN. Also the "hold left mouse" mode is underwelming. I think adding a bit of a tiny OAE (like the opticor) when using this mode could be a nice addition. It could left on grounds & walls burning flames/littles auras that do radiation dmg to ennemies. It's also way too much energy drain fo the weak dmg output. The skill with 100% efficiency should be at 3/3.4 energy/s. Hope this little feedback can give ideas to make her a super fun frame. After all, the fun part of a frame is the most important part. _____ Also idea for an Augment for "Sol Gate" (I know it's not the place here but the idea spawned in my mind when writting this feedback, so why adding it here before forgetting it). Hold 4 and you place the "Orb" in it's unleash state on a fixed point that do Radiation status and if ennemies come too close, they start burning. You can launch "waves" of heat/rad from the ball if you hit her with you 2nd or with any heat/rad dmg powers from other frames.
  2. Thanks for the trick but I already knew. DE made all frame able to use their abilities in air. It still feel clunky to use warframes like Trinity after using frames that can use their powers when moving. I don't really know the details on how hard it is to change but I hope they will realise it and make that change for all frames. They just changed it for Nyx if i'm not mistaken. Hope to see that change to Trinity, Mirage and Mesa.
  3. I want to use Excal Umbra. But the scarf is clipping everytime, all the time tough my accessories or my syandana. It also can have ugly/out of place flashy colors comapred to other skins like tennogen ones. It could be nice to have a "hide scarf" option like we have with prime parts.
  4. Your idea of a "rework" or "QoL" for her are great. I must agree with everthing except for her 4. Her Links NEEDS to have a base duration double at least. It should be like Mesa/Mirage. That we can easly go for 40sec without needing 4 duration mods. Energy Your idea on her 2 is nice, it keep the ability as it was before but better. Her 1st should be replaced or have a BIG change. Also. Trinity should be able to MOOOOVE when using her skills. It's the same case as Mirage (Mirage's 1st, 2nd and 3rd abilities for ), it's really annoying to stop every 15sec to use her kit. A lot of frames should be like Mag. Being able to move using your powers. But maybe that's just me. Nobody seem to mind that. (Carefull with the color of the text, I don't know why but yours is huge and almost as the same color as the background when the "dark theme" is activated.
  5. I'm still hoping to see an aux' slot for the Umbra scarft and a button for "umbra details" like the prime have. Just to make it fashionable without any clipping. It's laways in the way or clipping trough armors, syandanas, capes, etc...
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