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  1. The pack should also be discounted otherwise people are spending 20p too much. ❤️
  2. https://discord.gg/GHRE8CM [ Introduction ] Our clan accepts everyone! It doesn't matter if you're new, returning or a veteran, we appreciate everyone who joins.We always have members willing to help others, crack relics or run events and missions.Our fast growing community is a great place to meet new people and create new bonds. [ Recruitment Status ]Actively Recruiting [ Current Minimum Mastery Requirement ]None [ Raids ] To be announced upon Raids return this year. [ Permanent Clan Tax ]0% (Varies dependent on clan participation in events) [ Current Rank and Research ] Underground Dungeon Masters has every single base research available funded besides a few Pigments. [ Discord Server (Voice Chat) ] UDM prides its self on having one of the best active voice communities available to play with within the Warframe Community. Far too often do we hear that their clan is "Dead" or has no one on their Discord server or Teamspeak to help or talk to them while they play. Throughout the day many users come on and introduce themselves, and bonds are formed, https://discord.gg/QtgKF2R Not required - but you are always welcome to join our Discord to find a group or just chat about random things!Discord is also the main form of communication between staff members, thus staff there are online 90% of the time should you ever need to contact them. [ Current Removal Policy ]To make room we purge as we recruit new members, Anyone within a fixed time of inactivity may be removed from the in-game clan if it is deemed necessary. If you were Removed, we have nothing against you.You can always ask to be invited back as we welcome returning members with open arms! The best way to do so is to contact one of the members on discord or perhaps a friend that is in the clan already about joining. [ How to Join!] 1. Be sure you are ready to join our clan.2. Leave your current clan if you are currently in one.3. Join Discord (The fastest way to join) or Look for our recruitment message in-game.4. Wait for confirmation of a sent invitation, or periodically check your inbox (step 5).5. Accept your invite by pressing ESC in-game, click Communications, then click Inbox to find your clan invitation. https://discord.gg/GHRE8CM
  3. Neewa, 18 Hello :3, I'm a sensitive young Myconian. I was exiled from the Myconian colony a few years back. I was held captive by Nef Anyo as a gambling tool and it left me with scars that are still healing, So you can say I have daddy issues owo. I'm turning to Plenty of Servofish to find a strong dependable person to take me in. I can cook and clean in any outfit you so desire and give great massages, ask Clem.
  4. Clan name: Underground Dungeon Masters Clan tier: Rank 10 Moon Clan Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord (Owner of UDM)
  5. The true origin of "Mask of the lost one" flipped upside down.
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