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  1. Nani? Why is this a thing? Are Exalted Weapons Rivens actually being discussed? Interesting... Can this be addressed in a future Dev Stream. Will there be Rivens for Warframes/Exalted Weapons/Companions in the future?
  2. Can we get a credit payout/score update based on our time we already spent grinding for a week?
  3. Nagantaka, Zhuge, Zhuge prime, Attica? Nagantaka wasn't on sale as a bow either during valentines sale. Why do you hate Nagantaka. Show Nagantaka some love.
  4. My brother and I put together a quick Parody video for Scarlet Spear. Just a fun project to not loose our minds inside the house SCARLET SPEAR EVENT - STARSHIP TROOPERS PARODY
  5. I was telling some other tenno that the "Broken Warframe" Fan concept got accepted... Discussion on what it would be came up. We laughed at the idea of its default animation being something similar to a T-Pose, Maybe with periodic Arm Movement, with its head periodically disappearing in the arsenal. These are some of the things we came up with. -Its abilities would at random say "Ability already in use" -The Warframe would just run in place periodically, not matching up with the movement or direction of the camera, sometimes moon-walking while sprinting. -One of the abilities we thought would be funny was that it can change the perspective of the camera to be something flipped or inverted like how when guass goes "Too fast" or when players hit "H" on their keyboard for the first time. -Overall, make this frame more disliked than limbo in every mission besides Scarlet Spear was also discussed. -The frame can randomly get stuck on walls or objects, and fall through the map periodically for no reason as a passive. -The weapons can just drop or get automically switched or just not fire at all for no reason. -The Game can freeze periodically for no reason (only as a visual bug, more like a frame drop) on launch of the mission for a random period of time (realistically 3-20 seconds). -You can use melee while downed (Visually) -If you heavy attack ground slam, you get locked in the animation or ground slam the ground 100 times in a period of 30 seconds while also being able to move. -You can attempt to trade this frame, and Trading this frame results in "Trade failure Unknown" -Exalted weapon can be a melee that you hold like a pistol that has awful accuracy -You can move around while doing dancing or idle animation like "Sitting or Handshake or Meditation" as examples. (No shawazin) -Can't pickup resources periodically, and they just follow the warframe around and don't get collected unless you go operator -Has a Kavat Kubrow Hybrid Companion -One of the abilities costs too much energy to even cast without mods -Pressing esc spins you around at Mach 10 like when you open your inbox in your orbiter sometimes or like how the "Iron man statue" in the personal quarters looks like to squad members. These were some fun ideas we came up with. Not sure how DE will create the broken warframe, but I look forward to their concepts and ideas.
  6. Warframe Theme: Demi Lich - A Old Blood Experiment Turned Warframe - Not quite a "Full Lich" and not quite something we've seen before. I'm thinking the frame can have Kuva/lich Themed abilities, Sounds, and appearance. Adaptability and Undying would be a better way to describe the Demi Lich. Something along the lines of *Read in lotus voice* "The Demi Lich (Demi) - Adapting to enemies abilities Demi quickly disposes of troublesome lower life forms - Turning their arsenal against them Demi can convert hits into adaptive resistance - The Old Blood does not fear death" etc etc I'd personally like a frame that can take over other units, and I can imagine a frame like this melting into a air form of kuva like Revenant and then force its self through the eyes, mouth, and ears of enemies. The whole Idea if using Kuva in so many different ways means that the "Demi Lich" is almost an endless void for creativity. DE can use Demi Lich as a plot device or means of explanation for Kuva or Kuva Related content. In terms of unlocking Demi Lich, I feel personally it would have to after the War Within, so it would be a Minimum MR 5 frame. Kuva in general has always peaked my interest. Personally I am not a "Kuva Junkie" but Kuva is a really interestng resource to play around with in warframe as it has so many potential uses in the Lore. Thank you for taking in themes, I am very much looking forward to whatever submission/s gets accepted. (in before a Slime Werewolf with Spider legs and Vampire teeth gets accepted)
  7. Does this consider the size of enemies Hitboxs such as Eidolons?
  8. Warning; Multiple Opinions detected I re-read the patch notes section 5 times before even preforming any tests regarding these status changes. I don't really feel these were tested in high teir gameplay. A lot of the status effects now feels they are under preforming, mainly due to the 0.25x change to how elements get proced vs IPS that got snucked into the mainline. What this does is not only make the past 7 years of warframe build videos and testing irrelevant, but undermines the effort of the community's creativity aspect in my opinion. Things change and some change is good. Me venting about Corrosive; Some things needed to be addressed about how corrosive was used by a lot of people to strip armor 100% permanently, but guess what, so do a lot of warframes. Oberon can strip armor 100% at 335% power strength, Vauban can strip armor 100%, Frost can strip armor 100% for the duration of his Avalanche, Grendal Can strip armor 100%, and there other frames that can preform similar feats such as these. The idea that forcing corrosive to be a 26% base and a 6% additive every other proc is a great idea, BUT the cap of 80% is just not needed. It needs to able to strip to 100% and stay Stripped. Are you telling me that the ARMOR of a Grineer has the capability to regenerate at the speed of a HIGH END NOMU From My Hero Academia? And not just a Lvl 9999 Heavy gunner either. A Lvl 1 Basic Lancer has this capability. I get potentially making it so Higher end ELITE UNIQUE types of Grineer having a ARMOR Corrosive REGENERATE function, or Armor that can repair it from being melted, it makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that EVERY Grineer unit has this function built into their suit. That most cost a LOT of credits, and we all know that clones really aren't worth the funding to keep alive based on their Military Training of walking in a straight line to their death. Also anything I said about Grineer can be applied to any unit with armor etc. Slash is fine, doesn't need to be changed. I like the Shield gating part and that MAKES SENSE. Good idea. Impact... no body liked you to begin with, why do you keep coming back to haunt us. Impact needs to be revised again, with the 0.25x chance of procing change, it just makes everything so much worse to handle. Puncture is fine, doesn't need to be changed in its core, but maybe another effect like damage vulnerability to create a bit more variety. Cold is fine, doesn't need to be changed. It MAKES SENSE. Maybe add a Frostbite effect or something that procs at 10. Cold kind of goes unnoticed a lot of the times. Heat was ok, and having no change is understandable since it just got reworked, IF it was the old state of elemental changes. Having it base strip armor to 50% outshines the first procs of Corrosive and makes corrosive second guess its own existance currently. Currently I can proc Hundreds of Heat procs with high fire rate weapons, and it literally doesn't matter. Needs to have some sort of combustion similar to how impact has an AoE or Electricity after a certain amount of procs. Toxin, is fine, works as intended and doesn't need to be changed. Would be nice to see some sort of additional depth to it Electricity is fine, it MAKES SENSE and works as intended. Blast is interesting, I don't really have much input there Corrosive... Yikes. I vented about my feeling about corrosive above. I get that 100% armor strip is scary, but for those of the community to engage enemies in missions with armor for over 2hours-16hours, it is basically a requirement. Can we strip armor with warframes? Yes we can. Should I feel forced to use a warframe because corrosive can't strip armor? No. Should I feel forced to use a weapon with corrosive because my warframe can't strip armor? No. There just needs to be a balance. The Scaling of warframe over the last few years is based on exponential graphics with numerical data. In practical missions, % based effects are the best thing any can have. With revenant, I can 1 shot anything in the entire game as long as I mind control it, and then dash through it if I have high enough power strength, but is that really how i should play? Balancing is the key to this. Fun vs Practical. For an average player, a level 300 or high Heavy gunner is a thing of fiction, but for endurance players with the time and arsenal, it is a daily occurrence. No doubt in my mind that Blessed pablo him self will come down from the heavens and give corrosive the treatment it deserves even though he doesn't like saryn, im sure that he has plenty to say about her and how viral works. Radiation, its cool but kind of a gimick but I get it I guess. Kind of makes taking control of enemies or summoning your own with Nekros etc to a point. To be honest, been thinking of just making a radiation weapon with status duration and letting enemies fight among them selves but i'll test that later. Viral is insane at early levels, I couldn't stop laughing. When 1 think breaks a hero emerges. Viral is that savior. If you aren't building for viral you kind of get left behind in terms of DPS Gas, Gas needs more scaling and damage increase. There are some smarter people who can go into detail why By doing this you kind of also make everything else proc more often. This makes builds kind of awful to use and spits on the creativity of players. If I have more than 1 element on my weapon, lets say Viral + heat, Heat and Viral basically have the exact same chance to proc, even though lets say my viral stat was higher than my heat. I feel this should be reverted completely. Infact I'd say that it was one of the main reasons why things were sort of at a good balance these last 7 years. I understand Corrosive was over used and a bit scary for endgame content, but don't cut it out of the game, just bring everything else up to a level where players can be creative and make other combinations and unique builds. Perhaps a new Element is in order to reset this balance. In fact I think a new element is exactly what we need. 1 New element to upset the balance, creating new waves in the meta, new combinations of elements New element + existing elements = New Combination Elements, providing X effects made up by Blessed Pablo and only Blessed Pablo. We need Pablo's help. 🙏 Save us, Save corrosive, Save builds and Tenno's creativity
  9. Question 1- Raids/8 player+ missions? In 2019 raids were on the white board, but nothing was ever expanded on. Question 2- What happens after MR 30 is reached This/Next year? Question 3- Can we get playable Chess/Checkerboards for Orbiter when we invite friends to visit orbiter? Question 4- We have Moas as pets, but can we get Hyenas similar to the Hyena Pack/Zanuka. The Modeling is there and the animation/sound are there, we would just need Pablo's blessed touch of balancing. Question 5- New Varient of Infested Weapons? Currently infested weapons have no enhanced varient (Vandal/Wraith/Supra/Mara/Prisma/Prime). Question 6- Can we get a way to list rivens/gear on our profile so people can just buy them from our inventory directly without having to go through the manual process of trading? Most MMORPGs have some sort of Auction House or system to trade with players from anywhere. Runescape has the GRAND EXCHANGE and WoW has the Auction House. Could we get something similar? Nef Anyo can run it and charge a crazy tax or something. Question 7- Will there be a player "honor system" put in place? Similar to how overwatch rewards players who preform well during games, or how league rewards players for positive gameplay and teamwork. Question 8- As a clan leader, I'd like to be able to send messages that ping all Online/Offline players, perhaps clan mail or something similar. Can we implement this? Also a way to potentially integrate discord links in clan management or something would be amazing. Question 9- Will Split Flights work on the Kuva Bramma? Question 10- Can we have navigation work again on Railjack during mission. It was super convenient to be able to extract whenever we wanted.
  10. Engineering crafting Yields bonus does not apply within the dojo for all Payload thus costing players more to craft items in dojo, than in mission.
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