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  1. Most likely the add of the new infested units from this Nightwave event, as well as when the New War releases we will be expected to fight different tiers on Sentients. In terms of fun, I personally don't expect much. In terms of infested, the new units are chill, its better to see a bit of a change, but they aren't really a threat to higher tier players. For the sentient I expect just more of the same, with a bit more dodging, lazers, beams or pulses. I'm just looking forward to the sound design and visual aspects/animations of the enemies, than their actual functionality, as long as it kind of adds to their respective faction.
  2. Just don't be poor Omegalul.
  3. Just you. Maybe your sentinel died and you just missed it. I still get 30-60 an hour. Try Putting on a Smeeta kavat, increase its livability, then only pick up vitus when Affinity/Doubble pick ups procs. You can get so much more essence 🤤
  4. So far it has been fixed for me so far. Thank you.
  5. I downloaded the new update, went to the market, bought a bunch of new stuff, specifically the instruments. I go to place them in my ship, and now every single time I hit Place Decorations my game crashes. This has happened 5 times in a row so far. I just want to place my fashion items in my ship and not crash 😞
  6. Thank you so much for listening to all the feedback. 🙂 Keep up the great work
  8. Neewa, 18 Hello :3, I'm a sensitive young Myconian. I was exiled from the Myconian colony a few years back. I was held captive by Nef Anyo as a gambling tool and it left me with scars that are still healing, So you can say I have daddy issues owo. I'm turning to Plenty of Servofish to find a strong dependable person to take me in. I can cook and clean in any outfit you so desire and give great massages, ask Clem.
  9. Clan name: Underground Dungeon Masters Clan tier: Rank 10 Moon Clan Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord (Owner of UDM)
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