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    Natah Painting

    Thank you!
  2. I've explained the point of the thread multiple times, please read.
  3. Agreed, thanks for giving me another perspective on the matter as well! Have a great day 🙂
  4. Funny you say that, because it's clearly not resolved, I've also seen that you have nothing of actual value to say in this thread so i am going to ignore your posts from now on, not here to argue, have a nice day 🙂
  5. Why would i rant and cry like a child, i asked a simple question, i gave you your answer, seems like you can read but you don't like what you've read so you choose to ignore it..
  6. Indeed, though while DE said that all eligible accounts got their items, the eligibility of those is extremely small, only those who got the ephemera were eligible to get nekros, yet most of the replies to that thread are people saying they got neither, granted some of them might not've even watched the stream to begin with, but it's an awful lot of people, either way, i haven't seen DE say there was any sort of other issue involved that caused people not to get their deserved drops..
  7. My point wasn't to get 'data for DE', my point was to see what other peoples experience with the event and support was.
  8. Howdy, Let me start off by saying this; I'm trying to see how many people still haven't gotten the twitch drops, because i keep seeing these posts and at least 3 people asking DE on twitter every time they post anything.. I know DE says that the twitch drops have been resolved and anyone that is eligible already got them, but i think that's a load of horse bollocks! If you're wondering, yes, i have not recieved my drops and indeed, i am quite disappointed.. Because i messaged support 2 times, the first time was after the week tennocon ended, since i knew they said it might take up to a week, i gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited. As you might have guessed, i haven't recieved them, after writing a small but thorough request stating that i am 100% positive that i have my twitch account linked and that i've been commenting and watching the stream for approx 4 hours including TennoLive, i was replied to with the message saying something like this; 'Thank you for your patience, we truly appreciate it, but all of the twitch loot drops were already sent out, support can't give you what you wanted but here are a few steps you can take, ensuring you'll get the drops next time,(with some nice looking pictures and instructions on how to link yout twitch account)' I decided to myself, alright.. this is not great, not terrible, maybe they need more proof that my account was indeed linked. So i sent them a support ticket again, now being even nicer than i was, giving them irrefutable proof that my twitch account was linked with my warframe acount for over a year now.. Thinking that would surely be enough to let them know that i was indeed eligible, i went on and clicked send, what i didn't know, that after 3 days, support would hit me up, this time a different support member, giving me the EXACT SAME wall of text the previous one did, about how making sure my account is linked and how to do it, even when i sent them proof that is is indeed linked! (just in case you thought i was bullS#&$e-ing) Now, as i said, my question is, how many of you all still didn't get the twitch drops and what did support tell you? i really want to know!
  9. eXotic

    Natah Painting

    Thanks, i really love dreads on female characters so i thought it was perfect 😄 Thanks! Thank you 😄
  10. eXotic

    Natah Painting

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