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  1. While I'm glad to be able to switch as fast between guns and melee, I won't lie, I Miss the old system way too much. I used to always use melee as my primary offense gameplay, while not using channeling that much, I actively blocked efficiently , now it's impossible, it's not only a matter of "auto block" but the whole feeling is too different from what I was used to and liked in the gameplay. I don't feel like melee is "its own weapon class", but merely an "add on" now. It doesn't feel the same, doesn't feel as important in a certain way. With my friends , we all had our specialization, I was more melee, some others were more primary auto, others bows, now, everything vanished, everyone use everything on the same level, I don't feel like melee is special as I used to feel it was. If there's one wish I have with the new melee, is being able to re-setup my keys and gameplay to make it feel more like it was, Being able to actively block, and not let the game do it for me, and not being forced to have to unequip my others weapons to feel like I'm actually impacting my survivabily.
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