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  1. If I recall correctly, Void energy is a poison to sentient, the ones that left TAU to return to the Origin system and attack it, have already lost the capacity to reproduce, due to the Void Travel. Aside from that, Infested were developed as a weapon against sentients. Sentients take over Technology, Infested, Flesh , and since the Mutalyst strain, Technology aswell ( see infested Ospreys and other corpus units. ) I honestly believe that if the sentients ever land on Deimos ( at least, the ones actually present in the Origin System, aka Hunhow & Erra's fleet. Or Even Natah herself. It
  2. There is a current issue regarding equiping a bow and using Inaros agile animation in the same time, in the arsenal, equiping a bow will freeze the animation entirely. Which is not gamebreaking per say, the real trouble is when you bring that loadout in mission. The effects are the following: - Your animation freeze to the last played once you stop moving (Only you will see the animation freeze, other people will see you as normal ) - You're unable to unequip the bow in favor of your sidearm or melee, it will visually stay as the bow ( Host/client & other people looking at you will
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