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  1. Well, my only feedback is. Being in archwing is definitly too punitive. You get rekt in no time. Get out of a grineer ship, you are dead before having your screen fully loaded. So you spend all your revive. and finish dead. Archgun, 90% of the time you gonna shot arround ennemy but not on them. Too fast and no way to track where to shot. So I dont know.. But archwing on last mission on earth and saturne is a deadly bad idea.
  2. Une mise à jour sauvage est apparue dans les hautes herbes. Anukanedai lance attaque 💕 sur DE
  3. Une mise à jour sauvage est apparue dans les hautes herbes. Anukanedai lance attaque 💕 sur DE
  4. C'est vrai que le déplacement murale, notamment lors de l'infiltration pourrais être optimisé. Mais je ne doute pas que cela soit compliquer à coder. Sans parler des mises à jours en cours. Et ce n'est pas indispensable à la furtivité sans parler des nombreux niveaux qui n'ont pas de murs proprement praticable. Je ne pense pas que le rendre illimité soit une bonne chose, surtout que des modes peuvent être utilisé pour augmenter la durée. Sachant que ça fait partie du jeu d'optimiser sa configuration et de sacrifier une stats pour une autre. En terme de détection, un champ de vision élargit pour le reste de la mission à la première alarme sonnée serais sympa. Mais il faut aussi une modification du champs de vision de base. A l'heure actuel les ennemis peuvent nous voir trop facilement. Par contre, un vrai son d'arme suppressé pour celles équipées de silencieux ou de tir alternatif silencieux serait royal. Y a pas de warframe qui puisse se tenir au plafond en faite. Mise à part Valkyr mais elle reste pas.
  5. Some of you will remember some magic the gathering game, and some crazy combo between your cards. Before the melee update we got something It was a bit crazy. Now imagin using it with a build based on Saryn's toxin lash / contagion cloud And I forgot to use venom dose when I tested it. Yes, +6000% dmg (just a little bit overpowered) + toxin lash buff + gas cloud.. Even nullifier wasnt something to worry about. Well it was messy to use with the automated guard. But the concept was really fun. My point here, it that something that must be carefully but integrated in the game. Mods that extended our way to play warframe, and could give a brand new way to play a warframe without reworking it. Mods/amalgams/mods set that are really usefull and not just a "little" add on the side of the main mecanic. I loved to scratch my head when play MTG to find horrible combo to put on my adversary's face It was so fun. It would be really game changer to do that in warframe. Actually theyr is too much "meta" build wiches are just min-max ability.. and that's all.
  6. Well, a lot of funny answer. Could add "FASHIONFRAME TRVE ENDGAME" But well end-game. What do we do when we have almost all prime, almost everything. Finding new synergy. Optimising and testing new build. Endgame it's when you stop to be efficient, and you realize that if fact, you got all tools to have fun in party. Helping/roasting newbie x) Endgame it's when you have fun with new itzal hook , and cry that you cant fly accross openworld upside down anymore. Endgame it's when you dont cry about nerf, because you have plenty of other to play with... Endgame it's when you know how to use Loki disarm XD When you undesrtand that rhino can buff the team damage x) When you arnt upset to see a limbo xD When you cast Inaros abilities xD
  7. Actually I disagree with you 🙂 Yes archwing are tools in the Open world. Get randomly shot, you still have an alerte showing that missiles are on you that you can avoid being flying out of theyr range. And just yesterday I does the bounty for nightwaves with someone, and actively used all abilities of Itzal. The stealth is quite handy and can benefit to people without archwing.
  8. Encore une année qui touche à sa fin. Une année pleine de mises à jours, toutes surprenantes. On a eu Hildryn et Wisp entre autres @_@ Vivement les modes Syndicat. La mêlée qui change, les liches, railjack, le rework de jupiter. Et Ivara prime qui arrive On encore passé des heures coincé devant notre écran à farmer comme des p'tits fous et colorier nos tennogens. Un grand merci à l'équipe de Digital Extremes pour tout et pour les mises à jours futurs, pour un jeu gratuit. Un grand merci A Steve, Rebecca et aux autres devs pour nous livrer tout ça avec le sourire et de l’enthousiasme. Cela fait plaisir à voir et on se dit que le jeu à encore de l'avenir devant lui. Et un grand Bravo pour arriver à nous supporter nous, Tenno insatisfait et geignard x) Et un grand merci à Vicky, Kev, Greg et Artemis 😛 J'ai hate d'avoir Ivara dans les mains et de voir les nouvelles warframes prévues ! Dans l'avenir je verrais bien: pourquoi pas un système de ventre sur le bazard de Maroo, où tu peux proposer jusqu'a 2-3 échanges (faut que cela soit limité) contre un prix de ton choix. Et pouvoir proposer par exemple un set prime, et pouvoir le proposer en étant afk ou horsligne. Pourquoi pas un système pour enfin différencier les mods des armes sentinelles. Un tag permanent par exemple visible que l'arme soit équipé ou non. Car la gestion des mods entre armes de sentinelles et armes tennos. de l'infiltration, plus de furtivité !!! Plus de moa !! Et vous? Quelles sont vos mises à jours préférées de l'année?
  9. I'm just gonna react on that 🙂 Actually I was a Ember rusher x) But a tenno from my alliance point out something. He said "It's when I realised I was preparing to carry the party by myself I realised it was pointless to continue to do public game" So why bother other people with an overpowered fram to complet a task. When you could do it solo? (with no differences) So not annoying other while rushing in public for yourself. It's not because DE But all of those tenno who was rushing in public (like I does) Lead to the nerf. And at that time, you could 100% run those ember rush in private game without any loss in efficency. Isnt DE, it's Tenno's habit in that case.
  10. @Smilomaniac I'm not arguing or willing people to stop to point out what they think it's a problem. I just see a lot of thread on the forum going on one direction, most of time the same, so I choose to enlight another one. So we can enlarge our horizon with it. A lot of arguments on the forum are only drived by that "human dont like change, even for good" (not meaning every change are good) I, and a lot of other tennos probably too busy to enjoy the game to complain about something like to fly accross the plain without needing to spam an ability. That and other changes. And yes. A lot of problem raised come from the coding. The coding of free content. But thoses problems are pointed out by the habit of the players. People like efficient weapon for exemple. Catchmoon was probably really good. But what's the mater to kill 100hp ennemy with 1000 damage? DE need to not nerf or up stuff, but balanced them, that's sure. But Tenno also need to dont stick up on theyr habit and meta stuff, just because it work. That's my point. If we fall on the rush for faster stronger, at the end we finish by using same things again and again regardless if they are the best option. Placing an "efficiency" over fun. And people then complain when they have to get out theyr comfort zone when a change is announced. And a lot of people didnt even try to see the good side of a change. Your side is probably a good one, but enough people talk about it. I dont talk about the point of view of dev, but what I see ingame. A lot of player play for exemple saryn with spamming 4 and energy pod. People dont like change, but they keep playing in a way that can lead to those change. I dont argue using the best tool to do a task. But when you use that tool to do every task. Is what I want to show. I want to point out the part of tennos in thoses changes. Not to blindly defend a side, or having criticism about another one. Just remembering that in everything that happen we participates to it. Asking other to change why not, but looking at what we can change in us is also good. And in the community theyr is an issues about "keep spamming an ability" that lead to nerf several time in the past. Yes DE allowed the spamming by the coding. But the nerfs was initiate by the overuse of the community who end up by not knowing what to play beside it. Edit: So I want the tennos to look at theyr habit and ask themselves if they use the game in a way that gonna lead to change or If they fully enjoy all the possibility that are gived to them. Before facing the wall of a nerf and complain about what DE did.
  11. I hear you both, you got goods points in your way. But seems that most people on the forum choose DE as guilty. I think remembering that, Us tenno, play a major part on those decision is a point to dont forget. It's too easy to blame other. And a lot of people complain for the sake of it and dont look at how they play. Bringing the best option to complet a task is legitimate, getting stuck on it even if the situation dont recquiere that power it's also real, and not in DE hands. Itzal 1 was efficent, but who many people enjoyed to spam it? They appriciate the confort not the ability. And did fly accross the plain without it is a chore? Not a all. But when you took the toy of a children it start to cry no matter what. I'm just shaking minds of people. Warframe gameplay is about how it's coded, but also how it's played. It's too easy to blame one side when you are on the numerous one. It's always good to see things on another point of view. @Loza03 @Smilomaniac
  12. A lot of people are complaining about nerf. DE nerf this ! DE nerf that ! It's all DE faults ! But, let see closer. Why DE nerfed Ember: Tennos complaining about other Tennos rushing with 4. Problems here. Tennos who goes in public expecting having a quiet party, tennos who goes in public only to rush and carry the game by themself instead of doing same but alone. Tennos spamming only 1 ability. Why DE nerfed catchmoon. Statistics proved that it's was the main secondary weapon. Problem kinda a "spam" of the same weapon because of the efficiency of it. Why DE would "nerf" Itzal People who was taking itzal only to spam 1 Problems here, spamming of only 1 ability, and most of people who do it, dont knews that Itzal got 3 other ability or how to use it. Why DE would nerf Saryn? Because of people who is only spamming 4 or 1 Did you really think if Saryn wasnt over used and wasnt use to spam 1 ability DE would think about nerf her? "It's DE fault, because they allowed it" i'm observing something in my alliance actually. it's peoples who pick a frame, and try a lot of different build, based on each ability and how to get the best of them. And as result "oh that augment is influenced by that stat, I didnt know that" You have a ton of ways to finish a mission in warframe. If you keep using the same, based on only one ability. Expect a nerf of it.
  13. So first page of that thread is about "paying". Since "I gave money so now I have right to argue" Nobody threatened you to pay. You could completly as I, got Saryn without giving money. "I paid a pizza and now it's turned into a salad" Well you also could got that pizza for free, and DE would turned it into a free salad. it's free so no problem. Sometimes you see stuff on the forum, it's just amazing. That part is closed now. Well obviously she is really powerfull. And i'm a Saryn player. And I love her since her first appearance in game. I see a lot of people reacting about something, but no link of the stream? You fighting wind? I would like to see how the nerf would work if they was working on. Actually they dont work on it. So I could see by myself if I could find some good side before whining. But, Saryn as nuker frame it really strong. But why those kind of frame are so often used? Why we dont see much Inaros/rhino playing teamplay? They can heal buff damage, etc. Actually the game mecanics are leading us to an efficiency described by "kill more ennemy in a short time". Yes if I have to kill a big amount of ennemy, nuke frame gonna be first choice. That's theyr purpose. Are you annoyed by nuke frame on spy? capture? So if a problem of nuke frame come from the goal of the mission? All real player of Saryn knows how to play her outside spam 4 or 1, and I think I'm gonna use my tank build with 145% range to get use of the nerf before it come xD So going back to my mumbling. Mission's purpose lead to spam an unique ability, regardless of the full kit of the warframe. With a build made to get the best out of it. We cant ask for a dps buff from ennemy, because some weak warframe gonna be too much handicaped What about side objectives on mission? That cant be resolved by "1 bouton to kill them all" Some pvp game give you medal about your performance IG. Your ability to support your team, to heal etc. Actually Warframe doesnt not rewards that kind of behaviour. Supporting a team, CC, buffing. Did you ever thought about use Saryn 1 upgrade? One of my build can give a 254% extra corrosive damage on my whole team if they are close enough. Also to her + her 3 bonus. That's a pretty sick dps buff We will always goes into frame that make the kill of ennemy faster and easyer. Because this is how you get the best reward from a mission. So Not nerfing the reward, but making other way to get reward interesting enough so nuking wouldnt be the only viable way. Like giving back some room to fullfill mission with infiltration with viable reward if done right. (as I exposed on the FR side) And working on fun and powerfull build with mod set and amalgame. That's some way to change things. Did you know before melee change that Javlok amalgame allow to reflect enemy dps on themself with a shield? And that dps got the buff from Saryn's 3? The build wasnt viable, but so much fun even against nullifier ! Just guarding and spread gas cloud from the augment into ennemy with theyr own bullets xD Even if a lot of people would just spam 1 ability. Like Itzal show us all people who dont use or even know the other ability of that archwing. xD But well, it's another problem. Saryn is a good candidat for a nerf by the way. instead of crying we have time to get use of it. Have a nice day tenno
  14. It isnt not about a naked admission. They tell us that railjack gonna be in several part so we can progressively follow the the development without waiting for ages for a big update. The main positive things of timer, it's too not rush the update in 1h and then complain theyr is no content. it's to always have something to do. And people would complain about time it took and the ressources it cost, when the timer allow you to get the ressources. And Railjack is not ready as a major update. So no timer would be pointless. Because timer or not, the update is still not ready. Having non-pl timer is a key for the futur of warframe. Rushing update is something to avoid in the futur.
  15. Yes, it's really more enjoyable when things take time. So instead of spamming mission for rush to finish it ASAP, you do a little of this, then a little of that, your time on the game is made of lot of little different things growing slowly. Instead of an overwhelming rush that finish into burnout. Is a point that I want DE to go through. It allowed to divide the content in small part that you mix with those you already have. Making every of those part enjoyable. Instead of trying to eat everything in one time then come into the forum to cry because you got stomac pain. And the pasts update show it really well. Lichs, everyone rushed it too death, then asking it was too long, too tedious. And now they dont want it anymore, because too much in a too short time. I'm pretty sure everyone would still enjoy the lichs if they was limited to 1 per day. Putting them to longterm content that you do a little every day. Railjack, you do a little bit of it, then go does nightwaves/relics/syndicat. So you add something new in your everyday routine and everything became a better experience.
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