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  1. Basicaly, "noisy" attack would not work, or any attack that would broke the invisibility. (gun) Kubrow etc does "melee" attack so they are not breaking the invisibility. It was working that way before Ivara come. About vulpafyla larvae. I think Dev didnt think about that. Could be nice that sentinel/moa still shoot with silenced gun.
  2. Let's say you rift-bound 1 ennemy, if you use stasis He will stop moving. (best way to check fast where you at) If: you kill him (that you need to dash to rift yourself) - You propagate rift surge If: he left the rift (what a hell of condition) - He propagate at short range the rift effect. And at 175% range, the effect propagate at only 8 meter, so if there is a groupe of enemy a lot of them arn't gonna be caught. The second "if" is kinda non-sens. It would be better to propagate the rift-bound effect by killing the ennemy. (like equinox with syndicate, or khora by using the 1 o
  3. The problem is that it's use is way too complex for the result with a poor range. And I think it could be a great build if the ability was simplified. And the complexity isnt justified when other warframe can do better faster.
  4. Hello How it can be usefull and viable? Limbo 175% range.. 8 meter radius for exil propagation on the 3. At warframe size, all ennemi at melee range. For that. I have to use 1, then 2, then 3, then dash, then recast 1 to immobilize 2 ennemy. Vauban vortex. Khora ensnare, equinox nocturnal form, bubble mag and so on and so forth. They all do better than him while quasting 1 ability for 3 times limbo rift surge range and most of them regroup the ennemy. I think its a good idea to rework that. The 2 viable limbo build is one based on his passive to do spy mission and the other
  5. So I have Direct X 9 and 11 on my computer.. but warframe just told me. "nop we dont use direct 9 change your graphique card asap" So on a scale from 0 to 100, how much i'm #*!%ed up? I run game with direct X 11 on that computer, but if I have to change something I have to change the whole computer. Why I cant choose the direct X?
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