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  1. Too complicated with too many craftings / button presses / timers to keep track of. Warframe is already insanely bloated with systems atop systems atop systems atop systems atop systems, with UI struggling to keep up and veterans having to do most of explaining. Autonomous Warframes are not game breakers. Player-controller modded Mesa or Saryn are game breakers. There's nothing AI can do, even with abilities on, that players can't do ten times better, more efficient and more devastating. Autonomy in Umbra is a neat bonus that lets your well-invested in gear do some action while you are using your other gear, and see the Warframe you've grown emotionally attached to maybe kick some ass on it's own from a third person perspective. There are TWO scenarios when I use Archguns - when I absolutely have to in Profit Taker fight and on extremely rare occasions when I want to whip Larkspur around. Otherwise my regular abilities and weapons are already good enough if not better to get the job done. If Autonomy was an activated system, I would have no reason to activate it. I use Operator mode more than regular players, and I enjoy it more than regular players, and I love my space kid, this is not me harping on "spacekids are bad and noone uses them anyway". But I would have no reason to take extra actions to activate Autonomy when I pop out in a mission because I would be too preoccupied with three other things and any benefits are extremely marginal. Lets be clear here: Autonomy is a neat flavor bonus. It's a thing that makes you go "neat" when you see your Warframe run around when you are running around too, it's a bonding thing. It has basically no impact on gameplay advantage or balance. Autonomy should be an unlockable permanent feature as a lore-wise progression of your bond with your second body.
  2. Should be just a permanent enhancement like Exilus Adaptor, another rare item to collect to boost your WF capabilities. They are not making more Umbra frames, let's be realistic, there won't be Umbra Volt or Embra Mag. It should be just an unlockable function on your equipment. From a lore / progression standpoint those Disruption missions where Echo's drop should just unlock after Sacrifice, so Umbra is your first experience with "autoframe". I will not use that 24-hour consumable once. I have over 4k hours logged but I only play in 1-2 hour chunks and it would take longer for me to farm that thing than the use I would get out of it. I would, however, grind the crap out Disruption for permanent "Auto" upgrade on all frames I have.
  3. I maxed out my rep last week, so I have a full week of acts that I don't even get 15 creds per rank for completing. Why?... Also, can we have the enddate in game as part of the Nightwave menu, and not a separate announcement?
  4. Unholy hell those speargun buffs. Now, do I still have that Javlok riven...
  5. Does catch up only go one week back, or if you catch up on all last week acts, acts from two weeks ago unlock? Change 5 bounties to bounty steps, please. Even 20 bounty steps is better than 5 bounties. Please remove "Gild an item" act. It's counter productive to vets who have guilded everything already. We need to craft throwaway things for this now. Please, more variety in acts and more conditional challenges. Some of the acts already copy Riven challenges, it's an untapped pool. "40 stealth melee kills", "Complete 5 missions with only melee equipped", "Kill 50 enemies from more than 150 meters away", "Do 40 headshot kills only with a pistol", etc.
  6. Bullet jumping from crouching on spot breaks Ivara Prowl again. Please fix again.
  7. Bullet jumping breaks Ivara's Prowl again.
  8. Incursions had different drop pool from Bounties, including some weird stuff like Eidolon Lens Conversions and the three rare mods that only drop from Plains Commanders. Will those rewards be moved elsewhere?
  9. Are there any smaller content updates coming before the mainline (Besides War events)?Tenno reinforcements? New dojo props? Augments or cosmetics?
  10. Holy clem, these are the buffs I didnt expect. Are other auras and corrupted mods going to be updated? I'm thinking of you, EMP aura. Speaking of mimics, are we going to finally see them outside of Sacrifice? They seemed perfectly designed to be a consistent threat in high level missions.
  11. Thank you for reversing Helios scanning. I've went and scanned the remainder of Solaris Lore using a map from reddit since there's no snowball chance in hell I'd be able to do it without Helios, and even with the map, and knowing exact spot, I had to hover around for five minutes looking for a miniscule blip on my scanner. On a side note, I love the lore, definitely bonds you more with characters than in Cetus. More loc-pins allowance next, maybe?
  12. Nooooooooooooooooo! I'm assuming you mean haztech hood and venkids ones =/ I loved having all those details with hair on top. Haztech one felt really XCOM, I looked lovely in that with my hair out.
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