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  1. My suspicion is that either MR gain / distinction is not implemented correctly, or those are placeholders for for Infested Kitguns.
  2. It was 30 during first NW and first intermission had no prestige rank. Honestly I'm expecting them to bump it to 120 total (30+90 prestige), because we are still at 4/5 of NW events and the 5/5 is nowhere in sight. This season is longer than the 30+60-rank Intermission we had beforehand, and the content production is slowed down because of COVID. This could be weeks of still air for people who hit prestige 60 like me. I honestly don't get the point of capping the NW ranks in the first place.
  3. I did not see any Avianchea in the wild, and you need 5 tags for promotion. I did not pick Avianchea lure as promotion gift for the previous rank because I'm a filthy casual with no foresight, clearly. I know conservation animals spawn in the wild but I could not be bothered waiting for them to spawn when Son tokens require up to 8 individual tags.
  4. It was mentioned in the Workshop but they seriously do need some sort of in-game hint about it, considering how massively important the system is. "Unlimited Cosmic Power! If you have heard any content creator or word of mouth that you need to go to this one emo kid and tranq a bunch of animals for him"
  5. I suspected as much. I had a carefully laid-out plan but having to get 10 Son tokens meant I had to buy all echo lures, which meant by rep-grind window got extended by a day... I wouldn't call it scummy. Just mildly disappointing and ephemeral in the grand scheme of things. You don't get a "World's first" achievement for feeding all WFs to Helminth, there's no consequences to not rushing it.
  6. My favorite part is how their sheer presense just straight up disables Void Dash. You want to move out of the charge quickly? NO VOID DASH FOR YOU You want to move on the other side of the Necramech to hit it in the back for massive damage? NO VOID DASH FOR YOU You want to use Vazarin dash to heal that massive damage you took from the reflective shield turning on without warning? NO VOID DASH FOR YOU You want to use Magus Lockdown to stop the damn thing from breakdancing so you can actually land some shots? NO VOID DASH FOR YOU
  7. Simplest solution - invest in Rhino while you are progressing through starchart / collecting + improving mods / figuring things out. His Iron Skin is one the best and simplest survivability tools, as long as you don't run head-first into nullifiers. Fancy stuff like healing, damage reduction mods, arcanes etc come later.
  8. Had same problem. Doors won't unlock and the glass screen in the Enrichment Labs won't lift. If the target console is one you can reach without hacking any doors, hacking it progresses the bounty, but otherwise you are screwed.
  9. Ember with Ignis, spam 4, run in circles from one point to another. Takes about 11-12 minutes to get to Round C where Nidus parts drop, took me about 7-8 runs to get full set.
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