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  1. lexandritte

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Thank you for reversing Helios scanning. I've went and scanned the remainder of Solaris Lore using a map from reddit since there's no snowball chance in hell I'd be able to do it without Helios, and even with the map, and knowing exact spot, I had to hover around for five minutes looking for a miniscule blip on my scanner. On a side note, I love the lore, definitely bonds you more with characters than in Cetus. More loc-pins allowance next, maybe?
  2. I've used Loc-pins before, all was fine, it would immediately go into options for naming, choosing icon and so on. Then they all dissapeared because of save issue. That was before update 24.2.7. After this hotfix, and reading that saving issue was fixed, went to place some loc-pins, but they spawn blank in a random spot near me, and don't prompt me to edit them. There's no editing option at all. They are just hovering there blank. Please fix...
  3. lexandritte

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Nooooooooooooooooo! I'm assuming you mean haztech hood and venkids ones =/ I loved having all those details with hair on top. Haztech one felt really XCOM, I looked lovely in that with my hair out.
  4. Thank you all for you feedback. Will dust off my Velocitus, I had it lying around somewhere. Honestly, though, my issue is less that of damage and more that of ammo availability. Kills pacing entirely. With Eidolons you can always deal damage, no matter how minuscule, but with Orbs, you have to scurry around looking for one sliiiiiiightly different ammo drop in a giant clusterfloof of a fight so you can get out the gun that can actually damage the boss.
  5. lexandritte


    Even worse, if you have the gun out and you deploy archwing, you lose all your ammo and can't pull it out again if you land.
  6. I was looking forward to using Archguns on foot. It's a power fantasy. Archguns in an Orb fight are frankly agonizing to use. It takes more than entire ammo reservoir of Grattler to take one leg. To replenish the gun I need to find one corpus dude in a mob of fifty corpus dudes trying to kill me, single him out, and HOPE that he drops a heavy ammo case. He is heavily armored and usually under a nullifier bubble, so I need to strip that down first. Meanwhile whatever damage reduction or CC I hope to cast is getting swatted away by nullifiers, I'm getting knocked down every 5 seconds, if I'm not wearing Arcane Nullifier all my energy is gone every time the Orb farts, and I keep getting one-shot because enemies reached level 150. If I have no ammo when Orb goes down (and I have no ammo because I spent the last of it shooting out his last leg) I can't get enough in time to shoot the Orb before it recovers. And voila, all legs are back to full health. Knockdowns, mag procs, one shots, nullifier bubbles and NO AMMO FOR MY ARCHGUN here we come. Honestly, I can deal with mobs/knockdowns/nullifiers/mag procs as part of the "hardcore endgame experience". We have builds, we'll find a way. But the Archgun ammo situation is throwing any semblance of fairness out of the fight completely. The stated intent is "short burst of overwhelming power", except because Archwing was neglected for so long Archguns have "eh" stats and even more "eh" mods. Compared to dedicated Lanka builds, or just pure raw damage output like Tigris, Archguns are oversized peashooters that we can fire for 2-3 magazines before they run out. Either Archguns need to be buffed MASSIVELY, or at least Orbs need to have insane vulnerability to them, or Archgun ammo needs to be overhauled completely. I'm having at least 2-3 minute windows before I can have another shot at firing IF I'M LUCKY. If I'm extremely lucky and someone else took down the legs, I can even fire on the core. But all the time in between I'm mostly dying every 15 seconds, and since I'm dying, I'm not getting ammo, and since I'm not getting ammo, I can't damage the boss. Look... I've played this game for a while and I trust that DE has best intentions at heart, if not always a perfect first rollout. I remember Plains and Eidolons release, how everything was cranked up first and then slowly ungrinded when the player base testing things out enough and it was clear what the meta was. I'm hoping you are going to listen to the feedback, because you usually do, and uncrank the insanity on this one in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I'm just gonna go farm new Primes. TL/DR: Too little ammo, can't fight bosses, give back self-recharging magazine with another drawback, or give us WAY more ammo in Orb fights (like regular ammo drop pods mortared from Fortuna). P.S. Archgun equip animation is cool but I keep getting killed while it plays out when I try to take it out in Orb fight.
  7. lexandritte

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    Did anyone end up receiving the trophy and platinum for their dojo wins? Wondering if it's just me or noone has. EDIT: dojo trophy received, currently plastering it all over the dojo.
  8. lexandritte

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    Hey, so... uh... 400MB "Hotfix"?... Whatcha sneaking in DE? Is it spiders? Big bioarchanomechanical spiders with laser cannons?
  9. lexandritte

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Please give sentinel rivens their own category and bring them back. There are a lot of people who use them, max the sentinels, and there is even more emphasis on loving thy robot and maxing them with MOAs. I can understand why you might take them out of sortie reward pool, but just give it to Simaris or Legs as expensive rep purchase or a rare 5-star bounty reward.
  10. lexandritte

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    A glitch is a glitch. A literal breaking of rules. First of all: not that many people know about it. And even if they know about the glitch they wouldn't know DE stance on it unless they saw that specific bit of prime time. The rest of the toolkit is same for everyone - same props, same resource costs (within clan tier), same room limits, same placement tools. Glitch is the outside-of-context tool, a literal ace up your sleeve. You shouldn't be judged against in a contest just because you didn't know how to break the game. Second: when DE was looking at it in prime time, there was no conflict. It was players dojo an it was only affecting that clan, and their trade visitors, and since they sunk so much time and effort into it, it'd be bad for pro-player-choice developers to shut it down. So they kept it, since it only affected only that clan at that time. But they shot the future selves in the foot with this contest because now using glitches affects other clans and other people. It should have been made clear in the contest rules what the Dojo criteria are: glitches allowed, glitches not allowed, glitches allowed to be in dojo but they won't affect the judgement... Third: it's not aesthetic. You might consider it "creative", but it's not aesthetic. If the criteria for how well Dojo looks is quality, then there is no quality in seeing the transparent backfaces of the models, one-way walk-through glass planes, broken lighting and players falling into bottomless abyss when miss-steping only to spawn in an inaccessable room. It's immersion breaking, it's visually breaking. Is it unfair that people using glitching won the contest? No, it isn't. The onus wasn't on them not to use it, or for everyone else to use it, but for DE to address the issue. This brings me to my actual point: there shouldn't have been a contest in the first place. a) If featured Dojos are selected purely through community run contests, we KNOW that there won't be regular rotation. It will fall on the backburner and future contests, if there are any, will be more and more infrequent. b) Contest, at least if run in this format, results in too much salt. Our debates about glitch using are heated enough to be the evidence of that. c) The thing that people want the most is getting random visitors in your dojo, not necessarily plat, trophies or glory of the first place. If there was a way to give people links to your dojo or having a dojo/clan finder system, majority of players would be happy with that. d) There are simply too many entries, quality entries to have just one winner. Even if you break it into 15 brackets, we have hundreds and thousands of clans. Only way it would work is if featured Dojo was picked every two weeks or a month at most, but since, again, it's run as a contest, unless you run them back to back there's no way to fit into that timeframe. We need either very short rotation with 1/5/15 winning spots, or an ability to go see other dojos withouth having to be online at the same time, knowing each others names and having to do manual invites.
  11. lexandritte

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    My comment about comments being deleted was deleted. Without explanation. I would like to know what rules are we supposedly breaking that leads to the feedback on the contest being deleted. Especially since other comments reiterating the same points (glitch exploits, overreliance on sculpture builds) keep staying up. My original post had a lot of what I could consider a constructive feedback on how to alleviate many people's frustrations without having to do another contest, and all that is gone for no reason.
  12. lexandritte

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8

    Soooo... No fix for growing power exploit? Oneshotting teralysts with mining lasers ahoy?
  13. lexandritte

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7

    Yes! We can finally kill Lephantis with flamethrower again.
  14. lexandritte

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    Hmm, ok. I'll admit I haven't linked clan myself, I assumed it worked same as item or riven linking.
  15. lexandritte

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    If people ask you to join your clan, as in they message you and go "hey can I join" it means the know your name. Which means they can look up your profile. Which should show you clan name, I believe? Which means they can send a message to themselves with {%yourclanname%} and look up your unlock stats.