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  1. So, I went at it again. Nezha. Rubico Prime. 4-4-4 amp for that ranged grenade attack. 1. Rubico Prime. Ok, it makes the health stage easier, I'll give you that. 2. Nezha. What was the point of it again? The Warding Halo? The power that gives you extra HP and makes you invulnerable when it wears off? In a fight where you are get hit with nullifying pulses EVERY TEN SECONDS MAKING IT COMPLETELY USELESS DRAIN OF ENERGY? Oh yeah that power. 3. "Play with a squad". I would if there was anyone else doing Steel Path on the entirety of Jupiter or any other planets. There's no open pubs in my region. 4. "Bring an Amp with a range to a fight where the enemy is flying". Sure. Then it gets stuck out of the extended range anyway. 5. Remember the bad hitboxes in this fight? Remember how the explosive Amps now make your Operator do backflips on every "self damage" instance? The hitbox on the bugzappers is so bad that if I stand with the zapper a meter BEHIND me the amp clips that hitbox anyway and sends me flying off the edge. Why do I stay so close to the bugzapper? Because there's ONLY TWO METERS OF PLATFORM SPACE BEFORE THE EDGE. And I constantly have to aim UP to hit the Ropalolyst and keep falling off the edge because I can't see it. I spent about 50% of the fight watching myself fall. 6. Incoherent nullifying pulses. They let you Void Mode but don't let you Void Dash. Or don't let you Void Mode whenever the want. Also there's no warning until you try. The entire experience feels like half my keyboard is not working. Feel very, very good not to be able to Void Dash, but only most of the time, in a fight that's all about mobility. 7. Want to know how I lost THREE REVIVES IN A ROW? Get grabbed by claw - Get killed by Amalgams while in the claw because WH is nullified - Fall to the floor- Revive - INSTANTLY GET GRABBED BY THE CLAW AGAIN - rinse and repeat. 8. Shield stage still takes over 5 minutes while playing solo. 9. Sentients. Probably would have been easier with a Paracesys, I admit. You got me there. I didn't bring the one OTHER specific weapon for this fight. On an unrelated note remember how DE's public motivation is to move away from hyper-specific loadouts, and that's why things get nerfed? And how Exploiter and supposedly Non-Steel-Path Ropololyst were designed around mechanics, and not the damage output? So you could do it with almost any loadout if you had the coordination, skill and knew what you were doing? Yeah I remember that too. Anyway I ended up running way from them from platform to platform taking potshots at Ropololyst with Rubico until I brought it down. 10. 37 minutes again but I beat it. Am I happy? No. CONCLUSION The crux of this entire thread is not that Steel Path Ropololyst is unbeatable. It's that it makes me want to uninstall the game. The ORIGINAL Ropololyst was a fun fight because it was short. Any glitches in the mechanics, like him getting stuck on geometry while flying about or backtracking his own stage progression, or any inane design choices like the instakill lasers were counter-weighted by the fact that solo you could take him down in five minutes. He was NOT an Eidolon. He didn't have insane amount of shields or armour that required a SPECIFIC amp with SPECIF warframe with SPECIFIC sniper rifle. My whole beef with this whole issue is that Steel Path amplified how FRUSTRATING every single aspect of this fight is. It's not difficult "with right loadout", but every second of it grates on your nerves. - Constantly falling off the edge, being pushed off the edge, or getting amp-staggered off the edge. - Instakill lasers, instakill sentients. - Unending arm grabs that go into the cycle of die-revive-grab. - Flying patterns outside of range of most of the amps in a fight where amp damage is half of the entire fight. - With the fight dragging on for at LEAST 20 minutes, and over half an hour for me running out of the last revive at the sentient stage because suddenly my tank ability got nullified or I got grabbed makes my brain boil. - Playing solo is insane, but not optional if noone else is doing a Steel Path (and we all know new content playerbase dries out within first week). Revive limit is bad to begin with, but half the shield stage I can't do anything because he keeps spamming laser at me so I need to hide or Void Mode. Want to know what the simplest solution would be if anyone playtested this? Not to amp the shields, like how they removed sortie boosters from the Archwing missions. Would have cut the time in half at least. One simple checkbox on the mission node.
  2. Buckle in, this is gonna be a rant. I have a high tolerance for grind, and I have a high level of understanding that bugs, oversights and so on happen. I have over 5100 hours clocked on Steam. I've been playing since Update 10. I've seen Parkour 1.0, 20 minute long Sortie endless missions, the original Focus grind. I've been with Warframe through all this and have not stopped playing. When Plains of Eidolon dropped in the state it did I though "Duh, they are breaking new ground, of course there's going to be bugs", and waited patiently for a couple of weeks for kinks to get sorted out. I played PoE on the first day when half the bounties were unwinnable for one reason or another. I've ground everything there is to grind in PoE over a few months. When RailJack dropped in the state it did I thought "Duh, they are breaking new ground, of course there's going to be bugs". I've waited for hotfixes, played carefully, and maxed everything before RJ Remaster made things easier (apart from Intrinsics, those I gave up on grinding). When Steel Path got announced I thought "They are not going to think this through". And behold, for I was right. I'm not ranting lightly. This is beyond understandable. I have maxed out Operator. I have a pretty good amp. I have Mesa P, Opticor V, Pyrana P. I've done Ropololyst with this loadout more than a dozen times when he first released because I was grinding Wisp parts and Amalgam mods. I could do the whole mission in the solid five minutes and rinse and repeat. SHIELD STAGE My 6-2-7 barely tickles his shields despite no damage reduction, hits those 900 every tick. Meanwhile the Ropololyst: A) Flies out of range constantly. B) Blasts me with a ray that either instakills the Operator or pushes me off the platform in Void Mode. C) Hits you with instakill lasers if he flies back to main platform and you dare chase him. This lasts for FIVE MINUTES. WEAKPOINT STAGE I can barely deal damage to the weakpoint. Ropololysts GIGANTIC HITBOX means that the Opticor Blast hits ME while I stand on the very edge of the platform and makes me flinch every shot. I have NOT ENOUGH AMMO for Pyrana P because I run out faster than 1 minute cooldown on Ammo Restore goes through. Summoning Imperator Vandal and emptying the entire ammo bag barely gets 1/4 of the health down. Meanwhile, Ropololyst: A) Constantly moves and turns his back away, meaning you can't sustain fire on the weakpoint. B) While Amalgams / Sentinels are spawned you keep getting hit by nullifying pulses, meaning I can't Peacemaker my way through this and my 2 and 3 are gone, meaning I'm one-shottable. C) Keeps grabbing me even in Operator Void Mode as I try to get to his back side. This also lasts for FIVE MINUTES! SENTIENT STAGE So after spending a solid half an hour doing 3 Shield stages and 2 Weakpoint stages Sentients spawn in the middle of the map, and what do you know! They are level 140 too! They nullify your powers! Battalyst discolaser at level 140 IS AN INSTANT KILL AND COVERS THE ENTIRE PLATFORM I even had 2 extra revives from the maxed arcanes! Guess what I spent them on - instakill laser in the first stage. CONCLUSION 37 minutes down the drain. Fix this. Brozime had some golden ideas about droptables and you should listen to him more. I'm going to go play a fun game about dwarf space miners. I'm out.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  4. Love the corpus ship ambient with it's Mass Effect vibes, would love to run it on Orbiter 24/7.
  5. Been using Bramma non-stop since I got it, change is completely expected. Lets see how it feels in practice rather than on paper.
  6. Literally never noticed this. Thanks, I'll keep my eye out for it.
  7. Can we have an actual UI element to show missiles locking on? Because my best guess for the past five months was that you need to see the name and level of the fighter or ramsled for the missile to actually lock on it, which felt a lot like pixel hunting. Pixel hunting a very fast moving pixel doing barrel rolls.
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