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  1. Unholy hell those speargun buffs. Now, do I still have that Javlok riven...
  2. Does catch up only go one week back, or if you catch up on all last week acts, acts from two weeks ago unlock? Change 5 bounties to bounty steps, please. Even 20 bounty steps is better than 5 bounties. Please remove "Gild an item" act. It's counter productive to vets who have guilded everything already. We need to craft throwaway things for this now. Please, more variety in acts and more conditional challenges. Some of the acts already copy Riven challenges, it's an untapped pool. "40 stealth melee kills", "Complete 5 missions with only melee equipped", "Kill 50 enemies from more than 150 meters away", "Do 40 headshot kills only with a pistol", etc.
  3. Ok, so I took a few days to chill, read through suggestions, do something else, swap some stuff around, and go hunting again. Temporal blast works like a charm. I had it unlocked since forever but never used since... well, never had to until now. Slow-mo basically completely solves the random jugged movements problem, as well as turning problem. I went for Redeemer Prime instead of Sarpa. Infinite shotgun / nice spread radius, I'm landing at least solid 5-6 hits per shot. I'm not against a new way of getting fish and gems and metals, I'm baffled that they at the same time removed almost all reasons to get it. Then again, Arcanes for just rep is good, but there's literally nothing else to spend those resources on except Zaw and Amp parts. And floofs, I guess. My bad. Brain glitch. Basically my issue with the design. It's a weird way to make CC relevant again, but without the slowing the fight feels like rubbing your face against Satan buttcheeks, with slowmo it feels like a nice gentle pillow fight. Apparently Mag can do armor-stripping on it. Was running with a pre-Second Dream MR7 buddy of mine, he had Mag on, was surprisingly useful in the fight by debuffing the giant anal plug. As part of experimentation, found a new anti-frustration feature: Buzlok. Temporal blast to slow the thing down, pop into WF, tag a leg, jump out, shield, spam bullet. Basically as long as you are not hitting an invincible part first (that's why I'm shooting on an arc OUT, so it bends around), all shots are guaranteed hits. Buzlok build here is low, I don't have enough forma on it to fill all slots, but gets the job done in about 4-5 minutes.
  4. The problem is that after an excellent Exploiter Orb fight, that is an actual skill test and can be done by basically anyone with any loadout as long as they know what to do, we are falling back to "you need this gear and this armor-stripping and these meta mods and this loadout and these abilities and follow this easy 13-step plan to kill this boss in 2 minutes, otherwise have fun mashing your face against it for 10 minutes with a group of 4 people, hahaha you noobs."
  5. It's good because it's gives you a different kind of enemy, and variety is spice of life, it's bad because it's a bullet sponge solution and reason Thumpers are hard to kill at higher levels is not because they are a challenging enemy, but because they say "fook you" to the damage you try to deal at them.
  6. THE GOOD: They are miniboss enemy that can survive for longer than 15 seconds. It's good. THE BAD: The damage reduction, the goddamn damage reduction on those things. I swear that my 300%+ PS Chroma at maximum buff doesn't increase my damage against them. Opticor blasts start at 500-700, they are still at 500-700 when buffed. THE GOOD: Resource drops for kills! Good for people who don't like fishing or mining! (I like fishing and mining). THE BAD: Economy got turned so upside down you barely need new resources anymore. THE GOOD: They drop a new weapon blueprint! THE BAD: Blueprint drop chance is 2.5% for medium thumper or 5% for the hardest. I'm pretty sure I'm over 30 mixed kills so far and still nothing. Also, weapons stats seem to be pretty average to warrant such a gate, I'm only farming for it for that sweet, sweet MR and 100% completion. THE GOOD: Modular enemy design! Shoot it's turrets to temporarily disable them! THE BAD: Good fooking luck shooting those legs. Especially solo. Especially when it's two rear legs. Especially because Thumper AI constantly tries to face you so you can never get a solid shot on two rear legs. And that's 50% of it's HP in those legs. I get that Thumpers were probably in development at the same time Exploiter was, and it was hard to change course after overwhelming positive feedback of Exploiter fight, but fighting Thumpers feels worse than fighting Profit Taker. There is literally a considerable change in the tone of fight when it gets to the point of "two rear legs remaining". Two front legs - sure, you tank, you hit the weakpoints, you try to max your damage with different loadouts, but the back two? Constantly trying to operator dash or bullet jump through the fooker just to have start instantly spining around hiding that weakpoint from you. You get the bead on the weakpoint only to have the fooker jump right on you. It pauses giving you a shot? Good luck taking advatange of those 3 seconds of stillness, because it's winding up knockdown thumping session. CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK: The easiest way I see making Thumpers more bearable right now is two steps: 1. Wind back that damage reduction a bit. 2. MAKE THEM PAUSE MORE OFTEN. The same way Profit Taker collapses when you take all her legs out, stopping it's attacks and giving you a shot at her exposed state, make Thumpers collapse for 10-15 seconds if we deal enough damage to their non-leg or non-HP-related bits, giving us a shot at those LOTUS-DAMNED REAR LEGS. Harder way to fix Thumpers: 1. Make not have a "front" side. They have guns sticking out everywhere, change the AI so it can walk and attack you in any direction, not try to turn to face the aggro with the "front" side all the time. That way we can switch to whatever side we want to attack easier. TL/DR: Thumpers are annoying bulletsponges with teeny-tiny weakpoints that have way too much damage reduction, and apart from a MR-granting weapon that's locked in their loot table there's no reason to fight the frustration of fighting them.
  7. I go through the elevator shaft itself, it's straight up (entrance is in the water puddle below). Technically can run up the wall, but bullet jump is the core of warframe movement system, it just feels smoother. I don't mind using dashwires, my problem with them is that they don't allow you to go straight up. In particular when doing animal conservation and trying to get up on the mushrooms to get the sawgaws - need to juggle between tranq rifle and casting dashwires back and forth, need to move away from mushroom to get a dashwire to go to mushroom top, by the time you run dashwire up sawgaw files over to another mushroom. Where's with bullet jump it's up, up, shoot, done. Can't operator dash cause Zenurik dash kills animals.
  8. My point was more that TECHNICALLY I don't need to use Prowl BJ. Technically I can slowly walk in Prowl through "intended" solution. Technically I can dashwires to climb on an angle. Technically I can use operator void dashing. Technically I can do spy missions as a pink Rhino. Technically I can solve all Corpus spy missions by taking out everything in the vault with Saryn Miasma or an Ignis. Technically I can do not do any spy missions or preservation and spend hours in region chat discussing gender politics, but it doesn't mean that I am technically having any fun playing the game. Which I technically otherwise enjoy and would technically like to keep enjoying and technically throwing money at the platinum shop. Technically.
  9. Couldn't go past that - there's no vault in the whole game that REQUIRES you to bullet jump. Your intentions are just yet your arguments are bringing the case down. Grineer sealab spy vault with elevator, it's all about climbing up. You can do it without bullet jumping, but then again you can do it without Ivara. I prefer to use Ivara and when I use Ivara I prefer to bullet jump.
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