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  1. Yeah, that would definitely be the easiest and simplest. And it should really just exit, not give you a failed mission. Although at this point does the fail counter mean anything?
  2. The clean way, as Zeddy said, is to go to the dry docks. That being said, if the team goes on, the other way is to abort, but only once the next level has fully loaded. Because the game saves the state at the end of each level, you'll keep everything from the previous run. However, you'll still get a mission failed. To me, that's an extremely sloppy method. While reworking Railjack, it would've been nice for them to actually consider how the missions are run. Maybe make an area or room in the back of the ship that marks you for solo exit, like survival. Or a voting option. Something. Because as it stands, it's very clumsy.
  3. The door at the bottom of the pulse turbine will not open in Grineer Skirmish Railjack. The radiator outside is destroyed, yet no one, not even the host, can get in. (Never seen it change from this when it's the pulse turbine, but in case it does, it's the one that's only 1 big circular "room")
  4. What's crazy is every game I've been in, everyone has the same bug, whether I'm host or join (so it has to be VERY widespread), yet it's not on their Trello board....
  5. Could we please get an elegant way to exit Railjack? An option to go back to our orbiter, and not on to the next mission with the people staying would be nice, instead of having to abort.
  6. So far this has happened 100% of the time for me. And sometimes as host, you don't see the option to cancel or force start. Found that if you click randomly to the right of the names at the top, you'll find the ghost icon.
  7. You added different markers, and now every single marker appears no matter where you are. In a volatile, it was fun to have 8 yellow markers, pointing to ships we already destroyed.... Oh and you know, the VOTE BUTTON BEING FIXED would be nice.
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