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  1. Wow that's just the middlefinger to the face right there. (Sorry DE Lex it may not be your fault, but of those who implemented it his way). So breeding is really what I already thought what it is... An ugly Platinum sink that's designed on purpose to be as annoying as possible so people waste more time, resources and Platinum. Disgusting. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/276436-feedback-kubrow-breeding-reviewed-suggestion-for-a-real-genetic-forge/ I pretty much have 14 Kubrows already because of that randomness and I'll stop making more. ^^
  2. Yepp they should in fact make "scanning" and "imprinting" the DNA of your Kubrow decrypt and reveal all of the dominant&recessive genes/traits your Kubrow has in TEXT-Format so you exactly know what you're dealing with. This information should be always displayed when hovering/activating an imprint. Then nobody in the trade channel is able to scam another person because you can review all the information right away when hovering your mouse over the imprint. Also it might give some light on how the breeding actually works.
  3. I guess the breeding results for the colors (and probably some patterns too) were distorted through the bug in the coloring thing DE Steve wrote about in the Developer Workshop: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/273383-upcoming-color-customization-fix-planned-for-hotfix-1409/ Seems like most people thinking they have a white/light colored Kubrow didn't really have a white/light colored one and that might be one of the reasons why we saw so diverging results with the colors until now. My Kubrow puppy went from white to being light/mid-grey.
  4. Haven't seen that one in a while. :D
  5. I also use it a lot, but I guess it's the principle. The coptering is a precedence-case. It's been considered an exploit that was never supposed to happen, yet it got implemented as a regular feature due to popular demand/request. It got even buffed with Melee 2.0 so with most weapons you fly through complete rooms with ease. How's that not bypassing the Stamina system or any other restriction of the game? So I can relate to people being mad about the wallrun-fix/change. The "exploit" existed for over 9 months and was introduced with the Corpus Gas City. Many people have adapted to it
  6. Oh well I'd like to know if that will scale up with even higher mastery ranks like 17+... :D I imagine at some point will the bar become too short. It's already getting short if you use custom names. xD It's bugged... Rebecca said they changed something on the forum a few weeks ago and ever since that you don't see as much people reading the threads anymore, if you see any at all. I guess they are working on it. They should definitely bring it back because the Forum felt much more alive with that. Now it feels like a graveyard.
  7. I've updated my major feedback-post on page 7 to reflect some changes done since U14.0.8: https://forums.warfr...-7#entry3114878 Seems like they fixed the problems with the color palettes/picker with U14.0.8. I don't get this freezes anymore.
  8. Made another crappy mock up for the Main Menu with the design-language used for the Arsenal (menu labeling and sub menu placement is up to debate, you get the idea though): Made that one because I'd like to see some consistency throughout the menus as well... currently there are like half a dozen different design-languages on-going in the game... xD Wouldn't need to be toggle-able, left clicking with the crosshair and "X" could co-exist perfectly. You could use either one in each situation. But toggle-able isn't a too bad idea as well.
  9. Yeah, but once that feature is in then there's nothing preventing them to make use of the "clickable" consoles within the missions as well... to just run up to the console, hover over it with your crosshair and call the elevator, open the doors or whatever. Doing that would even solve some problems when there's multiple stuff around that could be interacted with... like 2 consoles that are too close to each other or when someone is downed next to a console. Currently it's total randomly which one is picked in such cases when you press "X" and it's annoying.
  10. That's why they should make stuff click-able with the Left mouse button when hovering over a machine/console with your crosshair as long as we are close enough to it. Even 10 year old games like Doom 3 and Quake 4 could do that. They had so much more immersion with their approach that they literally put some arcade machine games within the game: How awesome would it be if we could play the Zephyr Flappy Bird mini game within the game... xD They just need to implement it to the Evolution Engine as well if it isn't already capable of such things thanks to the new UI. I know it might
  11. I've updated my major feedback-post on page 7 to reflect the changes of U14.0.7: https://forums.warfr...-7#entry3114878 Within the Mod Load Out screen the Squad Information Bar visually disappears completely. The Mod Layout screen from the Arsenal has been adjusted... but it seems like there's a little bit of space unused to the far right on 1920x1080, almost 200 pixels (maybe a little bit more) or something... with other words the UI could be "scaled" up by 150-200 pixels in width again or something to make the small text from the "little" mod-cards of the mod-list a little bit more re
  12. It happened to me when I scrolled completely down to the bottom but also sometimes before reaching the bottom. And yes it happens 100% of the time for me. :D There's actually a workaround to get the UI unstuck. The only thing that remains clickable is the "main menu button" located left to the squad information on the top. Clicking there and selecting another menu like the Navigation or Foundry brings up the other menu and makes your UI unstuck again, as long as you don't pick the Arsenal though.
  13. While I appreciate having new stuff being added; you'll eventually fix the older tilesets, won't you? :S Also another question off-topic: Why did you remove some of the tiles that have been in the Grineer Asteroids, as well as some other tilesets. I especially miss that one big-*ss cylindrical room that's like a 100m tall and width and has several platforms and staircases and the elevator in the middle. As well as some other ones... Instead we get sometimes new ones and the older tiles seem to disappear. The repetitiveness stays the same because of it.
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