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  1. Reloaditis. Enough said. xD Should go back and play some games like "Mafia" which were pretty unforgiving in their ammo management.
  2. Hopefully I will fare better than in Flappy Zephyr. ^^
  3. Pretty similar to my Friendlist... There are a bunch of people on it that haven't logged in for 100 days and more... but a few of them had a quick look at U14 and now they are offline for 3 weeks again. xD The other half of my friendlist is quite active and never longer offline than a few days or a week. I'd say the distribution on my list looks like that: 1/3 active and no longer offline than a week 1/3 semi-active coming back in a 2-4 week period to check on new updates 1/3 inactive that may never come back or only check back every 2-3 major updates every 100-150 days.
  4. Man that sort of big event stuff will probably come with the sneak preview of the new ice-tileset they are working on in a few weeks or whatever. And probably with a new game mode that will be tied into the tileset with it's full release of U15 in 1-2months. It literally worked this way ever since Cicero Crisis. - Show off concept art for a new tileset on devstream - 6-8 weeks later there's a big event with a sneak peek of the new tileset and a new game mode + Dualstatmod + Vandal/Wraith Weapon - 2-4 weeks later the new big Update hits. - rinse&repeat
  5. Yupp works... You could even replace the "extended hallways" with the shorter hallways and the reactors would still fit because the Reactors aren't as big anymore as they used to be. Because Shorthallway+T-connector+Shorthallway = 2 full lengths and 2 Reactors use exactly that space when placed back to back. Update: I guess there's a something like 100 rooms or so before you hit the cap... stated on Wikia.
  6. MeduSalem


    Well it's not fixed. It's far from being fixed. ^^ Half of the challenges are still broken for me. For example I can't complete the following no matter what and half the time they get reset to zero for unkown reasons when I'm halfway to the end or nearly to completing them: - Cheater of Death (Even it is completed on Steam... ingame it got reset to 0 a few minutes ago even I had nearly 800 revives this morning. It's really annoying and I feel like "f*ck this" already. I guess I won't go for that challenge anymore... because probably I won't be playing the game as long anymore to get another
  7. You are wrong about that assumption that I don't like old games. In fact I love old games more than all the new low quality crap that gets spit out nowadays. I'm still turning on my SNES every other day with Metroid, Castlevania IV, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Super Mario World and all the classics. Or take on a few rounds of Classic Doom on Steam. I like nearly all games that got made until 2004. That's when sh*t started to hit the fan and quality steadily dropped to the level we are currenlty on with all the Yearly releases, Season Pass, DLC, Microtransaction, (Open) Beta and what not stuff ju
  8. If DE gets to work on mod-support or even make the game opensource then it might happen that the playerbase continues if there's still a playerbase left then. The more closed up the stuff is the harder it will be for the playerbase to keep it going because of major bugs that are in the engine itself which can't be fixed without changing the underlying source code. For example I'm watching the SimCity 4 modding community very closely and even they sometimes continue to impress me they have pretty much reached the limit of what they can do with some stuff because they can't change some of th
  9. I guess something like that will never happen or only in a far off future where most of us won't be playing games anymore. I guess Warframe will either be shut down and that's about it... or they won't shut it down and pump it up with continous updates eventually even upgrading the underlying Evolution Engine to a new iteration to make things possible the current iteration can't for various reasons. And then shut it down when the playerbase is like reduced to a few thousand active people. That is if Warframe stays in DE's hands and DE is staying indie and as ambitious as they have been
  10. I'd suggest renaming the thread to "Steam Client Glitch/Bug showing Purchase button" or whatever... "No longer F2P" is just provoking. ^^ Ninja'd.
  11. True... But wouldn't be much of a problem if OP or a mod would change the thread title to: "Steam Client Bug saying Warframe has to be purchased" Or something like that, rather than the inflammatory "no longer f2p" which isn't true anyways. ^^
  12. You do realize that I made a joke and I'm pretty well aware that it's a bug on the Steam client what OP refers about? I can't start the game because of it getting stuck in the "scanning for game"-popup... ^^ And about the PW thing... nobody knows anything and we probably won't know until one of the companies makes an official press release anyways. I guess if DE doesn't make the announcement this week then PW will make an announcement next week (17th/18th?) because then they will release their quarterly finance report or something as far as I've read when googling about the PW/DE th
  13. Haven't they surpassed the old days of butchering a game with countless unsubstantial DLCs and brought us the new cutting edge top-hit called "Season Pass" and next up their sleeves is the full-abo-subscription "EA Access" with games coming in a "Vault"? http://www.ea.com/eaaccess/ I guess that's the vault DE was always refering to in the past... ^^ Plot-twist! [/sarcasm]
  14. Pretty much. :D If PW gets their hands on the game it will probably end this way and then I'll say "Told you so!" and then cower in a corner and cry a lot.
  15. Yupp... and the price is you've to pay 50 bucks for the full title or all your Open Beta progress gets deleted within a 30 day period. xD
  16. Know the feeling... Still need only one more part... the Systems. I'm already considering waiting until DE moves Hek somewhere else or puts a new Warframe on Hek so that Hydroid can be put into Tenno Labs or on Eximus enemies. The droprates for the Beacons and that you have to get 4 different ones altogether is what kills it for me. I don't feel like doing this paper chase for a mediocre Warframe anymore. It's only 6000 mastery XP... and I'm halfway through to 17... so 2 more weapons to replace that and I couldn't care less for Hydroid. That said nearly nobody of those already hav
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