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  1. It's not about "cheap monetization" standards as you put it. It's about trying to make rewards -feel- like rewards. With tower 4 keys so easily and readily available now through syndicates, it makes sense to cut the droprates from tower 1 runs, so to encourage players to move up to more challenging content and thus feel actually rewarded for surviving and getting the rewards and drops that they actually worked hard to earn rather than sleeping on their keyboards for 5 minutes to get whatever. Same for the archwings no longer basing off warframes and grineer "aimbotting". Those encourage you to use cover/defensive abilities and establish teamwork rather than standing about in the open taking bullets in the face constantly without ever touching a defensive ability or even blinking at cover.


    Those so called "rewards" are losing their worth faster than it takes you to gain them and I don't know if anybody realized it already but it takes longer and longer to get somewhere ever since some features got added to the game, namingly the Syndicates and Archwing, as well as some others. The same is also true for the latest two bossfights Vay Hek and Mutalist Alad V.


    You grind your butt off to get somewhere just to find out that it ultimatively wasn't worth the trouble because either the items (Warframes/Weapons/Mods/Equipment) are not balanced right and it takes forever for DE to notice it, if they notice it at all, or the next piece of content superseding existing stuff is already in the pipeline/about to be released once you get there so you are back to square one grinding for the new stuff.


    Even if you manage to get to an end, through all the grind-madness you will eventually realize that all the shiny gear you worked hard for is becoming useless because there's nothing else to use it on but grind for the next item, which is only driven by a completionist's greed or because the new item is the new mandatory item. I have seen this "end" multiple times with Warframe now and I've become "meh" about the game eventually because it's getting boring and no amount of additional grind content DE adds to the game will make it more interesting from now on. They are just Copy&Pasting the same bland gameplay like a stamp all over the game now.


    So I fail to see where "reducing droprates" of a vital resource that's now basically standard in every new Warframe/Weapon is helping the players to make it more worthwhile, especially when many people are already sick of the neverending grind and when DE is enforcing the inflation themselves by pushing out new content that renders existing content eventually obsolete. In fact it does the opposite... it takes longer and longer to get the required resources, at least if you are not playing Warframe 24/7. It drives me away from the game because I can't be arsed to do much more of the same bland stuff over and over.


    That the items are losing their worth or never had one in the first place is DE's fault for shipping stuff shortsightedly by relying on the devaluing-trick. Most people I know gave up on the game already because of how boringly similar the scheme is to other grind-RPGs like Diablo 3 where exactly the same happens: Devaluing of items so a bunch of nerdy fanboys have a reason to grind for the next batch of top-gear items so they have a chance to show off how rad they are before those items get once more obsolete.


    I honestly doubt that this kind of game economy where everything eventually loses worth so you are encouraged to grind some more of the same bland bullsh*t of content will survive forever. At least I don't think I will invest another 2000 hours in Warframe if it stays with that sobering scheme. For a newcomer it might be quite fun, but I'm following the game for 2 years now and... well I'm bored to death already, not even speaking about all the other troubles the game has to offer.

  2. Anybody else notice the Argon Crystal drop rates are shot to hell?


    A single T1 Exterminate used to do the job if I just needed one... I've now spent a couple hours soloing them and gone thorugh about 15 keys, not a single crystal. I JUST WANT MY MIRAGE


    What did you expect to happen once we allowed them to add "bottom of the barrel"-standards to the game with decaying resources that force you to come back and grind some more and what not?


    We should have raged back when they introduced that bullcrap in March, April or whenever it got added to the game.


    People were complaining about the stupid PW deal? I'm just laughing about that now since DE already had the same cheap monetarization standards before the rumours of the deal eventually went public.


    Now that nearly every new equipment needs at least 1 or 2 of those Argon things, all while introducing new resources to grind for everytime when people have piled up on the existing resources, I can only quote Yoda:


    "The shroud of the dark side has fallen."

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  3. Somehow I'm sick of the trend that every new stupid weapon that gets released needs Argon Crystal by default.




    Couldn't be more "meh" about the game currently. Grind this, grind that, grind, grind GRIND. Somehow I've had enough lately... I'm back to playing something else.

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    • Players can no longer use or benefit from energy restore items while using an Ability that drains energy.


    Nope. Just Nope.


    How are people solo'ing supposed to defend themselves or the mission target (Pod/Consoles) when being swarmed?

    How are you supposed to counter the Leech Eximus bullcrap?

    How are you supposed to avoid the incoming damage when you have to stand still on the spot?




    You basically have to stand still on the restore for half a minute and pretend there's no enemies whatsoever?

    Or is spraying around with the Boltor Prime/Soma or crap like that the new solution for that shortcoming?




    That nerf is just shortsighted crap once again.




    Btw... the download rates are abysmal too. 15kb/sec... and normaly I'd have 1.1MB/sec... are the servers too overloaded or what? Because this is the first time ever I experience that kind of lackluster bandwidth ever with Warframe. Will take like the whole night (if not longer) to download if it is keeping the pace. Or better yet... I don't give a crap of updating now and will come back later because I expect there to be at least 3 or 4 hotfixes anyways until the new stuff becomes actually playable. o_x

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  5. It looks like my first attempt at making a custom Myspace profile page. That is not in the least bit a compliment. I had S#&$ taste back then.


    I know exactly what you mean.


    When using white background then NEVER have any shades of light grey or any other light colors to acompany that. It just looks terrible and creates eyestrain to no end.


    With White Backgrounds only Black, Dark grey, dark red or dark green or dark blue works really fine... anything that at least has a darker tone to it. ^^

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  6. Wow... Stare for an hour at the new design and you risk becoming snowblind.


    The color decisions are just unbearable.


    It looks like the decision was made by someone either not looking into the forum for more than a few minutes a day or by someone with a broken monitor screen. There's no other explanation as to why somebody would choose plain #FFFFFF white as background all while making some of the texts, borderings and other stylistic elements light grey at the same time so it stresses your eyes even more if you actually want to read something.


    My suggestion would be... make ALL text at least black that is not already black or red.

    Give the borderings some other darker color instead of light grey or get rid of them alltogether and make them only 1 pixel width black outlines or something. As it stands now the light grey borders play with your pretty eyes bad.

    Use Light grey for the background of quotes and make the text there black as well. It's looking dumb to have black text on white background for everything else and quotes being White text on dark grey background. It looks inconsistent and adds to the eyestrain when your eyes have to adapt to strong contrasts while scrolling through the forum.




    Oh by the way: Half the text without it's own background box is blending in with the too colorful warframe-background. This goes for both the lightgrey text for page numbers as well as the red text to switch to the next topic and also the "directory pointer".

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  7. Looks good so far. ^^


    Gives people an additional reason to get their Mastery Ranks up, which was something people were arguing about anyways, since many people don't see any reason to go beyond MR 8-10. ^^


    Any details on the sigil multiplicators yet? Are they going to be the "negligible" thing DE_Steve mentioned on the last devstream or has the overall opinion changed on the matter?


    Also is the cap counted per Syndicate or all Syndicates combined?

  8. While pressing 4 to win was always an easy way around some of the gameplay aspects... but in all honesty:


    Viver and the Warframe abilities weren't a problem before the lackluster Syndicate Repfarming was a thing.


    Before the Reputation system nobody gave two cents about Viver. And even if Viver as well as several Warframe abilitities get changed, as well as the Interception mode and the devil knows what... people will still find another spot to farm the reputation and exploit/abuse other Warframes and other tricks. It's a neverending cycle until everything gets nerfhammered but the actual source of the problem is allowed to remain.


    It's basically the fact that many people, especial the Veterans can't be arsed for the grind anymore and they have all the gear and stuff to find a way around the uncreative, uninspired and boring reputation grind.


    It's basically how the Reputation system works that is causing all the trouble we didn't have before that was a thing.


    So my advice is... just work on another way to gain reputation... make it mission based instead of affinity based... whatever... there are like 10-15 threads out there on how to deal with the syndicates & reputation problem in the first place and stuff like Viver, as well as the Warframe abilities would be fixed as a side effect of them.


    Changing the Warframes was definitely no good idea because that rendered some of them lackluster again

    Changing the Interception gamemode was no good idea because of how it affects even Solo gameplay as well as completely unrelated Archwing gameplay which was near to impossible to accomplish already on Uranus before the 15.2 update and now leaves you in an even worse spot because the Grineer have all the advantages thanks to the new rules that are applied on a global scale


    Also there are several other problems like the massive imbalance in the economy thanks to how some people made tons of Platinum of the issue and it will continue to be like that when people find other farmspots if the general problem (the reputation grind) is not fixed, creating an even larger gap between elitists/veterans and casual players.


    How's that huge gap that has been created over the past two weeks going to be dealt with?





    At least I'm quite surprised that the discussion in the developer workshop like I adviced in other threads... at least... works somehow, even if there are still quite a lot people letting some steam off.^^

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  9. Somehow the more pieceful, holy&religious themed one for the void creeps me far more out than the Derelict one. ^^



    But that's probably because like some other people already stated it feels a bit too "happy". Instead should have this "we wiped them out and now we are even raiding/desecrating their temples too"-feeling.

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  10. Also there seems to be an Alpha problem with the Founder sigils... even when I put the slider to "No transparacy" it is basically near to invisible when used with bright colors because of how it takes on the colors below the sigil. ^^



    If I place it on background colors where I can actually see the sigil it actually looks quite nice... better than the badge. ^^


    Stalker/Miniboss Changes:


    • Stalker will now activate lockdown when he Spawns.



    Well nice.


    Just imagine you becoming trapped in one of the 2m² loot rooms when he shows up.


    No prison-shower scene ever shown in a movie will come close to what happens to your Warframe then.


    Should make for one nice Yuikami comic eventually.

  12. What if I Forma’d/Polarized the 2 slots being removed?

    Any Forma spent on Polarizing these 2 slots will be reimbursed.


    What if I Forma’d/Polarized the 2 Ability slots that are staying?

    If you Polarized these slots, the Polarization choice will stay. If you did not Polarize these slots, they will have a default unassigned Polarity.


    It would be good to know which 2 of the 4 default ability slots are going to be removed so that people can swap polarities around before the update rolls out so they can determine which 2 of the ability slots shall get removed.


    This is especially important in situations where the script might remove 2 slots that are polarized, but would add unassigned polarities for the other 2 slots rather than swapping the polarized slots there. It least if the script doesn't consider this situation anyways.


    But it would also help for people who have forma'd more than 2 ability slots (for whatever reason) so they can determine which of the 2+ polarized slots they want to see gone rather than the script deciding that for them.

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  13. Well... Let's see what this brings for the future...


    The second newer updates contain even more rigged droptables and other korean-grind-lockbox-mmorpg-style bullcrap I'm a gone.


    I've already the bad feeling that this acquisition through "Multi Dynamic Games Group Inc." is just a strawman thing. Wouldn't wonder if they will be selling their shares to PW when things settled a bit so that it doesn't look that bad now as doomsday has been further delayed but in the end it is inevitable.


    At least I don't want to see any heavy branding or integration of Arc... If that happens it doesn't even need to become overly unfair to players in gameplay. The pure fact that the a brand is slapped all over Warframe is already enough.


    Modify your Warframe with Targis Prime Armor and the Vala Sugatra Prime. Add Exclusive Nyx Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.


    So are the Nyx Avatars included into the Accessories as well this time and not only in the Chaos/Absorb packs?


    Been one of my main complaints about the past Prime Access packs.

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  15. wish sometimes top 5 clans would get a statue but eh i know its not easy to please everyone.


    Sometimes I would wish that each clan participating in an event would get at least something like a small placeable banner-badge (much like the badge for your shoulder) for the dojo to show your clan was there. Wouldn't interfere with the nice statues for the top 3 clans at all. ^^


    Just saying because 99.9% of all clans will probably have empty trophy rooms. xD

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  16. As a note, I'd suggest that a single destroyed Escavator should not cause a fail, but instead implement a 3 strikes rule or something of that sort.


    I second that. Let 3 of them get destroyed and the mission is a fail.


    Currently it seems like mission failure doesn't work... which is not that bad either because my first squad ran into serious trouble anyways because we weren't prepared that the enemies scale up so fast so we weren't doing any damage against the Grineer on Earth anymore and had to extract at 1350 points or something because people started to get downed and the Extractors became one-hits to the Grineer. Couldn't even keep a single one alive at that point anymore.


    If it would fail the mission because the next wave of enemies pretty much oneshots an extractor it would be very unforgiving... so I think a little room to mess up should be there. As notionphil said... 3 times seems like a good number.



    Another problem we ran into is that that the generated maps both on Earth and Europa were TOO big. It takes like forever to travel back to the starting area when the Scanner deploys a new extractor on the other end of the tileset. That can become annoying as it often causes the squad to swarm out and people are sprayed all over the map and if someone gets downed you have literally no chance to revive them because you can't get there in 15 seconds. Can't defend the extractor and go for rescue at the same time. Can't split myself. oO


    I know it's supposed to encourage teamwork... but many people just don't care and head off for a solo rampage on the other side of the map.

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