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  1. Again: a change in the player, not the game.


    Even I've very much respect for you vaugahn, since you have been there from the very beginning, I respectfully decline to get into any discussion with you, because you are just replying to the topic to put off any opinions other people have.




    And yeah I totally accuse you to do it just to get your postcount up, because if not then your opinion of "Warframe hasn't changed" would have been enough once or twice, but not like 50 times in the very same thread already.

  2. Actually it's the main reason why I chose to quit playing the game more than a month ago.


    The original vibe where the player takes the role of a lonely/isolated space-ninja that has awakened from millenia of cryo-sleep into the middle of a dark & mysterious universe at a steady, unforgiving war between 3 major factions, fighting at the brink of existence for his/her own survival, is gone.



    Now we have Kubrows, the Liset, Archwing, the Relays, Syndicates, hundreds of weapons/mods, two dozen of Warframes and a ton of other stuff that doesn't make me feel like I'm still playing the game I signed up for 2 years ago. Somewhere the dark & frightening spirit that made the game so popular in the first place got lost in favor of a broader mass-appeal. All the dark and moody scenery has become victim to the games' own popularity. All that matters now is just to show off during missions or on relays how much bling-bling one has attached to the Warframe. It just doesn't feel right anymore.

  3. Honestly...?




    Nothing the game is about currently.


    At this point I'd rather enjoy joining the Grineer forces and bringing some more havoc on the solar system, bringing down some more of the relays, because that sounds like a 100 times more fun than keeping the "status quo" or the other repetitive stuff I've done once too often.




    Apart from personal stuff I've to deal with lately, I'm also realizing that I'm basically done with Warframe in general. I basically got everything that was available before U15 and the additional grind as well as Events/Tactical Alerts ever since U15 just don't motivate me enough to go on anymore. The game just lost its appeal to me along the road because of how it slowly gravitated away from what I originally liked about it.


    I originally started the game past year to cure myself of the horrible grind madness that was Diablo 3 and because I'm also a huge fan of the Unreal/Quake franchises so I could be lured in with the fast paced space-ninja gameplay. I liked how I could drop in for a few missions and then forget a week or two about the game without missing anything important.


    But I guess the grind and greed mechanics of Warframe eventually started to overshadow the other gameplay and I've grown tired of it, like was the case with D3 before that. Now the game more feels like a job to me and I can't really enjoy it anymore, because it's getting harder and harder to keep up and stay up to date and I don't feel like putting as much time and effort into it as I used to over the course of the past 1.5 years.


    Also the so called "immersion"-transition of the last 2 major updates starts to p*ss me off because of how everything takes now 10 times longer to complete, especially in the menus. Also the multitude of Warframe/Weapon/Mod combinations is also taking too much thought effort already, so I waste more time on configurating stuff than I'm actually playing the one or two stupid missions I wanted to play.


    The "drop in - drop out"-feeling just vanished and this drives me away.


    Momentarely I'm cured of Warframe because of how repetitive and boring it has become both in gameplay and development and how forseeable it has become that nothing will change about that because if it would ever change than they would have done so already.

  4. It's not about "cheap monetization" standards as you put it. It's about trying to make rewards -feel- like rewards. With tower 4 keys so easily and readily available now through syndicates, it makes sense to cut the droprates from tower 1 runs, so to encourage players to move up to more challenging content and thus feel actually rewarded for surviving and getting the rewards and drops that they actually worked hard to earn rather than sleeping on their keyboards for 5 minutes to get whatever. Same for the archwings no longer basing off warframes and grineer "aimbotting". Those encourage you to use cover/defensive abilities and establish teamwork rather than standing about in the open taking bullets in the face constantly without ever touching a defensive ability or even blinking at cover.


    Those so called "rewards" are losing their worth faster than it takes you to gain them and I don't know if anybody realized it already but it takes longer and longer to get somewhere ever since some features got added to the game, namingly the Syndicates and Archwing, as well as some others. The same is also true for the latest two bossfights Vay Hek and Mutalist Alad V.


    You grind your butt off to get somewhere just to find out that it ultimatively wasn't worth the trouble because either the items (Warframes/Weapons/Mods/Equipment) are not balanced right and it takes forever for DE to notice it, if they notice it at all, or the next piece of content superseding existing stuff is already in the pipeline/about to be released once you get there so you are back to square one grinding for the new stuff.


    Even if you manage to get to an end, through all the grind-madness you will eventually realize that all the shiny gear you worked hard for is becoming useless because there's nothing else to use it on but grind for the next item, which is only driven by a completionist's greed or because the new item is the new mandatory item. I have seen this "end" multiple times with Warframe now and I've become "meh" about the game eventually because it's getting boring and no amount of additional grind content DE adds to the game will make it more interesting from now on. They are just Copy&Pasting the same bland gameplay like a stamp all over the game now.


    So I fail to see where "reducing droprates" of a vital resource that's now basically standard in every new Warframe/Weapon is helping the players to make it more worthwhile, especially when many people are already sick of the neverending grind and when DE is enforcing the inflation themselves by pushing out new content that renders existing content eventually obsolete. In fact it does the opposite... it takes longer and longer to get the required resources, at least if you are not playing Warframe 24/7. It drives me away from the game because I can't be arsed to do much more of the same bland stuff over and over.


    That the items are losing their worth or never had one in the first place is DE's fault for shipping stuff shortsightedly by relying on the devaluing-trick. Most people I know gave up on the game already because of how boringly similar the scheme is to other grind-RPGs like Diablo 3 where exactly the same happens: Devaluing of items so a bunch of nerdy fanboys have a reason to grind for the next batch of top-gear items so they have a chance to show off how rad they are before those items get once more obsolete.


    I honestly doubt that this kind of game economy where everything eventually loses worth so you are encouraged to grind some more of the same bland bullsh*t of content will survive forever. At least I don't think I will invest another 2000 hours in Warframe if it stays with that sobering scheme. For a newcomer it might be quite fun, but I'm following the game for 2 years now and... well I'm bored to death already, not even speaking about all the other troubles the game has to offer.

  5. Anybody else notice the Argon Crystal drop rates are shot to hell?


    A single T1 Exterminate used to do the job if I just needed one... I've now spent a couple hours soloing them and gone thorugh about 15 keys, not a single crystal. I JUST WANT MY MIRAGE


    What did you expect to happen once we allowed them to add "bottom of the barrel"-standards to the game with decaying resources that force you to come back and grind some more and what not?


    We should have raged back when they introduced that bullcrap in March, April or whenever it got added to the game.


    People were complaining about the stupid PW deal? I'm just laughing about that now since DE already had the same cheap monetarization standards before the rumours of the deal eventually went public.


    Now that nearly every new equipment needs at least 1 or 2 of those Argon things, all while introducing new resources to grind for everytime when people have piled up on the existing resources, I can only quote Yoda:


    "The shroud of the dark side has fallen."

  6. Somehow I'm sick of the trend that every new stupid weapon that gets released needs Argon Crystal by default.




    Couldn't be more "meh" about the game currently. Grind this, grind that, grind, grind GRIND. Somehow I've had enough lately... I'm back to playing something else.

  7. I don't know what the marketing guys at DE are thinking but ever since Vay Hek they are too strongly focused on unbearable grind so people are more willing to buy the frames Hek/Mutalist Salad give with Platinum.


    It's sad to say but I won't even care about getting to Mutalist Salad, the same way I don't give a crap about getting to Vay Hek, even if it means I will never get the frames at all.


    This trend lately of putting everything behind ridiculously rigged grind/droptables just drives me away from the game because I'm honest... I can't be arsed to do more of the same bland grind-gameplay. It has basically lost its appeal to me.

  8. I guess when they are skipping Trinity/Saryn and instead go for Nova the decision was made by the marketing department.


    Obviously Nova is more popular than Saryn and Trinity still suffers the longterm cloth-physics problem, that said they will probably copy&paste the Trinity model for the Prime model... because if they'd build a new model from ground up then the cloth physics would be of no problem anymore.

  9. Actually I get a lot players (in EU region)... but ONLY on Event/Alert/Syndicate-nodes or other nodes that are somehow special for farming reasons...


    But the 200 other nodes in between them that serve no purpose whatsoever other than fill up the solar chart are completely empty most of the time and there's no reason to ever go back and do them once you have unlocked them, which is why they are empty.

  10. Ignis, Ignis is the Answer


    Which works only on low levels fine... but during the last waves of defense or when going into the 30 minutes Survival the Ignis is pretty much getting useless because it doesn't kill the Ancients fast enough and then they are starting to gang up on you.


    I did the event with my 3-times forma'd Ignis and I still switched over to something else for the 30 minute survival phase.

  11. Oh well that explains why my Ember got killed instantly in 3 different missions when they managed to overwhelm my shields.


    Somehow that sucks.


    Well seems like taking a break from Ember then... she's a worthless piece of crap anyways ever since she doesn't scale too well.




    They should remove the grappling hook of the ancients because when solo'ing it is pretty much impossible to avoid getting teabagged by the Ancients... and when the other enemies manage to kill your shields while you are on the ground -> BAMM dead because it's sure that one of the Tar-suckers will cover you in goo, killing you instantly.


    • Players can no longer use or benefit from energy restore items while using an Ability that drains energy.


    Nope. Just Nope.


    How are people solo'ing supposed to defend themselves or the mission target (Pod/Consoles) when being swarmed?

    How are you supposed to counter the Leech Eximus bullcrap?

    How are you supposed to avoid the incoming damage when you have to stand still on the spot?




    You basically have to stand still on the restore for half a minute and pretend there's no enemies whatsoever?

    Or is spraying around with the Boltor Prime/Soma or crap like that the new solution for that shortcoming?




    That nerf is just shortsighted crap once again.




    Btw... the download rates are abysmal too. 15kb/sec... and normaly I'd have 1.1MB/sec... are the servers too overloaded or what? Because this is the first time ever I experience that kind of lackluster bandwidth ever with Warframe. Will take like the whole night (if not longer) to download if it is keeping the pace. Or better yet... I don't give a crap of updating now and will come back later because I expect there to be at least 3 or 4 hotfixes anyways until the new stuff becomes actually playable. o_x

  13. Who the hell cares if "noobs" are using this? I really don't understand this mentality. And I think the whole imbalanced tiers of weapons is pretty idiotic in the first place. Every weapon should be comparable to each other instead of having tiers of power creep weapons. The only differences should be aesthetics and playstyle.


    I'd like to see all weapons/warframes being balanced out as well but that won't happen ever because of how most of them are already designed to be a better replacement to existing weapons.


    On top of that we all know that it would turn out in a massive whine altogether because of people saying there would be no reason to strive for the best gear possible.

  14. hell no!


    you can't take some of the eldest WF players that were farming every each weapon in game by years as an example and proove that getting up to MR15 is not "that hard" to get big bunch of weapons locked at that level.


    also argument with "being able to get MR17 and 18 in some cases" is greatly invalid - why?


    lets do the math yourself and tell me why you can't get MR15 without leveling up ANY primes.....


    you can't state MR of someone who have already maxed out most of primes for example when calculating where primes should be locked at.


    [and also locking all primes at MR10 would leave me nothing even remotely close to "funny" to rank up to get at that MR10 - not as I care much about it but lastly I've crafted phew primes just "for the heck of it lets level up some shiney crap" and I would not be able to do it with your suggestion alive...]


    Sorry but that's your newcomer ego being hurt there. You clearly did NO math at all there but just spit some "I can't have shiny prime stuff as easily anymore? I have to go further in Mastery Rank to get them? I won't have it!"-acid around.




    You know why I can easily say that? Because I made that thread back here:




    I pretty much keep track of all the Mastery XP available/possible and thereby I know exactly how far one can go without considering any Prime items at all. I'm still updating my Excel sheet even if I did not update the thread for about 2 months.




    So the summed up amount of Mastery XP gained by Prime Items equals to about ~123000 Mastery XP. (Including Founders items)


    Assuming you'd own every single item that has Mastery attached to it and unlocked every Node in the Solar system then you could have 827796 Mastery XP. You can look that up here: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank


    So doing some math about that you'd clearly see that you can easily have about ~700000 Mastery XP without a single Prime item.


    That would allow you to go as far as Mastery Rank 16 and nearly to 17 already. So let's say that you don't own every Event Weapon from the past and also not some of the handful of weapons that got retired... Let's say remove another 100000 Mastery XP for that... for a final 600000 Mastery XP.


    You'd still be able to get to Mastery rank 15 without any problems.




    So my argument stands.




    Also by stating that something ridiculous OP like the Boltor Prime should be Mastery Rank 15 it was quite obvious that I didn't say that every single piece of crap of a Prime gear should be located at MR15. Only the best ones that actually deserve that spot.


    So actually I'm already generous when saying that Prime items should be locked behind MR 10, because of how no Prime items would be required to advance at all until MR 15, which is more than DOUBLE the XP compared to MR 10.



    Are you crazy?  I'm MR 12(Almost 13).  I've been playing for a year and a half.  The highest a MR restriction should go is definitely MR 8.  Even 10 is a bit of a stretch...


    Am I crazy? Probably. But not in this case. Read above to find out why.

  15. Actually I'd be in favor to re-rank most of the Prime gear to MR 10 and above because of how those are the best items in the game and it's not like there's ever going to be better versions of those Warframes/Weapons that are made primes already.


    I wouldn't even mind ranking top-gear weapons like the Boltor Prime to MR15 altogether because of how we are able to get to MR 17 (and 18 for a small amount of players) already anyways.


    At least the "newbie running around with full set of prime equipment" should stop. DE basically enables them to ruin their own game experience and I don't think it is a good philosophy to give people access to the best gear possible right from the beginning, basically rendering most people to leave the game after 2-3 weeks because of how they bypassed everything.


    Those Mastery Rank locks should only prevent people from trading/buying that stuff from the market/trade channel as well as crafting those items, not from using them when they bought it via Prime Access or whatever because then they paid for that convenience with real money anyways.

  16. Actually I'd like to see the P2P part being remained for actual sessions... Dedicated servers would mean a lot more costs for DE, which would eventually be carried by the players and I don't see that going without a radical change in the way DE makes Platinum, which might lead to us having Dedicated Servers but it's not worth playing anymore because of how many things end up with so ridiculous low drop chances that it's almost like if the entire game is Platinum-gated.


    I have no problems with stuff like the Hubs though because they don't need a complete server-farm to maintain.

  17. If someone is seriously going to say "my key, my rules" I'll go find someone else.  Or, hell, I'll take the huge stockpile of keys I've amassed since Update 8 and go run some my damn self, free of control freaks.


    Would be better to do it that way in the first place. Avoids a lot of trouble.




    If you are looking for somebody to invite you in the recruitment channel you are pretty much doing so knowing that the host/key-owner may want to enforce some rules or a specific strategy on the mission. When you can't deal with what the host/key-owner tells you to do (no matter how boring it is) you are free to leave the session, but it's not your right to enforce your own laws since it's not your key. It's not your "work" (as marginally it may be) that went into gathering the key.


    You are entitled to tell them about dangerous/hazardous/risky/problematic stuff that may occur or alternative strategies but that's about it. If the host persists on his strategy all you can do is comply. If you don't want to coorporate then it's pretty much showing that you can't subordinate yourself and it's the right of the host/key-owner to look for somebody else willing to do the job the way the host/key-owner wants it to be done.




    That said I wouldn't friggin care what anybody does in the sessions/keys I host... as long as the job gets done and it doesn't verge on trolling or brag-elitism.


    But at least I wouldn't get mad about a Trinity melee'ing Infested... as long as the player knows what he's doing and doesn't get himself killed by doing that. If the player would go down several times and the player keeps on doing it after I asked the player politely to stop it, because I noticed that the player can't deal with that playstyle at all, then I'd look out for a better Trinity player as well.


    If somebody is acting like he has a death wish or like a troll/elitist endangering the entire squad and/or mission then I'll ask them to stop that stuff as well and if they don't then I will not revive them when they finally pay their tribute for their selfish gameplay.


    If I know somebody for a very long time then it is something different. Then I normally know those people in reallife or at least pretty good from outside the game like from the forums. With those people I'm willing to troll around a bit to try new/different stuff/strategies as well because I can fully trust those people and if we fail then we were all jointly willing to accept that risk.




    I usually don't give any orders since I think most of the stuff is obvious anyways or at least some good common sense but when I do give orders they are almost always to ensure the survival and success of the entire squad/mission and then I'd like to see them being followed.


    The most recent example is the Uranus Archwing Interception. I stopped doing that mission with public/recruited groups because of how some people can't follow some simple orders. Many of them either don't bring the right gear to the mission or persist on solo-elitism getting the entire squad killed.


    The excavation missions are another thing that brought my blood to a boil when people are activating like 2-3 excavators at once all while knowing we are unable to defend them all. I mean I can't split myself in half and spam bubbles in 2 or 3 different rooms that are like 500 hundred meters apart.


    And that's pretty much the reason why I'm persisting on people to show some discipline lately because I already had enough of elitists thinking they are entitled to follow no orders whatsoever.

  18. While I like the new slipstreamed logo... it is somehow synonymous to the end of the old "overly fancy decorated" era of the game.


    I guess we will see more slipstreamed designs like that in the future?

  19. ...  what the hell was the problem?


    I guess Branwyn basically wants to say:


    "host's key, host's rules".


    And that is somewhat relateable.


    No amount of complaints of how boring, etc... a specific way to play is, changes the fact that Cat_Jam disobeyed a simple order given by the host. It may not have put the team to a risk (it's just boring ODD), but since it's a random group not knowing each other it is quite unpolite to disobey an order given by the host, no matter how much one dislikes it.


    There's basically no way the host could have known if Cat_Jam is just a newbie, a troll or an ultra elitist wanting to show off or just a plain normal regular player wanting to have some fun. And that's why it is in the best interests to stay in line.

  20. It's an up and down for me.


    Somewhen this summer I've reached the point of having caught up with maximum possible Mastery Rank even I did not push the limits like some people do. So I ranked my last few weapons to 30 a few days back. I could basically say I'm done with the game, apart from the Nyx Prime, Scindo/Hikou Prime stuff, as well as Elytron and the 2 new Archwing weapons released last week which I don't feel like actively going for currently.


    While the Syndicate update from last Friday eased my mind about the grind (gladly) since now it is not as tedious anymore as it has been before I'm still a little bit "meh" about it because the rewards are not really pushing me to the limits. That said even if they were I probably still wouldn't push the limits because of how longterm grind is always something that I've been doing in parallel of getting to shortterm goals like farming resources for a new weapon etc. But since I've got almost everything and most of the stuff listed above is still quite ugly to farm because of the abysmal random dropchances I pretty much have no shortterm goals left.


    So with other words I'm back to logging in whenever I feel like it or when there's a new weapon or other stuff to check out. But at least I don't play every day anymore and I'm also willing to take weeklong breaks already if there's nothing new in the update pipeline and check out other games I left on the backburner.


    Also I'm honest about the last few weeks in general... some of the decisions and moves made by DE as well as the community got me to the point to consider leaving the game altogether because of how the game slowly gravitates away from whatever I originally loved about it. Somehow Warframe is trying to become a "jack of all trades, master of none" and I'm actually getting annoyed pretty easily by that scheme currently. My boiling point is reached pretty fast lately and that's an additional reason to play less. xD

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