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  1. What's the point of this? The Corrosive Projection Slot only needs a naramon polairty.
  2. Nice, lots of great QoL changes! I'm much happier and more excited about these kind of QoL upgrades than new content tbh.
  3. My problem with this kind of reasoning is that arcanes shouldn't be required to solve a problem, they should be nice buffs that you choose and create synergies with. There's all these different strategies people talk about to patch up Hyldrin's fundamental flaws. This is ridiculous, she's an absolute mess that can't stand on her own legs. Even if you dedicate every possible slot, including on your operator's, to trying to fix her problems, what do you have left? An ineffectual passive tank that needs to be constantly micromanaged to not get oneshot? She is unfathomably bad, yet somehow there is some appeal to her, a cool factor I guess. If you just causally take her out for a quick spin she seems fun and tough, people are just overlooking her flaws, even youtubers that are normally critical, so DE will probably just do the same. It's sad, I'd like to play her, but not just to combat her own inadequacy.
  4. Honestly that was probably the best feedback I've seen so far. I've given detailed feedback myself, but it really feels like stating the obvious. Nothing so unfathomably badly designed should ever have made it into the game no matter what. I thought some other recently released frames were badly designed, but this just takes it to a whole new unexplored level of fail. Everything about her is one step forward, ten steps back. You're better off never using any of her abilities because they're weak, clunky and dysfunctional, yet with an array of punishing limitations and downsides to... balance how weak and useless they are? idk. When Hyldrin was announced everyone was like "oh no, a shield based frame, this will be a disaster", and yet they've done absolutely nothing to mitigate this, just rolled with it and somehow made it even worse by making her abilities harm her own shields and prevent them from charging, making her shields even worse than normal. I'm appalled by how bad this frame is, yet some people are praising her. I can only assume they've never tried modding a warframe or a staticor, or actively using their abilities? Two of our starter frames, Volt and Mag, are a gazillion times more powerful and more survivable than Hyldrin, their abilities are actually good or at least functional.
  5. Good feedback overall, but I have a comment on this. Armour works in such a way that if you take a level 100 heavy unit and strip 50% of their armour they still have ~92% damage reduction. You haven't really done much, it's still nerfing (nearly) all damage sources to uselessness. Try as i might, I can't find any valid reason to use any of Hildryn's abilities or to play her in general, beyond how she looks. She's OK at fighting corpus in open spaces, where her 2 isn't complete garbage, but not great even here by any means.
  6. So spamming dodge while in Hildryn's 4th locks up all controls. So K-Drive race standing was increased? Not affinity? Standing was always easy, ranking up a K-Drive still takes 10 million years of brain rotting torture. Also, the annoying buzzing sound on Hildryn's 3rd still seems to be there. I'll never use this ability anyway unless it gets completely reworked, but others do and it's annoying.
  7. But how does any of that help against toxin oneshots? Either I'm missing something or we're not talking about the same thing.
  8. Huh, grats on surviving 3 hours of toxic ancients and mutalist ospreys. That's her big weakness. I did run into problems when forced to fight in tight crowded spaces with these enemy types, when doing kuva flood siphons. Same. This is my favourite looking warframe to date. I don't bother with any of her abilities, and she has this potential oneshot weakness, but I just like her aesthetic too much to not play her.
  9. Nice, this is a huge improvement. Thanks!
  10. Humans are only as good as their brain
  11. It might help at low levels, but the mod only gives 45%, and the aura 15% (and would replace CP), so you won't go far with it. She has very little health, and no healing. Adaptation can help too at low levels, especially against DoTs, but the problem is she just gets oneshot anyway once the levels get just a bit higher.
  12. OK, so I'v formaed, played and tested Hildryn a bunch now. At first I was optimistic, then the reality of her flaws started poking its ugly head out. There were obviously some huge oversights in her design. Some of these problems were immediately obvious from the moment the basics of her were revealed, I hoped some clever solutions would be found, but it seems they were simply ignored and so we have an utterly broken warframe. I'm still unclear about some things, and I'd like to hear about others' experiences and results. I played and did my tests using all max rank mods (including Primed Vigor) and maxed arcanes like Barrier and Aegis. The problems I will point out just what I found to be the most immediate serious issues with the frame. Shields... Lol No surprise, toxic ancients, nox, infested ospreys etc. simply oneshot Hildryn. Normally I'd protect a squishy frame with Quick Thinking, but Hildryn has no energy and the mod does nothing. Slash procs also chew through her health in an instant, and these even ignore the little armour she has. Using abilities, even firing her exalted weapon, interrupts and resets shield recharge. Her 3 and 4 simply prevent shields from charging while active. I can kind of see why, but then this completely defeats the purpose of both shields as defence and shields as energy, with renewable source of energy like Zenurik not functioning. Shields are bad and were a risky move for a frame, shields with no energy so that your abilities break the few advantages of shields is the worst possible combination. 1 Balefire OK against mid level Corpus and Infested, but quickly becomes weak at higher levels. Against Grineer it's a complete joke thanks to the game's brilliant armour scaling and the weapon's lack of status. The weapon also slows you down for an entire 3 seconds every time you fire it, for some reason. 2 Shield Pillage Only works if nearby enemies have shields or armour. The shields are given by projectiles which inevitably just hit the environment if you're taking cover (because you know, you needed shields) and so do nothing. If enemies have no shields or armour, or the armour was removed, this ability doesn't even try to heal the walls anymore. Clearly you are much better off not using this ability and instead letting your shields recharge, which using any ability prevents. I tested armour stripping with 323% power strength for 80% "shield drain". It took 6 casts to remove armour from a level 100 gunner while also running Corrosive Projection. The mechanics make it unsuitable for armour stripping too. So, basically the most useful thing here is removing status effects, where other frames just get immunity. Toxin and slash will kill you before you get a chance anyway. 3 Haven What is this ability supposed to do besides stopping your shields from recharging until you turn it off? I've spent some time testing and trying to divine its effects, besides doing tiny bits of damage to nearby enemies it seems to do absolutely nothing. Contrary to the description, it also does not increase damage done to affected enemies. 4 Aegis Storm Fun for about half an hour if you're doing point defence vs weak enemies in an open space (e.g. the event), but gets boring fast and is utterly useless. You hover in the air and become essentially static, you can no longer use your weapons (and your 1 cannot harm armoured units), you can no longer dodge or recharge shields and you can't even use your 2, the one time when it might slightly useful. Solutions? Can't criticise without offering some suggestions, right? I can't say I see a way to really fix this frame (yet), but I can certainly come up with some obvious improvements and fixes to specific problems. Shields The way shields work for her at least needs to change or she will always just be the frame that randomly drops dead because someone sneezed in the next room. Perhaps her passive could include no damage types bypassing shields. I honestly don't know what to suggest for the energy stops shields charging problem. This just kills the frame. I think it was a terrible idea to make abilities use shields and it defeats their purpose. Whatever else is done to the frame's abilities, they will always be more of a liability than anything else due to this mechanic. 1 Balefire Give this weapon some status chance or it can't deal with anything armoured. Or fix armour scaling already. Yeah... 2 Shield Pillage This should at least instantly restore shields as the wave hits enemies, without useless projectiles and waiting for the wave to return (duration is both good and bad, that's stupid). The armour stripping mechanic could also be more useful, like Oberon's which synergises with Corrosive Projection and other sources of armour removal. 3 Haven This ability could do something, that would be a start. However, as long as it's a toggle that prevents your shields from recharging until turned off, it will never be worth using. 4 Aegis Storm This needs mobility. Hildryn has this cool dash / dodge, why can't she at least use that? Why can we not use weapons? And her 2? Useless restrictions that make a bad ability infinitely worse. Again though, it prevents shields from recharging, defeating the entire purpose of shields and having a shields based warframe in the first place. Hard to overcome this problem.
  13. Because in Bug Reports, no one can hear you scream...
  14. Read my post again. Or are you actually randomly calling me a liar? I've never had another account. I barely even play, let alone mess around with multiple accounts, lol. I do siphons because it's literally the only fun and not entirely pointless thing left to do. Someone putting up a siphon you haven't done when you're in a group is a rare (but welcome) occurrence, an actual potential advantage to playing with others, oh no! And god forbid we ever manage to do more than one (measly, fraction of one roll) flood an hour to then wait around twiddling our thumbs, the only mission where after 5 years of power creep we might have a little enjoyment given that everywhere else the entire map dies because we exhaled out first breath at spawn. Level 100 content should be basic level content by now, and the kuva rewards are utterly pathetic anyway. I don't care to waste my life away grinding for nothing, I play occasionally because I still enjoy warframe's core gameplay, and I'm vaguely still hoping they'll fix this game. This is just broad anti fun policing and a source of new problems they'll never ever fix.
  15. Just... Wow. The game is in a completely and utterly dysfunctional state at the most fundamental levels and you "fix" people sometimes having fun. This only happens to me occasionally as a happy random outcome of playing with others, yet there's so many things so wrong with this change that I'm just disgusted. If these are DE's priorities, then I'm done with this game.
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