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  1. Mudfam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Because in Bug Reports, no one can hear you scream...
  2. Mudfam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Read my post again. Or are you actually randomly calling me a liar? I've never had another account. I barely even play, let alone mess around with multiple accounts, lol. I do siphons because it's literally the only fun and not entirely pointless thing left to do. Someone putting up a siphon you haven't done when you're in a group is a rare (but welcome) occurrence, an actual potential advantage to playing with others, oh no! And god forbid we ever manage to do more than one (measly, fraction of one roll) flood an hour to then wait around twiddling our thumbs, the only mission where after 5 years of power creep we might have a little enjoyment given that everywhere else the entire map dies because we exhaled out first breath at spawn. Level 100 content should be basic level content by now, and the kuva rewards are utterly pathetic anyway. I don't care to waste my life away grinding for nothing, I play occasionally because I still enjoy warframe's core gameplay, and I'm vaguely still hoping they'll fix this game. This is just broad anti fun policing and a source of new problems they'll never ever fix.
  3. Mudfam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Just... Wow. The game is in a completely and utterly dysfunctional state at the most fundamental levels and you "fix" people sometimes having fun. This only happens to me occasionally as a happy random outcome of playing with others, yet there's so many things so wrong with this change that I'm just disgusted. If these are DE's priorities, then I'm done with this game.
  4. Mudfam

    PC Login/Sever Issues [RESOLVED]

    Seems to be actually getting worse. Now can't trade, roll rivens (watch out! you'll lose your roll) or do anything whatsoever really.
  5. Mudfam

    Tombfinger is very, very broken

    Yup. Making the gun utterly worthless. Meanwhile the catchmoon fires a projectile as large as the tombfinger's "AoE" that does 4 times as much damage and punches through an unlimited number of targets while delivering easy headshots to proc the pax arcanes. Balance. I'm disappointed that this gun is still in such a sorry state. Meanwhile we get hotfixes for improved pet shivering animations. The same pets that just run on the spot or in circles or just freeze up completely and never do anything useful.
  6. Mudfam

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    My post didn't get merged in, so I'll repeat it here. Just like in the last iteration, my operator has huge white plastic granny pants / diapers with some pretty obscene dirt drawings on it, and my slick white boots are now misshapen and incredibly filthy. A lot of the colouring and materials also no longer match. It was quite easy to mix and match different suits before, but now even if you make everything the same colour it all clashes and looks weird and glitchy. The colours don't match with weird tints coming in, the brightness doesn't match, the materials and way it reflects light often looks completely different and for some reason this hideous thick dirt was added to some pieces. Here's my before/after from the latest changes: Honestly it looks like they designed new suits without any regard for how the old ones worked, then just went back and made rough changes in a failed attempt to make them fit together, completely destroying the well designed cosmetics we paid plat for. The entire thing is very ill-conceived. Our elegant Tenno suits simply don't match the new ones in style anyway, and even with the changes things still clip like crazy and look broken and ridiculous. Actually making these completely different styles of suits fit together is pretty much impossible, so don't even try please. As it is you've just totally ruined a lot of nice cosmetics for no reason at all.
  7. Mudfam

    Tombfinger is very, very broken

    I noticed this weapon being extremely inconsitent, sometimes doing great damage, but often barely doing any damage at all. I did some in depth testing in the simulacrum and it turns out it's pretty broken. It seems the weapon fires a projectile which does puncture and impact damage, and explodes on impact dealing radiation damage in a small AoE. Unfortunately the radiation splash damage is extremely inconsistent, it only deals damage some of the time, and not very often. I tested shooting enemies directly, the environment and nearby enemies. When shooting the environment you can see that it depends on where you shoot, but I couldn't find a pattern, sometimes in front of them works, sometimes to the side, sometimes behind... Even when shooting an enemy directly they will very frequently not receive any radiation / splash damage. To test this further I also tried shooting Nova's Antimatter Drop, this is only affected by the splash damage about 20% of the time.
  8. Mudfam

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Ok, 2 things I can't say I'm at all happy with: 1) My operator suit has been changed completely. I paid plat for this cosmetic. It's super ugly now and I have a huge collar that clips horribly with the rest. I've also got plastic granny pants on and I'm covered in black dirt. WTF? It looked great before and now it's just hideous. 2) The new melee sounds are horrible. There's now hugely loud and exaggerated sounds that belong to a transformers trailer every time I swing my weapon...
  9. Mudfam


    Hear, hear!
  10. Mudfam


    Got it. The reward is 3k mastery.
  11. Mudfam


    Erm, rewards..? Why are we supposed to do this exactly?
  12. I built the parts and went to the plains, interacted with the thing etc. for the second time but after that no more grey circles appeared. There is now no way for me to get the blueprint or progress the "quest". As someone suggested, I think this may be because i switched out of snotty little brat mode before Nakkak quit her seemingly endless ramblings.
  13. Mudfam

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    10 pages of everyone without exception telling you this is a terrible idea and you just go ahead and do it. Just why? Not to mention enemy spawns are completely broken right now anyway and you can't even get to zone 20 under normal conditions. Hopefully this actually got fixed, though the last claim of a fix was false. And the host migration mega fail? That's just an accepted thing now is it? This makes absolutely no sense at all. Who are you and what did you do with DE?
  14. FFS DE, learn what "difficulty" and "challenge" means already! All you ever do is add artificial difficulty, which is a BAD thing, FYI. You did the same thing with the Tridolons, you ruined a perfectly decent boss fight (Teralyst) by introducing some 100% artificial difficulty (and awful screen clutter) , enforcing an even stricter meta and ruining any action / skill gameplay elements. Edit, to be clear: glad you're fixing enemy scaling, but don't lower the levels, this is elite mode, remember? Most importantly though, don't make efficiency even more of an artificial barrier! Just why? So we can repeat zone 1-8 again and again instead of having some fun for once? We don't even get scaling rewards. If the issue is focus gains, it's capped super fast anyway. Just what..?!
  15. Mudfam

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Any fixes for the constant random host migrations? This is the worst problem by far, it's pretty much unplayable until this is resolved. I'm on voice with the squad, so I know the migrations are random and not caused by the host crashing / freezing / leaving and I got host migrations even when the host was on LAN with me.