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  1. I've noticed a lot of materials on my frames suddenly looking like cheap plastic, basically darker and a lot shinier. I like the satinated finish or rubberised look, really hate the cheap shiny plastic toy look, so not happy with whatever changed. The game used to look a lot more like this with "colour correction" (read: horrible unbalanced lighting mode) on, now it seems to look bad even with it turned off.
  2. Sadly i can't do the before / after as I don't have old screenshots (she looked really nice!), but here's the biggest (absolutely massive) unwanted changes I've gotten: Edit: the feet have changed colour too. There's various other small changes that I think are for the worse, the materials and colours are also all mismatched, and my operator overall body shape looks weird now.
  3. Mudfam

    Pupacyst: Misleading information

    Yeah, totally, it doesn't at all look almost exactly like the amphis (a staff) and nothing whatsoever like the orthos (a polearm, with blades). While you're at it, you should head over to the bugs section and tell people that crashes aren't really bugs but great features. It never ceases to amaze me just how much random nonsense you can come up with to defend every bad decision, mistake or even bug DE produces. It really is comedy gold.
  4. Mudfam

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    Effects definitely seem way overdone, even with a subtle energy colour, but personally I really hate the cartooney trail of smoke rings it leaves behind. This really just looks plain stupid.
  5. I'm shocked at how bad the changes are. I was really happy at how my operator looked before, now it not only looks completely different but incredibly ugly and mismatched. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot to show the difference, these are the changes brought to my outfit with the patch: I now have a huge stupid collar that clips like crazy with my head gear I have what looks like some sort of infested crap all over my chest, previously a plain black coat My tight black trousers are now huge angular white granny pants My white boots are now covered in black dirt, it looks like I just crawled out of a fire The materials and colours are all mismatched In short my operator who previously looked really damn nice now looks like they got dressed in the dark, and accidentally got stuff from a dumpster instead instead of their closet.
  6. Mudfam

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Ok, 2 things I can't say I'm at all happy with: 1) My operator suit has been changed completely. I paid plat for this cosmetic. It's super ugly now and I have a huge collar that clips horribly with the rest. I've also got plastic granny pants on and I'm covered in black dirt. WTF? It looked great before and now it's just hideous. 2) The new melee sounds are horrible. There's now hugely loud and exaggerated sounds that belong to a transformers trailer every time I swing my weapon...
  7. You know when the mission ends, the screen comes up and then it just goes black and the mission never actually ends? And then you have to alt+F4, and you lose your rewards, and you have to do that sortie all over again, etc. This extremely common bug is a 100% reproducible silly UI bug. If a player (probably only the host) is viewing the mission progress (Tab) when the mission ends, the mission and the game will break for the entire squad as described above. As this is very commonly done by bored people waiting at extraction the bug is frequently encountered. This game breaking bug has been around for quite some time now, still wasting everyone's time, please fix it.
  8. Alright, I'm done talking to you. You're obviously completely incapable of understanding anything you read and have no interest in actual discussion. I don't know how many posts this is now, and not once have you responded to a point I made, you're literally arguing with your own imagination, not me. Have fun.
  9. Lol, you literally just did it again. You ignored my point about player statistics and went off on some weird whiny tangent instead. Perhaps if you had an actual point to make you wouldn't have so much trouble at least staying on topic. This kind of behaviour is hilariously ironic. People who "defend" the game by just attacking anyone who makes valid constructive criticism, hindering discussion that is beneficial to the game and creating a toxic, confrontational environment. I'm trying to discuss the game here, stop trying to make it about me already. It's tiresome. Stop taking what I say out of context and ignoring the rest so you can nitpick based on false premise. How are you not capable of even slightly meaningful discussion? This is so silly. Stop trying to make this about something it's not. I don't even care about kuva, I have tonnes of it, I don't use it, I haven't really played Warframe in months. I posted here because I strongly objected to your response to the OP. The game needs more challenging content to keep me (and everyone I've played with and talked to) interested, and there needs to be a point to it too. Claiming that doing level 25 missions ad infinitum without even a reason is good enough is utterly idiotic and I can't leave it uncontested. The content is so incredibly trivial that it makes virtually all the game mechanics and gameplay features completely redundant, it's that bad. I guess you'll just keep claiming there is no problem here, and attacking everyone who says there is. Personally I can't understand this behaviour at all, I don't see why you wouldn't invest your energy into helping determine what would make players more invested in the game. If you have a legitimate issue with something, a reason to address it, that's actually great. Maybe we can understand it and find a solution. DE does actually listen to its community, and proper discussion is how the community can develop useful suggestions. But I haven't heard any of that, just this completely random passive aggressive crap.
  10. In 4+ years of being a social player, active in the community, in a large active clan, part of large discord communities, on youtube etc. I've seen rewards discussed literally hundreds of times by hundreds of people, and you're literally the first I've ever encountered who claims not to care (and yeah, I don't even believe you, it's an absurd claim). Regardless, you conveniently "missed" the part where I said "see player statistics". When there's nothing new to farm, people stop playing - fact. I myself have done 8 hour endless runs, but finding players that want to go for more than 20, max 40 minutes is near impossible these days, and enemies don't start to pose any challenge until at least 1 hour in. It can be a lot of fun, but it's also an effort, and It's completely pointless, why would anyone do it? Back in the days when there was some point to it it was standard, anyone who wasn't a newbie did long survival runs. There was value in perfoming well, in playing as a team, in having good buids etc. What with the bizarre nonsensical smoking analogy? I don't get it. You're just randomly comparing I don't know what to smoking because of the bad connotations? Weak. Not really, the two things are tightly linked. Warframe in its current state strongly encourages the path of least resistance, the laziest way to get something. The flat (lack of) difficulty and reward system means there is no risk vs reward and no incentive for challenging content or self improvement. Improving in this game just makes the content even more trivial, it doesn't lead anywhere, it works against your experience rather than for it.
  11. Ooooh, burn! Of course you are. You think you're being clever, do you? Being deliberately stubborn and missing the point isn't helping your case. It just makes you seem fantastically dense and childish. Let alone your sad attempts at personal attacks. Maybe for you just nuking super weak enemies is such fun that it really is all you need. This is not the case for the vast majority of Warframe's players. Most people do missions for the rewards, for affinity, for credits etc. Working towards whatever their current goal is. We want an incentive, even if it just an excuse. The moment there's nothing new to farm, the Warframe player base is immediately decimated. See player statistics, this is not a matter of opinion. An incentive to do something more challenging, to see what you can do, to play cooperatively, to play with friends, to devise strategies and builds, is completely missing from today's Warframe. The last time we had this was with tower keys and, even though they've been gone for years, people are still today complaining about having lost that dynamic, constantly. Worthwhile scaling rewards would certainly help, but the game's base difficulty is so completely out of whack with current player power levels that it's not enough. Enemy scaling has always been a mess, but with where the first inkling of challenge appears on that exponential curve now, it's beyond broken. DE are chipping away at these problems, but I really think they need to take a hard look at how things designed 5 years ago haven't aged well with how much the game has changed.
  12. Been down this road before, made a thread about some issues with Mag (because I like her) and the same mag fanboys all immediately ganged up on me. When they weren't able to change my opinion or make any meaningful reply to my arguments they just started outright insulting me. Also, according to them my well reasoned arguments based purely on fact (unlike some of the utterly ludicrous fanciful claims made by some of them) was "just trolling"... Fair play for keeping it up. I've lost all patience for this infantile defensive behaviour.
  13. Oh please, this is such an incredibly petty, fail little attempt at belittling me and by extension what I said. Just what are you trying to do exactly? You really think you can imply that the context for purpose here was my life and not why you complete a mission in Warframe? This is so incredibly pathetic, I can't believe it. Let me rephrase that for you: Every game needs goals. In Warframe that is farming something. I'd recommend not saying anything if you don't have a point to make over this random defensive silliness, it makes one very much the fool.
  14. Warframe does have good gameplay, no way I'd still occasionally play it after 4+ years, though there's a good dose of sunk cost fallacy in there. This in no way precludes the need for some sense of purpose when you play. It's beyond absurd to claim that a game like this doesn't need goals. Are you actually trying to make that statement? Regardless of the quality of core gameplay, it does not change the fundamental nature of the game. It is extremely repetitive and lacks any structure, it's just farm, farm, farm the same simplistic missions (mostly indistinguishable in format) on the same randomised tilesets to try to squeeze a drop of reward from the RNG. Worse, you are not challenged or rewarded for effort. After years of enormous power creep we still have the same old utterly trivial content, as DE just keeps adding new powerful stuff to farm and no new content to match (but raids and the void got removed). The game encourages only the most lazy and time efficient meta, as nothing else is a factor. Dunno if you're just really new to the game, but this is like everyone's issue, just look at evey second forum topic or youtube video. It's not exactly up for debate. Sadly it seems most old timers have given up hope and don't make themselves heard beyond *@##$ing to each other about it. DE does seem to be aware of the issue and attempting to introduce more challenging and diverse content. Back to the OP, I honestly don't know why DE are so scared to introduce some form of scaling rewards. They seem to not like people testing the limits of various strategies. Really sad if that's the case, as it is actually a challenge and can be a lot of fun. I don't see how the super strict Eidolon hunting meta (arising from artificial difficulty) is any better than a myriad possible strategies for endless. And yeah, the kuva rewards are extremely stingy considering how you can get endlessly trolled by RNG. The huge frustration this has given me made me stop playing almost entirely. IMO rivens should be less RNG with more rolling mechanics and resource types. Not easier/quicker, just less random so it doesn't take one person one roll while another farms for a year solid night and day to get absolutely nothing.
  15. WAT..?!? Warframe, AKA warfarm, farmframe, space farming simulator... This game has nothing but farming. All you do in this game is grind he same 3 missions again and again and again and... to farm for something. There is nothing else, the entire game revolves around this one mechanic. There's no plot progression, no exploration, no conclusion, it's just an endless farm with a vast array of specialised farming tools. What game have you been playing?