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  1. Mudfam

    Tombfinger is very, very broken

    Yup. Making the gun utterly worthless. Meanwhile the catchmoon fires a projectile as large as the tombfinger's "AoE" that does 4 times as much damage and punches through an unlimited number of targets while delivering easy headshots to proc the pax arcanes. Balance. I'm disappointed that this gun is still in such a sorry state. Meanwhile we get hotfixes for improved pet shivering animations. The same pets that just run on the spot or in circles or just freeze up completely and never do anything useful.
  2. Mudfam

    Riven system

    So much this. This creating a specific niche meta for snipers and then nerfing them across the board when they remain largely inadequate as general purpose weapons shows how wrong adopting the usage stat system blindly is. I feared this sort of thing would happen, and of course it did. Please just actually think things through a little DE. I feel like the huge hit to the plasmor is also partly due to how everyone is using it in arbitrations just because it's so good at solving the problem of the glitchy mess that are the floaty little drones that make enemies immune to damage and all our abilities. That and also the Panthera or Viper of all weapons getting a disposition nerf. This shows that the usage stats aren't even being used properly, the disposition was adjusted as if rivens didn't exist and weren't the only thing that didn't make these weapons used more than never. Disposition should only be reduced if a weapon's usage is too high, not because it's hardly ever used but has the disposition that was given to weapons that were never used. It's so obvious, it's such a shocking and worrying failure from DE's part to see this. Just go away lol. As usual you have nothing of any substance whatsoever to contribute to the discussion.
  3. Mudfam

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    My post didn't get merged in, so I'll repeat it here. Just like in the last iteration, my operator has huge white plastic granny pants / diapers with some pretty obscene dirt drawings on it, and my slick white boots are now misshapen and incredibly filthy. A lot of the colouring and materials also no longer match. It was quite easy to mix and match different suits before, but now even if you make everything the same colour it all clashes and looks weird and glitchy. The colours don't match with weird tints coming in, the brightness doesn't match, the materials and way it reflects light often looks completely different and for some reason this hideous thick dirt was added to some pieces. Here's my before/after from the latest changes: Honestly it looks like they designed new suits without any regard for how the old ones worked, then just went back and made rough changes in a failed attempt to make them fit together, completely destroying the well designed cosmetics we paid plat for. The entire thing is very ill-conceived. Our elegant Tenno suits simply don't match the new ones in style anyway, and even with the changes things still clip like crazy and look broken and ridiculous. Actually making these completely different styles of suits fit together is pretty much impossible, so don't even try please. As it is you've just totally ruined a lot of nice cosmetics for no reason at all.
  4. Mudfam

    Tombfinger is very, very broken

    I noticed this weapon being extremely inconsitent, sometimes doing great damage, but often barely doing any damage at all. I did some in depth testing in the simulacrum and it turns out it's pretty broken. It seems the weapon fires a projectile which does puncture and impact damage, and explodes on impact dealing radiation damage in a small AoE. Unfortunately the radiation splash damage is extremely inconsistent, it only deals damage some of the time, and not very often. I tested shooting enemies directly, the environment and nearby enemies. When shooting the environment you can see that it depends on where you shoot, but I couldn't find a pattern, sometimes in front of them works, sometimes to the side, sometimes behind... Even when shooting an enemy directly they will very frequently not receive any radiation / splash damage. To test this further I also tried shooting Nova's Antimatter Drop, this is only affected by the splash damage about 20% of the time.
  5. Mudfam

    Mouse Sensitivity Bug

    This has been driving me crazy, my mouse speed keeps going super fast making it very difficult to aim and generally control things. Sometimes the mouse speed bug affects menus / UI too, and the position of the cursor doesn't match what is being highlighted. Seems like something that should be fixed with great urgency.
  6. My update 24 experience so far: log in, try to make my operator look decent again, fail, quit. The operator suit changes are back, and my operator, who lives in a shiny sleek space craft, commanding shiny sleek warframes, once again looks like a diaper wearing (with finger painted female genitals) tramp who's just crawled out of a burning dumpster. We now have 3 sets of operator suits: Tenno, Cetus and Fortuna. These have very different aesthetics, and represent very different style choices for the players. Trying to make the previously clean and elegant Tenno operator suits match the style of a rotten fish carcass armour is one of the worst ideas of the decade. Leave us our distinct cosmetic choices, do not fundamentally change cosmetics we paid for. It took me a long time to finally put together an outfit I was happy with, and now you replaced it with something which frankly looks obscene and plain broken. Colouring and materials are also again inconsistent and just bad. Here's the before / after:
  7. You make it sound as if there's some kind of grand design and purpose to the mods. It's really just a completely random assortment of junk picked out of a hat an accumulated over years. 99% of mods are useless, the rest are basically mandatory and build diversity is near inexistent. I see a lot of nitpicking at the OP's post, and while there may be flaws in their argument, they have a point, and that's what you should be focusing on instead of pecking away at irrelevant details. Very obviously health is of little or no use to squishy frames, which there quite a few of! No, I would not count Mesa among those, but that's not the point. They lose all or most their health in an instant, the game is often too chaotic in practice to avoid damage no matter how "skilled" you are, and effective healing is too cumbersome or involves important trade-offs you should not have to make for something so basic and necessary. The solution as of now is to forget health exists and slap on QT, which is much more sustainable, but that comes with some nasty bugs that are probably going to sit in that ever growing pile forever. I think shields should indeed be revisited, the OP makes some really good points about how the game has changed and the impact on shields. They are no longer relevant, they should be another viable alternative for frames that cannot rely on health, and so promote some of that build diversity.
  8. This is how every veteran I've talked to over the past couple of years seems to feel about the game. We just keep getting this half baked side content that you do once and forget. Nothing to do but grind out a little more mastery. I kept saying that we wouldn't have a content draught if the content we have was actually worth playing. Everything's an abandoned dead end (or just gets ripped out of the game). Meanwhile the core game is still the same handful of repetitive simplistic mission modes, where we pretty much just sit around waiting for enemies to suicide on our OP weapons, to get the same rewards everywhere. This has gotten worse and worse with the huge power creep and terrible scaling that never got reviewed. The last decent addition to the game I can think of was spy 2.0. It actually added some content to the core game, and is still the most structured and interesting mission type we have. Assault sounded like it could be good, but nope, it's jut a reskinned mobile defence, tedious and boring. More mission structure, more varied and optional objectives, things that take advantage of our mobility and varied abilities and aren't just standing around waiting for stuff. A reason to play as a team with different roles, an actual use for things like archwing in common missions, operators that do something other than shoot a kuva cloud. An actual challenge perhaps, that doesn't allow playing half asleep, and isn't reliant on silly and problem prone things like enemy invincibility. It feels like the game is rather being dumbed down and no effort is made to bring cohesion to all these great gameplay components and content. I think it wouldn't take much to take what's already in the game and just rearrange and tweak it a bit to make a vastly more compelling experience. Edit: I didn't even mention the plains, there's so many glaring problems with it that it's not even possible to discuss it. Basically though it's just another mobile defence node, the worst of the lot.
  9. Mudfam

    kuva farming and rerolling

    This is not a solution for me, for two reasons: 1) Unless it's a popular weapon that everyone is rolling rivens for, it's incredibly difficult to find someone selling a good riven for it. Let alone a fairly specific riven. 2) The journey is the best part. I have way more plat than I'll ever need, but I don't want to just instantly acquire a collection of rivens, I want to experience the game's content with a goal. I want to receive rewards from playing that give me some satisfaction, not just have a bitter taste in my mouth from making some dubious deal with a greedy player. What then? Buy another riven and quit the game? At what point do we play? Yes. We absolutely should. I've been arguing for less stupid RNG for a long time. Balancing RNG is typically a thing in games. Something like an Eidolon Gem should have an effective occurrence / quantity of roughly 1% in the map, not 0% or 10% depending on RNG. We should not find 3 wisps in 10 complete sweeps of the plains when someone else gets 15 in just one. It's just stupid, unfair, divisive and cause for a lot of unpleasant player experiences. People talk about the most basic unchecked form of computer RNG as if it's an inherently good thing, but it's the opposite. It's just stupid, just a chaotic unfair thing that is completely outside of a player's control and has no real world equivalent. It is a thing that games should and do avoid with smarter methods and moderation.
  10. Mudfam

    kuva farming and rerolling

    You sound like someone who doesn't understand the game. Unless the disposition is through the roof, it's rare that one good stat justifies the investment in a riven. Unless you're just going for the most broken meta weapon-riven combos you can easily invest 100s of rolls into a riven and still have nothing worth using. I've been there with over 500 rolls for just one weapon, just to epic fail and have wasted enormous amounts of my time. Riven's supposed purpose is to make weaker weapons more viable, the most interesting thing left to do for someone who's played as long as me. Some weapons are less popular because they are weak, have fewer useful stats or some flaw that needs correcting. Rivens fail perfectly on all counts, because you need an especially good roll for a weak weapon and a much more specific set of stats to buff (making the roll almost impossible), compared to a meta weapon that is good anyway and can benefit from almost any stat. This riven system is what turned me from a very active player to barely touching the game anymore. As I've said before, I believe the solution is to kill two birds with one stone. The riven system is atrociously bad, and there's a lack of good rewards in the game. Add a number of rare consumable items that provide some control over your next riven roll. Lock one stat, exclude certain modifiers, remove a stat, add or swap a negative, reroll numerical only etc. There are lots of interesting things that could be done that wouldn't make rolling rivens any easier, just a lot more interesting and less of an idiot slot machine that can make you an instant winner or troll you for literally ever. It could also add value to more content with potentially useful rewards, instead of exclusively farming kuva until we develop a hatred of the game.
  11. Mudfam

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    Sadly i can't do the before / after as I don't have old screenshots (she looked really nice!), but here's the biggest (absolutely massive) unwanted changes I've gotten: Edit: the feet have changed colour too. There's various other small changes that I think are for the worse, the materials and colours are also all mismatched, and my operator overall body shape looks weird now.
  12. Mudfam

    Pupacyst: Misleading information

    Yeah, totally, it doesn't at all look almost exactly like the amphis (a staff) and nothing whatsoever like the orthos (a polearm, with blades). While you're at it, you should head over to the bugs section and tell people that crashes aren't really bugs but great features. It never ceases to amaze me just how much random nonsense you can come up with to defend every bad decision, mistake or even bug DE produces. It really is comedy gold.
  13. Mudfam

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    Effects definitely seem way overdone, even with a subtle energy colour, but personally I really hate the cartooney trail of smoke rings it leaves behind. This really just looks plain stupid.
  14. Mudfam

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    I'm shocked at how bad the changes are. I was really happy at how my operator looked before, now it not only looks completely different but incredibly ugly and mismatched. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot to show the difference, these are the changes brought to my outfit with the patch: I now have a huge stupid collar that clips like crazy with my head gear I have what looks like some sort of infested crap all over my chest, previously a plain black coat My tight black trousers are now huge angular white granny pants My white boots are now covered in black dirt, it looks like I just crawled out of a fire The materials and colours are all mismatched In short my operator who previously looked really damn nice now looks like they got dressed in the dark, and accidentally got stuff from a dumpster instead instead of their closet.
  15. Mudfam

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Ok, 2 things I can't say I'm at all happy with: 1) My operator suit has been changed completely. I paid plat for this cosmetic. It's super ugly now and I have a huge collar that clips horribly with the rest. I've also got plastic granny pants on and I'm covered in black dirt. WTF? It looked great before and now it's just hideous. 2) The new melee sounds are horrible. There's now hugely loud and exaggerated sounds that belong to a transformers trailer every time I swing my weapon...