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  1. "getting help" costs an absurd amount of money, and it doesn't fix the issue, just how I would perceive the issue, the issue would still be there flying wildly out of my control plus its difficult to talk to people that will actually listen nowadays, once you've done a rant or two people just kind of ignore everything you say after that point, no matter what the rant was about, hence why i posted it here though you do point out what im trying to get at, it is just entertainment, why does it have this painful pull to it, i mean ive been playing it for almost 6 years now and have sunk a bi
  2. i used to love this game, i remember when i started there were 4 lives per day, and we had a stamina bar for wall riding, we had to use a glitch to cross gaps called "coptering", but as the years went on and i started to actually open my eyes to the game, its community and its creators, it started to wear me down, tried my best to ignore controversies (i actually managed to dodge almost all of them) and toxicity, but that too also wore me down some of the things that really hit me, were when a fresh update came out, the usual connectivity issues were normal and after awhile easy to ignore
  3. you guys messed with your network connection settings didnt you.... reset my internet, checked my connection settings, and even talked with my ISP, and warframe as of today is now the only game i have that has massive connections issues with my xbox, despite having great internet for upstate New York, cant play with anyone now, and my game takes about 1 minute from unlocking a door to the door opening...fun.... so i guess i cant play until its fixed
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