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  1. restie in pepperoni EU BROTHERS!. for we all shall be sleeping ready for tomorrow 😄
  2. time to focus guys... this is getting seriously juicy
  3. DiBBz

    [PC] Full steam ahead for Plains of Eidolon!

    nice :) the excitment is real. in the meantime. im going to go around booping everyone in hopes they get the sleep they need for more refueling of devpower
  4. are yous primarily EU or US based in terms of playerbase in the clan ?
  5. greetings. im just wanting to check and see what the activity is like on EU time zone on weekdays and how active is it on weekends ?
  6. DiBBz

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    the melee question has all ready been discussed about when they where in the processing of going melee 2.0 it would only add to more complexion of keys that need to be in use. i mean if they where to add a heavy charge attack key seperatly from holding E where would you place it let alone on controller ? there is no comfortable location to naturally position your hands near. cause you're either those few that actually remap all your keys like me or you are those that simply learn the controls as is. for me everything is the same except T = Waypoint v = Switch camera positions z = bind to gear slot alt = bind to gear slot this allows me to be within a keys reach of what ever it is i need to press for the intended purpose. z obviously being the hardest but thats genuinely reserved for codex scanner / synthesis scanner witch is very rarely used. and console mapping must be a right pain enough as is. personally i feel adding more keybinds that are all ready perfectly fine where they are just over complicates the gameplay. and thats coming from someone that feels the game is very easy to pickup and play easily enough as is. that doesn't mean tho im not entirely happy with the way the melee system works right now. i feel it could be a bit more improved but i understand the constraints that comes with this sort of issue especially with an all ready packed keybinding area around WASD
  7. DiBBz

    New Contest: Tenno Tunes Vol 2!

    the master of melodic and darkstep needs a spot on this competition!!! fantastic work as also m8!
  8. happened as of today. on the bright side - least i got one in well over a year of not ever getting a single one :D
  9. yeah. just checked it. tho its weird that they have changed the layout now of how the text is shown. also its only a partial diagnostic report apparently considering it never shows the full thing! it stops at VoidLink Severed Reason: foreign carrier detected. Origin: unknown. Suspection: tracking signal. Reinitiating dipolar connection on novel carrier. Bio in standby for check and sync. wondering if they have increased the chances of this happening by ALOT.! still completely surprised that ive not encountered this in a long time but oh well!
  10. only problem with that is ive done all quests. so why would it give me a message relating to an old easter egg to hype up for the second dream launch ? ive never had a loading screen message since doing the second dream. so why now ? http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:832556 :EDIT: also forums has become quite a troll fest as of recently. dunno really why but its quite pathetic to go on a so called "Roasting session" with you, when its something that you've generally never even heard about. compared to the amount of crap that GD gets with the none stop repeating discussions that no one seems to bat an eye at. the only thing tho is that the message i got stopped where it is shown. it does not match any known or currently available screenshot / video that ive seen anyways! but im still looking to see if its a match of any kind with other screenshots etc
  11. they didn't :S well this is getting really odd. cause surely at some earlier point in time while still playing the game i would have encountered this... right ? cause before they were quite uncommon but never rare. even after them adjusting the frequency of the messages appearing, you could still get 1 maybe ever 5-13 loading screens. but after all these many many months and doing what seems like 100x that amount. surely i would have encountered this. ive then starting thinking maybe its quest related but i honestly dont know!
  12. DiBBz

    The Silver Grove

    holy mother of jebus!
  13. DiBBz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #79!

    Primes!.... primes. primes. primes! specifically older primes. with all the new and interesting designs for primed versions of warframes. and how they are getting more and more detailed! will previous primes such as (Example) Excalibur prime and frost prime get a more updated look ? possibly later on in the future when all the major updates are done ?