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  1. the 940+ is a very decent and accuracte statement for when warlords purge inactive members. and on the off change as in quite rare chance they purge about 150+ people. either way RD fills up super quickly anyways.
  2. :NOTE: If for whatever reason the embedded video doesn't take you to the correct time stamp and bugs out its 1:25.. as soon as i got in game i knew something wasn't right. everything seemed a tad bit blurrier than before the patch. not as bad as others are making it out to be tho in this thread and certainly not as intensive. but everything looked smudged.. like i was looking through a pair of glasses with fingerprints all over it.. that kinda blur. people saying its a possible AA problem and that some have found turning motion blur on fixes this issue.
  3. shadows poorly displaying from a distance / height Up close shadows shrink to 1 or 2 and are miss proportioned compared to the body of the tree
  4. Blurred Screen [Fixed]

    there seems to be alot of problems with the new lighting system. i have a video currently uploading atm showcasing this tho for me upon getting in game it was all ready slightly blurring for some odd reason. it defo was not the same as before the update as the warframe was crisp in detail and the environment.. now it seems like there is a smudge on your screen thats slightly blurring everything in view
  5. WHITE EYES - Stalker - Dubstep [Music]

    looks like you need to go to the doctors then if you bled from silence.
  6. WHITE EYES - Stalker - Dubstep [Music]

    yeahh that sounds like a you problem. also if youve heard "Harsher" stuff than this. whats all the fuss ??? this is extremely common in dubstep and minatory music
  7. WHITE EYES - Stalker - Dubstep [Music]

    dafuq you on about this is fan zone m8. anything thats fan created gets shared here.
  8. Disclaimer: i did not make this nor own it in any right. just sharing cause its good to see more artists coming out and making music for warframe :P Creator = White Eyes Twitter = https://twitter.com/WhiteEyes_ Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/whiteeyesdubstep/ PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone will like this.. Please adjust headphone/speaker volume level if need be. :)
  9. Gara part drop rates

    ive been playing this game for nearing 5 years now. ive seen the whole ordeal with the games lifespan on grinding for parts etc and how its matured... ive endured the stress and dedication of getting 1 particular warframe. to be exact it was 3ish years ago and it took me a total of 447 runs over the span of a month and 2 weeks to farm ember... YES you heard me correctly ember. and this was when ruk was easy as hell to speed run. i was fine with that at the time as it was still fun to play. but by the time i was 3 weeks in after reseting my account i had gotten majority of my warframes and had just the last few building. along with 2 others i still had to get. this is what caused me to go into the greatest absence from the game ive ever had through out the games journey. a total of 5 months i left the game before coming back. im fine with every means of DE making money. but to this extend its simply not a good business practice. the update has been out for what more or less a week and a half at this point. ive done T1-2-3 bounties about 25 times each give or take and still have nothing. the reward structure and how they reward you for your time is a joke for a system which plays homage to back in the day which the game was renowned for incredibly random RNG. first it was nitain to extend out grind then it was relics to further extend out grind. now its bounties to even further and FURTHER extend out grind.. and they do this by adding a 3x3km world to explore which increases travel time and majority of the mission structure being hold this position and defend this etc etc. im sorry you can play the sucking game all you want but this business practice more or less destroys a playerbase. as they feel they might not being reward for a particular thing they are trying to aim for. warframes peak and average playerbase on steam is all ready dropping daily at a steady pace. especially considering it thrusts you into the plains pretty early in game. so where does that leave me then. furax wraith. which ive still yet to see the right gauntlet and get the blueprint. the more times you run it the more you realize its not worth it in its current state to even run it. so what it means i go back to doing teralyst captures and sorties/raids. everyone is all ready capping their standing with quils and ostrons so give or take by the time next week we will see a drastic fall out in current players. PoE and gara is just another masking of DE's plan to further make the game a living nightmare to farm stuff in. for a game thats been and is still being praised for "F2P done right" is now slowly turning into "Maybe not doing it right now" roughly 4% of people i know in the alliance and clan im apart of has actually farmed gara and maybe 10% have bought her within the first week of farming her. and while granted while people may agree to disagree with me or have their own opinions. the fact of the matter is majority of veterans will go back to do what they where doing before. playing other games and only coming back at 5 to do sorties & do their reset raid. and when the new people catch up to the point where they want to farm gara majority will follow suit as they might feel pressured into buying the frame.
  10. time to focus guys... this is getting seriously juicy
  11. [PC] Full steam ahead for Plains of Eidolon!

    nice :) the excitment is real. in the meantime. im going to go around booping everyone in hopes they get the sleep they need for more refueling of devpower
  12. ah kk. but it sounds odd. that you would only have that much on. especially for a moon clan. have yous considered downsizing the clan, to be more inline with active members ?
  13. greetings. im just wanting to check and see what the activity is like on EU time zone on weekdays and how active is it on weekends ?