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  1. @[DE]Danielle any word on if squad UI will be changed to consistently show everyone's equipment in the squads loadout ? having to press ESC and then individual hover over the other 3 squad members makes it painfully annoying
  2. im on the same boat about this issue. my only gripe with the new UI changes is that the squad UI is a step backwards. the whole point of pressing esc was to check squad compositions for the upcoming mission or assuring if people are using the correct relic and if its radiant or not etc. you have now made it 3x as harder to check core information about the squad and what they currently have equipped. please either expand the squad menu or have an option for them to always be expanded. @[DE]Pablo please be our saviour *kneels and prays*
  3. im sorry but with operator focused stuff. as well as eidelon hunting. PoE and future open world maps will become part of core progression. i mean there is no way in hell that runs PoE open world even on the lowest of low settings. the requirements need to be bumped up to be represent hardware that can run PoE. otherwise endgame stuff like eidelon hunting etc or even MR farming becomes obsolete. as someone that did have a potato but never experience that bad of performance issues with PoE that others did. i sympathise in realising the issues these false hardware requirements provide
  4. restie in pepperoni EU BROTHERS!. for we all shall be sleeping ready for tomorrow 😄
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    il just call dibs on this thread. ty!
  7. thats fog. thats completely different to this. these are just sporadic clouds spawning around the player. what steve showed is a more improved fog system. the fog im fine with the dust/gas clouds is what i have an issue with
  8. volumetric lighting. and from what i gathered i have no clue. point being tho. that even if it was mostly linked to that setting. it shouldn't be in such dense and large quantity let alone constantly spawning around the player. in certain locations on the tilesets sure i understand that. but its literately everywhere. it clogs up your view when trying to aim or cast abilities.
  9. im not even kidding it clogs up so much of the screen it makes it look ugly. doesn't matter what map it is. grineer shipyards. grineer settlement or corpus outpost etc etc there is to many dust,snow,gas clouds everywhere. and it isn't exactly like its in certain area's no its focused in a area around the player. meaning everywhere you travel no matter if its ziplines etc clouds are everywhere (YES: including the ziplines) can this be adjusted please ?
  10. the 940+ is a very decent and accuracte statement for when warlords purge inactive members. and on the off change as in quite rare chance they purge about 150+ people. either way RD fills up super quickly anyways.
  11. DiBBz

    Blurred Screen [Fixed]

    there seems to be alot of problems with the new lighting system. i have a video currently uploading atm showcasing this tho for me upon getting in game it was all ready slightly blurring for some odd reason. it defo was not the same as before the update as the warframe was crisp in detail and the environment.. now it seems like there is a smudge on your screen thats slightly blurring everything in view
  12. time to focus guys... this is getting seriously juicy
  13. DiBBz

    [PC] Full steam ahead for Plains of Eidolon!

    nice :) the excitment is real. in the meantime. im going to go around booping everyone in hopes they get the sleep they need for more refueling of devpower
  14. ah kk. but it sounds odd. that you would only have that much on. especially for a moon clan. have yous considered downsizing the clan, to be more inline with active members ?