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Greetings and welcome.

I've been actively apart of warframe since early novemeber 2012. and in all restrospect this game is quite honestly the only F2P game that i have never regretted buying a founders pack from. I was originally apart of a small hardcore and dedicated clan that i started called "Omnicide" which was a small community that broke away from spectre in planetside 2. Omnicide thrived well into open beta. but collapsed just shy of 8 months in. and it resulted in it being just me and a couple friends. eventually leading to just me and 1 other close friend. at this point the clan was used for helping new players get a start up, Providing them with the resources of the clans blueprints and what not as well as giving them the knowledge they needed and also wanted to know. and it was generally after a week had past that they would leave. 


I've poured years of my life and time + resources into that dojo by myself. but sadly things must come to an end. and i have moved on now!

R.I.P Omnicide 8/09/12 - 28/04/17


And if you like anime, check out my MAL. 🙂


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