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  1. I farmed them quite intensively on their day one release - so I do know how bad it WAS, and like I stated, this is just a salty post lol.
  2. I probably would if I had the plat for that.
  3. Yes, I understand the math. My two weapons right now are 26 and 27, so 27 x 1.1 = 29.7. Roughly 2% increase, and it makes me sad that I have to grind however long it takes for something that isn't going to actually be noticeable, if effective at all lol. This was just a salty post anyways, I highly doubt DE would add a delete button, no matter what kind of restrictions they could think up on it. Once a week, cost a ton of resources, anything tbh.
  4. I'd definitely take a delete button over a pointless grind lol, even if it makes me get nothing.
  5. Create an army of lich? By deleting its existence?
  6. Yeah I use to think there was quite a bit of variation - but its surprisingly lackluster.
  7. Yeah I played during the days of it first released, at first I kid myself that it was fun - but its such a terrible system, they should just give us a delete button, even if it cost a good chunk of resources, or anything honestly. Just give me the option to save myself.
  8. 2% is laughable, don't batman me for such a small number
  9. Give us a lich delete button. That is all. Make it cost resources, make it time gated, anything. Just please save me from grinding for 1+ hours for a weapon that does not improve anything. 27% elec + 26% heat = I get a 29%. I'm gonna die guys, save me.
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