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  1. I'm am well into 20 vault runs done and i've never seen them float around, ever. They're a stupidly rare spawn.
  2. I did a bunch of Vaults already to get the Spinal Core's, which are also abysmal to get, and never got Thaumica from there or anywhere else either. Not to mention how terribly unintuitive these resources are to acquire. Need a fish part? Well fishing for it is a terrible idea. Need ores? Well obviously mining is the last thing you should be doing. Need Scintillant? Goodluck even figuring out what it is without looking it up online.
  3. Took me three hours to get 60 Thaumica and that was with a resource booster. I'd say that's pretty bad.
  4. Convoluted and terribly explained, even if you know what to look for they are exceptionally rare and can be unlootable due to a bug. What a terrible resource this is to have to get, that seems to be the theme of Deimos: "Look at all these resources that are just terrible to get. Son tokens, Spinal Cores, Thaumica, Scintillants, Avichaea, and whatever is next."
  5. People are not intent on making sure Helminth only has terrible abilities. There is a reason though why we don't get Desecrate or Snowglobe though, and that reason is why many here don't want Warcry be donated. If you actually read the comments here you'll have run into the reason why in more detail several times. You're instead deliberately strawmanning the argument. Presenting it as if people who complain about Warcry are really just intent on seeing the Helminth system suck. How would you like it if i represented your argument as; You just want Valkyr to be redundant and everyone
  6. Yes. There are other good abilities, there are bad abilities. The choice to get Warcry on other frames shouldn't be bought at price of relegating another frame into obsolescence. That very concern of taking a frames iconic playstyle and making it wholesale available that the donating frame loses its identity is why we don't get Desecrate from Nekros for instance, or Snowglobe from Frost.
  7. Better they don't give away Warcry so Valkyr doesn't lose her identity. Then rework her so whichever skill got donated is actually good as well. Rather than make her redundant and then hope they rework her. Valkyr has been waiting on a rework for years and we got no evidence it's even being considered right now.
  8. Big difference. We only get two of the four arrows, the two best (aoe sleep and dashwire) are not included. So Ivara still uses her subsumed ability best, better than anyone else possibly could. Warcry on the otherhand, there are better frames for it than Valkyr. Valkyr is the now a worse version of Valkyr. Other frames can outValkyr, Valkyr. Nothing else in her kit makes Warcry better or more usefull for her specifically that she would remain at the top of Rip n Tear playstyle. It's entirely hinged on Eternal War Warcry Of course it makes Valkyr obsolete. Valkyr is Warcry
  9. I'd probably drop that piece of crap Paralysis first. Doesn't work half the time because it seems it can't even interupt animations. Bunch of self-damage for a chance to stagger an enemy, it's about the worst CC in the game. Not sure what to replace it with yet. Was thinking Elemental Ward but it seems the wikipage is grossly out of date and Elemental Ward doesn't scale with base armor anymore, it provides a flat 150 armor rather than +150% armor. Probably just get Roar for more rip and tear or an actually useful CC ability like Radial Blind.
  10. How does all that armor matter? Okay, so you sit at 5500 armor. That is 94.83% damage reduction. Meanwhile Mesa puts Intensify on her load out and caps at 95% damage reduction, atleast against projectiles which is most sources of damage. Eclipse + intensify = 95% damage reduction from all sources when in low light. And then there are barrier effects like Iron Skin or Warding Halo. Invisibility. Titania that can easily get 80% damage reduction before even factoring in her Evasion. Nidus with Parasitic Leech. Hildryn's meme build that makes her literally unkillable. Using the ne
  11. It took me a while, working with sims, going over wiki articles and theorycrafting to try and figure out how to best build Valkyr with the upcomming update. I think i found out a great build after some testing for her that will hopefully put some concerns people might have about Valkyr's future viability at ease. With this build you get one of the best damage buffs in the game, not just yourself but your whole party. Adding a much needed support element. You'll be able to rip and tear in melee at the highest level, wading through enemies like a hot knife through butter in a
  12. A 5 energy aoe stun which lasts long enough for 1 finisher, that also eats 33% of your current shield and more often than not fails to do anything because it's terribly unreliable, and has a pathetic 10m range. just get Inaros' Dessication. Basically the same thing without killing yourself, 50% more range, life steal, more reliable and it also opens enemies up to finishing moves.
  13. The big problem with making Warcry universal is that it is a playstyle in itself. Why play Valkyr? Because you want to rip and tear, be a whirlwind of melee death and Eternal War Warcry is what makes that happen. Nothing else in Valkyr's kit is even remotely needed. If you want that specific playstyle then all you really need is Eternal War Warcry and a frame that can reliably stay in melee without dying to easily. The list of frames that would meet that criteria is very long. So if you want to play that playstyle you'd pretty much always be better off just taking Warcry to another frame
  14. I understand why they did War Cry, although it flies in the face of when DE said they weren't doing signature abilities. What's the alternative? Her Ripline and Paralysis are terrible abilities that no one would want. Sadly this move does mean that if you play Valkyr for the War Cry playstyle of melee rip and tear, the only good thing she has going for herself, you're now better off just getting War Cry on any number of frames that'll do the whole playstyle better. There are plenty of other practically unkillable frames, frames more durable than Valkyr, that can pick up War Cry and r
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