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  1. I think it's a good idea.

    Sometimes, have to choose between a weapon or another can be better than just use all weapon to greed a little of Mastery rank.

    Stop crying, at worst you just lose 3000 points. You will survive, for sure.

    It's not even about MR for some players. I could obtain it through normal play, sure, but I'd be giving up something big that I can't get back in the process. In doing do, I risk not liking the 'real' War as much as I did the broken one, but have no way to revert it or obtain Broken War again.

    It's too big a risk, really, and the fact you can -buy- War in the pack doesn't make it much better. It feels like more of a moneygrab than anything the way it's presented to us right now. Even if it's not, it's something DE will have to likely address, as this is something that's causing quite a few people to lose their trust in the company.

  2. -snip-

    Fireblast is more effective than World on Fire when it comes to your usual horde of normal, non-heavy units. No target cap, no duration needed (we don't use it for the RING, the expanding blast that deals damage is what counts) and if you build into your strength a bit this will be more than enough to clear rooms. Later on, when paired with Accelerant, this is still a viable option and pretty much my go-to skill when playing Ember. WoF is reserved for heavy targets and only the initial blast gets used because of my low duration.

  3. We're not the good guys. Grineer is an iffy concept, as they're clones, but who's to say those clones don't have lives?

    The Corpus, though, how I pity those bastards. We Tenno show up at a station they're working at. They're not soldiers, they're hardworking folks who try to provide for a family, yet we slice through them as if they decided to attack us. 

    We don't know a thing about the Lotus. Her/Their plans, the real motives behind every mission, nothing. If I could go rogue, I would in a heartbeat, even loot and profit doesn't change the fact we're working for an unknown cause. It's why I love the syndicates, at least you know what you're fighting for. And by the things they say, it's appreciated a hell of a lot more.

  4. And I think anyone who supports the game at all has earned the free anniversary gifts

    They've earned the upcoming anniversary gift. Gift, as in singular. Complaining about not getting something because you either didn't play back then or simply weren't able to take out two minutes to log in for it is a bit immature, and on par with the complaints of people that to this date still want the Snipetron, for example.

    You had your chance, and if you didn't play back then you are by no means entitled to getting it, BP or not. Be glad with what you get, rather than whine about what you could've had.

  5. The Dex Furis, or simply put, the old anniversary gift, was free, sure. But that doesn't mean we didn't earn it.

    It was a reward for being there at the time, already sinking time and effort into both playing and by doing so testing the game for DE. We've earned it because of being around as a part of the game back then. What would you have done to earn both that, and the new reward?

  6. SO what is this Operation then? a sick way to punish players who just want to play events with friends or just testing how much will players take before calling a mission bullS#&$? Who though this Operation was a good idea?

    The first two phases are (quite easily) do-able with just about any frame. I myself ran it in a Nekros, for example.

    The third stage is not DE being serious about things, it's for the small part of the community that said they wanted the bugged challenge level that had insanely strong enemies. It's not content being gated off, the reward isn't anything you'll miss out on, anyone that attempts it a second time (after at least seeing what hell really is) makes the choice for themselves. It's possible, even if you need to balance a lot of things in your squad and require a lot of effort on CC, but with the right choices any frame can get though. Again, I completed it as a Nekros, not exactly the most sturdy frame.

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