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  1. The same issue but the other way around. Having Artemis bow in the hands, secondary is equipped after the hack.
  2. QUESTIONS: - Will there ever be any change to inertia and how sluggish warframes are? - Real gravity? It's really hard to fall into a hatch in the floor.
  3. Can't select mission node if text box of the collapsed chat is at the same place as the node.
  4. Well, I never liked this whole UI from the day it was introduced May 2014(?)
  5. Staying inside an enemy crew ship at the mission end still breaks all controls
  6. Fast travel inside Railjack doesn't work for me (Tactical 6). Animation plays, but I remain on the pilot seat
  7. They still die (presumably, by exploding along with the crew ship) and remain dead when I return to the Railjack, which gives me grief. Edit: But then magically resurrect when I board another crew ship Edit 2: Please, make it stop auto-rotating my Railjack relative to the virtual horizon, there is none and neither do I want or need it.
  8. Tunguska canon can hit for 200k damage and barely scratch the surface of a crew ship in the very first earth mission and then hit it again for 2k and destroy it
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