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  1. Does he really exist? Never-ever-single-once seen him in all this time.
  2. Fishing spear is switching to the first spear in the inventory and I have to choose the right one again after using melee. Also, if I do a melee attack while reeling a fish with electric spear, everything bugs out so I'm unable to do or use anything.
  3. Coffee is not the source of energy, it's the key to releasing energy from within. More coffee - more energy, until there is non left and one gets a heart attack. If you want to share energy, share chocolate.
  4. I experience massive FPS drop after this update. 30 FPS on a GTX 1060 Extreme and every setting is either low, or turned off completely. And the GPU is only loaded on 12% Edit: Ok, either driver update, or PC reload fixed the issue.
  5. As for the secondary mods.. Why are they so much stronger than primary mods, on top of that most secondaries themselves are stronger than primaries? 🤔
  6. Fix host migration please. I lost Braton vandal receiver because of host migration hang-out.
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