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  1. Steps: 1. Interact with an NPC 2. Call up game menu by mouse-clicking on your icon at the top left 3. Close NPC dialog by mouse-clicking the Exit button at the bottom right 4. Close menu by mouse-clicking the Exit button at the bottom right Camera stays at the NPC, while warframe is free to go away. To fix this you'll need to fast travel via menu.
  2. Void dash instead of bullet jump where bullet jump stucks miserably on the ledges. Pass through hazardous environment with void dash. Pop magnetic bobbles with amp. Pull in a horde of mobs with Zenurik's void singularity. Energy dash. Energy dash. Energy.... You get the point. Void dash-dash-dash-dash-dash, roll, slide, bullet jump, void dash-dash-dash-dash-dash
  3. It works as it did before. Just checked
  4. If you changed your in-game avatar, re-log on forums to apply
  5. The problem is, usualy no one heeds, or even looks at the chat.
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