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  1. Clan Name: veXus Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding Warlord Featured Image Our Dojo is simple, yet elegant. It’s a straight line, and Lua/Orokin themed. Orokin Lab (Solar Rail Security) displays a beautiful view of the Solar Rail, 2 small gardens, a security table with a vault door with a message to find an easter egg hidden within our dojo. There is also a dark path way connecting to the Observatory. Observatory (Antidote Memorial Ascension Altar) is Orokin themed, this room is to honor Antidote Galaxy. She passed away in 2017. This room shows a Throne made for her and down stairs is a custom made Clan Logo of the clan she is Queen of. Going outside shows an amazing view of space with a path way leading to either Trade, Treasury, or the Clan Atar to back inside to our Lua Themed Navigation connecting to the Temple of Honor. Temple of Honor (Loki Vault) is Orokin themed to symbolize Prime Vault. Each closed vault door can be used. One for trade and the other for the treasury. One vault door is open taking you up stairs containing Prime Noggles and the other is a broken vault door allowing access to the transporter and in addition, using the transporter to (Loki Vault Arcade) allows you to play my “Floor is Lava” mini game I created for your Operator. This room connects to the Clan Greater Hall, Observatory, our Faction Hallway and Event Hallway Faction Hallways are made to symbolize each Faction Event Hallway symbolizes all the Xbox events/Operations veXus participated in. Clan Greater Hall (Sub Lounge) is a Lua themed lounge. One side has arcade games like a hockey table, a Fluff machine etc. The other side is a restaurant with a small shop and in the middle you will see waterfalls falling onto a fountain and on top is a Hydroid Prime Noggle. This Hall connects to The Temple of Honor and Clan Great Hall. Clan Great Hall (Ashes of the Orokin) is Orokin/Syndicate themed. This hallway symbolizes each Syndicate and the destruction of the Orokin. You will find fire vents and the Pacifism Defect Gold trophy actively shooting the Ignis and up stairs is a small hall displaying each Syndicate noggle. This Hall connects to the Clan Greater Hall and Clan Hall. Clan Hall (Spawn) is Grineer/Orokin themed. This room is where you spawn in our Dojo. This room will show some of our proud records that we have done and also shows our clan roster and what alliance we are part of. This Hall connects to the Clan Hall and Clan Grand Hall. Clan Grand Hall (Hidden Beauty) is Lua/ Forest themed. This is a beautiful forest cave. It’s filled with plants and hidden nature rooms. In the middle there is an Orokin/Nature circle with a water tank in front of the transporter and behind is another way into the forest cave to explore the Hidden Beauty. Video of our Dojo
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