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  1. Love the updates and love the attention, but wanted to ask if any fix for I love redeemer and Mesa, just hoping these bug dies soon.
  2. Absolutely loving the Nezha changes! Feels suuuuper good to play him now. While I do like the changes so far to Revenant it still feels fairly sub par in comparison to most. His one ability is more useful now, but the pillars tend to only shoot one projectile at a time, the damage output is fairly forgettable it feels like, as far as a suggestion, perhaps have them infect with Enthrall as well, this would cure a lot of the problems in my eyes, allowing for enthrall to keep spreading even if killed by an ally, clearing up the current issue of nukers making enthralls pointless and still letting it spread from a single cast, even if a nuker is being over zealous. While Mirage skin has an interesting potential the small number of charges simply don't make it feel worthwhile on its own, the charges feel like they burn off quickly and even with the recast that refreshes it, in most scenarios when damage is being applied or I intentionally am trying to take damage to stun an enemy with it for synergy purposes it gets stripped off. While there is nothing wrong with the charge amount mechanic, having a base of only 6 (at rank 3) feels far too low in a game where the majority of enemies have rapid fire weapons, shotguns, or repeating aoes (fire areas from grineer cat summoners and napalms are the main reference here). So while I do love the concept, it could be improved by making each charge have a period where the effect carries, so that way one charge lasts a few seconds when it is popped and when that is done the next can be popped. Or give more charges. The secondary effect of the stun I will admit can be fairly hard to pick out in a crowd of enemies, it would be lovely to see some sort of debuff particle or visual effect on the stunned target, or, it auto enthralls if available. the changes to the Reave are a step in the right direction, making it feel more usable with its new aim-ability, the buffs to allies are decent and while I do love the concept as well, it can be a tad hard to land still due to the decent cast time and short base range of 6m. Aside from the base movement range and cast time, loving the direction its going. The Danse Macabre is a good concept and I love its synergy change, but still the cost feels like it needs to be brought back down or at least the damage readjusted to reflect its current state.
  3. No reason to be mean. Simply stating it, it is a public forum afterall. 🙂
  4. I don't feel like this is a fix for Revenant at all. The increase does increase the chances of it living souly from weapon fire perhaps, but with all the mass AOE potential in the game it still is far from a help, 7 is still quite easily nuked down since allies still do full damage to the minions. As far as the nerf to the 4 ability, I get that you don't want 'set and forget' abilities but sadly it was his only good ability, and easily arguably still is even post nerf, so trying to make it less appealing sadly won't help too much with the current states of the other abilities.
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