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  1. Requiem Relics do not count for the Open Relics challenge for nightwave
  2. Ember currently feels pretty good: Only complaint here is that it feels like you need to use fireblast more often than seems necessary to keep heat down, could other abilities lower immolate's heat? Vauban: Oh boy, here we go Tesla: Feels alright when I've used it, kind of wish they would follow Vauban Minelayer: Still a joke, Vector Plate doesn't feel nice to use, Flechette grenade seems more obnoxious than useful, Budget Vortex is budget vortex. Overdriver is the only good thing about this ability Photon Strike: Cast speed could be a bit faster, same with the charge speed. Teammates murderize anything im trying to space cannon before it has any chance of going off. Bastille: Feels good, cast speed feels a touch slow, but isn't as bad as photon strike. Overall notes about Vauban: It seems like I never have energy, and therefore can't even use his abilities. Energy costs might be a touch too high on Photon Strike and Bastille, for what they are.
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