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  1. It entirely depends on the weapon class it’s for and the type of challenge involved in unlocking it. Some people refuse to buy the aimglide challenge Rivens for example. On PC you can regularly see people on trade chat advertising them from anywhere between 20-100 Platinum, with outliers beyond that range.
  2. So perhaps I misunderstood, but you’re saying you started from scratch and completed all 60 ranks of Nightwave Season 2 in a single week?
  3. I noticed this last week, and went around testing it to see what was the possible cause. As it happens, for me at least, doing the Nightwave challenge: find 8 rare mods, every single time a Kuva jester dropped one of the gold rare “element” Exilus bullet jump mods, the game would do a hard-stutter for 1-2 secs then continue as normal after the animation completed. It’s since happened when other rare mods have dropped, and occasionally when showing a reward from an endless mission rotation. At this point I doubt there’s one specific cause, as it randomly shows up in the middle of other mission types with no real markers to highlight the culprit.
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