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  1. When Hydroid uses his 2nd, his teammates and himself are no more covered in puddle. Is this intended? I haven't used him much lately, but that caught my eye.
  2. Yo. Could you eventually look at the movement-set of Final Harbinger? It's current state is like a Juggernaut, walking on supporting beams, trashing like a rock. (in easy words: the leap distance, while great for closing gaps is getting hard to aim at stuff properly) Thanks.
  3. Wukongs 2nd and 3rd ability turns off toggled running, when deactivated.
  4. Wukongs 2nd and 3rd ability turns off toggled running, when deactivated.
  5. Plain and simple: Host MIgration in Plains after doing the first bounty and selecting a new mission in the camps -> No Rewards are gained.
  6. I wonder - is the system behind this, counting, based on the ingame profiling of weapon usage - which is only set "on power" if the weapon itself reaches the max level of 30, or is it also counting down in between? Because that's magically indifferent.
  7. The new melee-system is nothing but vague and heartlessly unfinished. I mean, you just replaced quick-melee with equip-melee and disabled the options, to use multiple buttons to channel and block. And if you use the built-in mentioned "old system" melee-swirl with the primary fire, you end up attacking with melee, before you are zooming in to take a shot. Another untested disappointment : /
  8. This is still a thing. Felt it especially at the halloween-alert (which is also unplayable at some point, when the jugg gets stuck, ect.): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/973516-bulletjump-while-running-bugged
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