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  1. 29.04 changed basically nothing. Conservation still rewards pitiful amounts of standing compared to the other open worlds and forces you to sacrifice your tags so you don't get floofs. Mining and fishing are still unrewarding leaving bounties as the only reasonable way to grind rep. I did 2 full vault runs post hotfix, no scintillant in any of the vaults and none dropped from the 12 necromechs. You keep comparing them to Cetus wisps but it takes a couple minutes to fly around the plains and pickup 4-8. You're forcing us to spend hours doing mobile defense and waiting fo
  2. That's a good first step but absolutely everything about son tokens is awful. Want standing? The best conversion rate is 1 creature :1 token so even the rarest creature on deimos is only worth 500 standing, or 750 if you wait around for the chance to convert to grandmother tokens. A common pobber is 400 and they come in packs of 3. Want floofs? You have to sacrifice the tiny amount of standing animals give you since you can either turn tags into floofs or son tokens.
  3. It's nowhere near Fortuna and Cetus. The absolute best deal you will get is 1 animal:1 son token. That means the rarest creature on deimos is only worth 500 standing, or 750 if you wait around until you can convert it to grandmother tokens. A common pobber/kuaka gives 400, and they show up in packs of 3. You don't even get floofs since you have to trade tags for tokens instead. Fishing and mining aren't that ridiculously bad but they still give significantly less standing then they did for Fortuna or Cetus since you need multiple fish/gems per 100 standing token.
  4. One of the hotfixes made them absolutely awful to fight since they now spam their shield constantly and it reflects all damage. The only way to get rid of it is to keep shooting them so you have to sit around slowly plinking away to avoid killing yourself.
  5. You need tokens from fishing/mining/conservation to rank up, all of which reward a tiny fraction of the standing they did for the other open worlds. 3 weapons require Seriglass shards which cost 20 grandmother tokens each. You need to either spend weeks checking grandmother for the 10 mother-1 grandmother trade or do those other activities.
  6. It's frankly insulting how little standing conservation/mining/fishing give, I don't see how anyone could have playtested this and thought it was ok. Setting the situation where it's nearly impossible to rank up because you don't have lures aside, you want us to do 12 tracking sessions for a single 500 standing token. Base Pobbers or Kuaka will give nearly 30x the standing with perfect captures, and don't require you do forfeit the tags you need to craft floofs. It's a lot harder to do a comparison on just how worthless fish/gems are since the offers are all over the place but
  7. It's completely broken for me too. I haven't got any drops since tennocon and relinking didn't help.
  8. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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