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  1. When they nerfed the drop rate of neural sensors they also nerfed the drop rate of hexanon from amalgams a ton. It used to be 50%, got nerfed to 7% with neural sensors, then increased to an amazing 7.7% Infested are terrible for farming rare resources since it's pretty much only their elite units that will ever drop one. You should get better results from farming Elara,
  2. MR tests are harder than pretty much any other piece of content in the game because they can do things like prevent you from using your operator and fail you instany if you are too slow/get seen/go down once. Having a high MR doesn't mean that someone has more "skill" since video tutorials that tell you how to cheese them exist but it's likely they do since even if they cheese the tests a high MR player has usually been playing longer and has more resources/experience because of that. It really doesn't matter much though since Warframe really isn't a hard game and pretty much everyone is competent by the mid teens for normal missions. The only place I assume high MR players will perform much better is archwing missions since unlike most people they should have archwing mods from spending the time to level all their archwing gear.
  3. Not knowing exactly when it ends was a major problem with the first season that made it difficult to budget your time and made it feel like you couldn't skip too many missions because awful ones could always pop up. Not even getting an estimated length means you have to do everything or try to rely on the new catchup mechanic which can lock the ability to catch up behind missions that are impossible for you to complete.
  4. How exactly does credits not expiring and the store staying open result in people having more mods to sell? The current system forces you to spend them or lose them which incentives turning them into aura mods to sell for ridiculous prices to new players who are locked out of getting them.
  5. It being available on all platforms simultaneously is the issue, PC players have to wait for the next seasons update to go through cert before the next season can start which takes weeks and means it can't be easily patched to fix problems. Console players also have to wait longer between seasons since they aren't on their normal delayed schedule which would have had season 1 start later and run longer. They didn't have this problem with season 1 because they could wait as long as they wanted to replace alerts.
  6. Do you have item labels turned on? For some reason DE decided to put them behind a toggle that defaults to off when basically everything in the game shares it's icon with something else.
  7. If you max them out it's impossible to fit them into most builds even if you forma every other slot. The only way you can is with an umbral forma and we are probably only going to be able to get 1 every 3+ months.
  8. I feel like the CC is way stronger, the tether can easily go to 100% status and procs way more often. I didn't start using it until after the patch but the tether strength seems about the same in all the pre-patch footage I could find. The difference probably is coming from the increased range so mobs get caught farther out and take longer to get pushed together. The ones that struggle against it stay 10m out instead of the 6m they used to get stuck at. Since it's killing things too fast and you only use it to draw stuff together have you tried adjusting your mods? If you really want to use it to group up low level mobs it can still do that.
  9. 1 copy isn't enough. If you upgrade them to take advantage of your umbral forma you give up your ability to fit them into any other frame. If they let us underclock mods it wouldn't be a problem, but that's probably never going to happen so this is the next best option.
  10. Rivens take up space in their database because every single one and is treated as a unique entitiy and has it's own values that have to be recorded. I have no idea why Articula take 100 capacity, they should take a little bit more space because the pose is recorded but not 20x the amount. Domestik drones only take 5 capacity which means they are probably being treated the same as any other static object and only their initial position is recorded.
  11. It's "AI" is probably just some sort of semi-randomized pathfinding routine. It doesn't cost them more than any other cosmetic to put it up for sale since all of it's "AI" is run on the host computer just like everything else in warframe. If you look at the work on the art and animation side it's just a static object that uses basic animations to move around. Requiring a bit of programming really doesn't make it any harder to make than other cosmetics.
  12. How is hiding all important information behind hover overs good for new players? How is removing the ability to see if you have mastered something or own something someone links in chat good? What does showing them every relic in existence during endless fissures do other than confuse them? How does having item labels turned off by default benefit them at all when every item in the game shares it's icon with a hundred others?
  13. That won't happen because boosters make them money but they will just nerf smeetas so they can't stack if people get lucky enough. They could have just made the specters immune to those abilities and buffed their drop rates a bit. They could have just limited these changes to the specters. They could have just accepted that some lucky people would rarely be able to get a bunch of mods and moved the threshold for a ban slightly higher. Instead they took the laziest route and made absolutely everything in warframe into more of a grind.
  14. Demolysts being able to pulse to get rid of abilities effecting them is fine but they shouldn't be able to instantly generate a full size nullifier field wiping and locking the abilities of anyone nearby. That just makes any frame that relies on a buffs or channeled abilities a horrible choice for the mode. The amalgams that drop keys need to spawm more reliably, as it is right now you can pretty much only running 2 consoles at once unless you stockpile keys.
  15. The problem isn't how difficult it is to obtain, it's that you are getting basically nothing for your round reward. A single amalgum can drop something like 8+.
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