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  1. They just bit off way more than they could chew when they committed to doing nightwave. They have to do way more work to create new content for it and we have to do way more work for a single reward.
  2. Can you point to anywhere they have said that? If you look at the proposed changes to mods everything that uses the combo counter is still using the same combo counter including blood rush.
  3. The problem is that using a heavy attack completely deletes your combo counter. You are going to be able to mod so you keep some of it but that costs a slot and is probably going to be a % value that is way too low. You are still going to be losing most of the benefits of the core melee mods that scale based on the combo counter.
  4. If the heavy attacks spend all of your combo counter I don't see why anyone would ever use them. Melee builds are pretty reliant on mods that scale based on your combo counter and it doesn't look like that is going to change.
  5. They really need to fix the shop saying that it's going to restock when nightwave is actually ending.
  6. Khora and Hydroid can't stack because both of their abilities require holding the enemy when it dies but Wukong just gives extra loot drops. An enemy doesn't ‘die’ multiple times if Wukong gets extra drops from something held by Khora/Hydroid, It just drops more loot like the ability says it should.
  7. The problem with this statement is that the rest of the game was clearly balanced around the other existing boosters. It's the only way you can do things without giving up on putting any limitations on people with a booster to have them keep playing. Kuva is the easy example but it's applied to tons of things over the years and the next one is probably going to the vitus drops from arbitration drones. It's probably not going to do much to mods because the drop rates are already terrible but its existence incentivizes you to keep those awful rates and use them for new powerful mods.
  8. Which doesn't really change anything, 30 scans is way too many especially when you have to farm keys, it was probably meant to be 3 like other bosses.
  9. It only stands out because it's new. Resource boosters are way worse, people are just used to them and like when their smeeta works on something.
  10. You are misunderstanding how DR works. If something has 99% DR and you reduce it by a mere 1% you are doing double the damage. If something has 90% DR and you reduce it to 85% that's 1.5x damage. Armor is so strong that even the slight reduction from 1 CP can give you more than any other aura. 2 CP is so much better that no other aura even comes close.
  11. That's because I and probably many others foolishly assumed that when they said the rate of rare rewards wouldn't be changed the rare rewards would stay basically the same instead of being replaced by the junk they are using to dilute the drop tables. I don't get how DE could ever think removing adaptation from rot c was a good idea unless their goal was to make it harder to obtain even at the cost of causing more host migrations.
  12. The problem with your calculations is excavation. They only reduced the timer by 40 seconds so a full cycle for an excavator went from 240 seconds to 200. And yet it's still by far the most rewarding mode with rotations around half the length of survival. This really isn't a buff to Endo farming if the slowest arbitration mode is only slightly better while the most rewarding mode was made significantly worse.
  13. Because you only need one copy of most of the rare rewards and the modes people played, disruption and excavation, aren't getting 2x the rewards they are just worse than they used to be.
  14. I'm ready for all of my speargun rivens to get nerfed because of harrow deluxe.
  15. I'm amazed, the drop tables are even more diluited than I imagined and getting 75% of the endo we used to for a rotation was a flat out lie. The raw endo got reduced from 2000 to 1500 a round AND the drop rate was reduced by 38% The statues were "only" reduced by 31% Can you just not put up a feedback thread next time if you plan is to do the exact opposite of whatever feedback you get?
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