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  1. What are you going to do to narrow the gap between status and crit weapons? The recent changes did the exact opposite since armor is no longer a problem and damaging status effects are harder to proc or weaker. Are you going to actually compensate shotguns that could previously reach 100% overall status? Most status procs are weaker than they used to be and they only get a small fraction of the procs they did before even with the tripled base status. Are weapons that previously lacked self damage going to be buffed to make up for the addition of damage falloff and staggering? Are small AoE weapons going to get additional buffs since they barely got anything out of 20% extra range and even a small amount of falloff harms them? What is happening with the archwing rework and what role do you intend for them to play in railjack missions? Are archguns and the railjack damage system going to be reworked so more than 3 archguns and 1 status are viable?
  2. The more I play with it the more I hate the new system. Weapons with self damage were all set up so your could easily avoid that damage but you just threw staggering on everything without any thought about how it would work. You would occasionally kill yourself because someone ran in front of you but now every single aoe weapon has that problem and staggering is way more annoying. The amount you get staggered is way too large compared to how big/strong the AoEs are especially for weapons that previously lacked self damage. You shouldn't get sent flying when being at the center of the same AoE only causes enemies to gently ragdoll to the floor when they die. Most staggers should be the lightest level where you just shield your face. Getting the full on flinch shouldn't be possible for small AoE weapons and should only happen if they land next you for most others. Only explosions with large AoEs landing close to you should cause the knockdown. Falloff needs to go or be compensated by large damage boosts for a lot of weapons with small AoEs.
  3. It also takes way too much investment to go over 100% status for guns unless you have a riven for it. You are better off sticking a fire rate mod or more damage on your gun. Melee weapons get to be even more broken though since weeping wounds lets them effortlessly blow past 100% status with a single mod slot. It did the complete opposite. Reduced armor benefits crit weapons more than status. The new Viral benefits crit weapons more than status especially now that crit weapons with hunters munitions are the best way to proc slash. It's also much less of a damage boost than armor stripping could be and the stacking only gives it 62% more damage over a single viral proc at 10 stacks. Other status effects got nerfed even if they already stacked because it's now possible to go over 100% status even if it's not something that's worth doing in practice.
  4. These changes have made status weapons significantly worse in comparison to crit ones. Crit weapons benefit more from having to deal with less armor since they have a harder time reducing it. Status weapons get to proc slash less often, crit weapons still have hunters munitions. Crit weapons get more out of the 1 status effect that was significantly buffed since viral multiplies their crits and they apply slash more easily. Other meaningful damage increases status effects were nerfed which hurts status weapons more. You need to rethink a lot of the changes if you really intended for them to bring status weapons up to par with crit ones instead of just wanting to nerf them.
  5. The flight model is a lot better but it's still inferior to what it was before railjack screwed it up. Being stuck with slow default movement or a single speed for sprinting and basically instant acceleration makes her a lot less controllable than she used to be. You are either slow and fast without razorwing blitz or fast and insanely fast with it.
  6. If you need to nerf the Kuva Bramma then nerf it and not every single weapon with an AoE. Self damage was better than these huge nerfs for weapons that were almost entirely niche or flat out mastery fodder. Any falloff at all is awful on weapons with small AoEs but 90% falloff has basically deleted them from existence.
  7. These changes do nothing but reinforce the crit/hybrid/melee meta while nerfing already niche status weapons and destroying status shotguns. AoE status weapons are getting extra screwed because the damage falloff applies to status effects and gas is worthless. Melee weapons are already ridiculously overpowered and are the only weapon type that is going to meaningfully benefit from being able to go over 100% status since weeping wounds lets them do it with a single mod slot. Status procs Slash now procs signifigantly more often by crit weapons with hunters munitions than status ones. Impact is absolute garbage and actively detrimental to any weapon that procs it. Enemies staggering all over the place just makes them much more difficult to kill and it's the one reason I am happy about physical procs happening less often. Puncture is still pretty irrelevant, anything that you're worried about damage from is usually also status immune. Cold took a huge nerf since it now takes 6 procs to do what 1 proc did before. It doesn't matter much though because no one is going to use cold when viral exists. Toxin Took a straight nerf from 8-6 seconds since it could already stack but is still strong. Doesn't matter much since you are going to use it make viral. Even vs tightly packed groups toxin alone is now significantly better than if you combined it with heat for gas. Electric got some extra AoEs but heat still feels like the better 3rd damage type Blast also really doesn't matter much since it's changing enemy damage. It should absolutely be swapped with impact if the stagger has to stay so you can avoid staggers on most weapons that need precision. Corrosive is a worse viral but not overstripping is a nice side effect of the nerf Radiation is basically the same but enemies actually hurting each other a bit is a nice side effect. Magnetic is still worthless, shields aren't a problem. Viral is the new king of status effects. Benefits hybrid weapons way more than status ones since they get their crits multiplied. Gas is the one thing that status weapons really had going for them and it's now completely worthless. It's an awful damage type vs every faction and the only use case is killing trash infested when a toxic ancient isn't around. It needs to be reverted to how it used to work since like toxin it's just taking straight nerfs and it's the only thing that status weapons really had. Weapons Previously 100% status shotguns took huge nerfs unless they had 3 or less pellets. Status shotguns that were unable to hit 100% status previously are still bad at it and not worth building for. Pure crit shotguns took small buffs since they are a bit more likely to proc status. Why you are insisting on keeping the shotgun formula that makes them garbage? It especially ruins shotguns that have large amounts of pellets since they get to proc weak status effects at the same rate as something with the same base status and only a few pellets procs strong ones. Automatic weapons get their listed status chance per pellet and fire similar amounts with the only difference being that they sequentially instead of in bursts. They are now significantly better at proccing status than shotguns are without any of the downsides shotguns have. The Ferrox is my favorite weapon and it was absolutely ruined. Gas+electric+bane mods let it have a nice niche with it's alt fire but now it does even less damage than it used to vs high level enemies despite the huge armor reductions. It isn't even decent vs mid level enemies anymore since it does so little damage that it takes the entire duration in perfect conditions to kill anything that isn't a grunt. In normal game conditions you might get 2/3rds of their health if you are lucky. I really don't get what your intent was. Very few weapons are going to be able to proc more than 1 time per bullet and it's not worth building status to try and break that 100% cap when you can multiply your status chance with a fire rate mod instead. Status shotguns were thrown in the trash and now get to do way less significantly weaker status procs than they used to do. The only thing that gains a significant amount of power are already overpowered melee weapons who get 3+ procs a swing and multihit which makes CO even better. Like the self damage and AoE changes I would much rather have the old system where my niche weapons weren't thrown in the garbage because a couple weapons might overperform. If you need to nerf something nerf that weapon instead of destroying an entire class of weapons to put them back in line.
  8. That's probably entirety from enemies having lower armor and the new viral status. Before you would get 17.6 procs with hell's chamber and 100% status.
  9. The damage of status procs is affected by damage falloff so the alt fire would be taking an absolutely massive nerf if these AoE changes apply to it. The primary fire for the ferrox and astilla are going from 2m to 2.4m which means they are losing most of their damage for any secondary targets they hit.
  10. Applying 90% damage falloff to every AoE weapon regardless of the size of the AoE is going to murder all of the already unpopular weapons with small AoEs. They gain almost nothing from the 20% boost to radius and any enemies they hit are always going to be near the outer edge of their radius and barely take any damage. Which is why these mostly niche weapons are impacted the most by these changes and are going to get thrown in the trash by the handful of players that still use them. I don't get how you can look at something like the Ferrox or Astilla that might hit 1-2 extra enemies and nerf them more than the reason AoE weapons are getting nerfed, the Kuva Bramma.
  11. Over 100% status weapons barely exist, it's basically only going to be melee weapons and high status high disposition weapons with a riven. The problem is that they aren't just taking a shotguns status chance and applying it to each pellet like multishot does. Instead they seem to be using Base Status*3/Pellet Count as the status chance for each pellet which is a massive nerf for shotguns that could hit 100%. The changes only help crit shotguns get more incidental procs and kill status ones. Anything that couldn't already hit 100% isn't good for status and non-meta 100% status shotguns were only used because of the amount of status procs they could deal and are being completely destroyed. Probably because it would help hide the massive nerf that 100% status chance shotguns are taking. If it shows something like 700% status chance it looks like a buff to uninformed players instead of the massive nerf from the average of 20+ procs most 100% shotguns would get before. The Tigris Prime is going from an average of 17.6 procs for 4 60/60s to 6.73 procs.
  12. The shotgun nerf doesn't make any sense and makes shotguns work differently than every other weapon type. Weapons with multishot and 100% status get to proc status for every pellet and high fire rate weapons essentially work essentially the same was as shotguns do but they fire sequentially instead of in bursts. The reliance on 100% status needed to be fixed but it should be fixed by making them like everything else instead of having their own much worse system.
  13. Is Titania's flight model going to be reverted/reworked with her prime release? Her normal movement is way too slow to avoid getting shot without razorwing blitz and sprinting in razorwing mode is worthless for anything but transit since it instantly accelerates you and forces constant forward movement.
  14. So are you ever going to make zekti hyperstrike and bulkhead easier to get? Or are we stuck with 0.15% drop rates for non-flawed vitality and serration that have to be farmed from planets that give you nothing else of value.
  15. If you really want harder content to have better rewards then the best version of every avionic should be available in the void and the best versions of core mods should be pretty common drops. You shouldn't have to spend your time farming earth missions for nothing but an ultra rare drop if you want your Railjack to have HP. Hyperstrike has the same problem, you are forced to farm high level Saturn missions for an ultra rare drop if you want to get the basic damage mod. The more common versions are supposed to drop from earth which would still force you to farm content for no rewards but levels don't go high enough for Elite Kosma units to consistently spawn. The rarity of good versions of avionics means that Dirac has absolutely no use once you have upgraded your grid. Let us use it to upgrade wreckage to their max stats so we can actually safely invest in things without wasting massive amounts of crafting materials every time we want to replace it. The drop rates for the 3 houses should also be equal instead of having 95% of drops be Zatki. Everything being Zatki means that you are getting the strongest versions of most gear as common drops with the huge exception of reactors. A reactor with high avionics capacity is necessary for upgrading your Railjack, Zatki ones are just flat out garbage since flux energy capacity means nothing if you can't slot in avionics to use it.The huge variance on the random stats mean that even when you get extremely lucky and get the 2% drop for a Vidar reactor it can still be completely worthless if it rolled badly. Vacuums haven't been mentioned at all in your post but their basically non-existant size makes most of the other problems much worse. The distances in Railjack are huge and the long death animations and explosions flinging loot away at high speeds mean that you have to prioritize picking up loot over everything else and spend a ton of time searching for it.
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