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  1. So, i was checking the new stuff added in the game... You are telling me that this gazal reskin collection is 795p ??? O_o
  2. 6 gb to download for a hotfixe, good job DE
  3. Vault door won't open.... This happened multiple time, total waste of time, fix this right now !
  4. We need a "rush" system for subsuming a warframe, just like the forge.
  5. 20 grandmother token for 1 seriglass shard... Are you on drugs DE ? You do realize how long it take right ?
  6. This token system is HORRENDOUS, i've already lost 2 hours of my playtime (because you know, some of us got a life out there...) fishing, and mining, my first experience with this update made me alt+f4, i am so frustrated, i don't even want to restart warframe after my work tomorrow. This is not grinding, this is litteraly SLAVERY, and if you don't managed to get through this, well guess what ? You don't have access to the content. Mindblowing how little thoughts are put into this game.
  7. This is utter garbage... Can't even pass neutral with this "faction" because the ressources to rank up is buggued, great start DE.
  8. Nerfed before release , that's new, not even hyped by this update
  9. Hum , and about the damage below average compared to other exalted weapon ?
  10. There's litteraly so much good weapons to play with , but people are always tied to the "easy way", that nerf is a blessing, this thread is just a mine of salt.
  11. Let them take their time to polish this update, do you guys want another rushed half-baked mess ? I rather wait to get something good and enjoyable... BUT !! If they failed us again, this going to be a rough moment for them.
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