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  1. Ooooo don't worry i got my idea on how i will show her my respect.... *pulls out Paracesis*
  2. This arbitration revival is a total mess.... I was with many squad with people who get perma killed 100% of the time ... You need 5 tokens to revive someone , it is a chore in execution and you can get yourself killed so easily. And i'm tired of this excuse "but bruh de game iz free hugugugu" i paid lot of stuff with my own money just like a large numbers of player so shut it. How do you guys come out with this idea on this revival system is MINDBLOWING , and i tried it , now we get troll in squad that perma died just to stress the team. It is GARBAGE DE !!!
  3. The baza , explain me why ??? Leave this underrated beauty alone !
  4. Magus repair still broken... Not working if you're not the host.
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