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  1. Hahahahahah ! Have fun extinguishing this fire DE xD ! Yo [DE]glenn, good luck deleting all those comment !
  2. Revert Wukong's cloud sprint, that nerf was insulting, it never bother anyone and is not an OP ability nuke or some S#&$. $&*^ move DE.
  3. 4 missions , ZERO shard !! The f*ckery continue !! YO DE WAKE UP !!! TEST YOUR DAMN UPDATE FIRST !!!
  4. Grinding platinum is faster than this utter BS that this ressources grind is so...
  5. Stop calling this a "fix", at least be honest... It's a nerf
  6. And now 15 more of this BS to get this ephemera.... Not a single shard for people that actually tried so hard to get it, nice move DE ! Keep killing your community !
  7. Yes still some major bugs that ruin your party :s
  8. "Very stable" You must be so damn lucky. It is FAR, REALLY FAR from stable ! On this day i'm still running into bugs after bugs after bugs, it's blowing my mind.
  9. It has been said many times but i'll say it again, random stats RJ's weapon, we saw this system on liches , we disliked it... It is so damn punishing, you don't have luck ? You're doomed and there's nothing you can do about it. Please DE listen to us, get rid of this random stat system, we don't want to see this in future update.
  10. Ok mindblowing -_- , let's stay positive, but are you plaining to rewards players that actually tried hundreds of run to get it ? I'm happy that this will finally be fixed but come on...
  11. Why saturn DE ? Something wrong with Veil Proxima ? Too unbalanced maybe ? ;)
  12. That is actually really messy O_o , i hope you'll get your refund my dude !
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