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  1. This is why there are multiple obvious checks before hitting the button... This is why you leave subsume food in the foundry until needed. This is why you don't have multiples of the same frame and just get more loadout slots... At least OP isn't a raging crybaby on a tantrum, good for you. However, coming here to "share your grief " is a bit sad. You screwed up, why tell the world and invite a pity party?
  2. Don't bother with the other weapon, the thing is terrible compared to the mausolon... I wish we could customize the new archguns too, as a side note. At least y'all on PC have working mechs, us on console are stuck with a still broken mess. Can't wait to take them into normal missions when that's added though. How badly can we possibly overkill the Sergeant...
  3. Ah. Ok. Didn't notice he was selling them. Yeah, I wish he would just sell everything. Then at least the mech pool would be only parts, instead of one or another.
  4. Wait, so are the mods in his shop, or is it a suggestion... Topic head, body, knees, and toes are all backwards and counterintuitive.. I'm confused, lol.
  5. Seriously. I work with animals, and know exactly what it is. I thought I was hearing things. Friend I play with had to ask, thinking it was only 1/2 of what is reality... he's 26... and me, knowing anatomy, had to explain it... Going through those doors has never been the same...
  6. If it makes you feel better, I've done 4 hours of them and have 16 weapon chaff and nothing else. DE said they will be tradable, but I doubt for anytime soon...
  7. It's almost like they put an in game lfg for a reason...
  8. Sorry, but just looking at that triggers my vertigo. Like legitimately makes me slightly dizzy. No, we don't need constant flash effects that you know people will use. Some of us have issues with mirage spamming 4 as is.
  9. First off, no, I have not played 24 hours straight. I could, but I will cover a few reasons why not, as well as other feedback below. Shout out to the FX teams. The visuals and sound are great. Only gripe here is that the visuals are too harmonious to the enemies. They just blend into the terrain, especially in dense areas. I like the Necromech idea and "Snake" when I ran it. That's about it... Now I don't have my own yet, which will hopefull change perspective on a fully modded one. As it stands now, they are very lackluster. The main issue here is, you guessed it, the drastically
  10. I have an overforma'd opticor with a ludicrous riven on it. Spec for blast (it has hidden innate on burst), crit, and radiation. 1 shot that corn cob every time. Maybe bring a stripper (heh) like Ash's seeking or Nyx.
  11. I tried to go in with a bog loadout, nothing too crazy. Ran some stuff, decided to do that bounty. (Solo btw). First stage, easy. Second, fairly easy. Then I got to the corn cob... dear god, my poor weaponry barely did anything, let alone hit a weak point. So I dropped in my imperator V. Took a few clips. Done. Some high bounties later of dealing dwindling damage (screw the balloon units and their 2 million hp) and I got tired of it. Time to bring out... the shoop da whoop cannon. Ie, my overforma'd opticor. Corn cob, 1 shot. Balloon, 2 shot (sometimes a lucky 700k crit
  12. My friend and I 2 manned it in a couple days, doing a few planets a day. With our frame builds, it was fairly easy, no god tier weapons included. We found a person here and there on the first node. Some left right away, others stayed and we blew through the planet. Sometimes when bored and testing weapons, I sit on node 1 and wait on first goers, help through the planet as I tune my loadout.
  13. My friend and I 2 manned the entire thing. I ran Vauban with max durration and range. His vortex made any endless a cakewalk. Mix that with a bramma tuned to the enemies, beautiful. Secondary was a 100% status of enemy weaknesses or armor strip. Melee was a destreza with a crazy riven (215% crit chance, 120% melee damage) built for red crits. Friend ran Ash, swapping between fatal teleport and seeking shurikens. Latron with a status riven build. And secondary/melee to cover the rest of missing elements. Went fairly well, only snag was derilect bosses, but once we tuned a very s
  14. Better idea is a beastmaster/falconer frame we have been wanting. Khora was a good test run, Nekros can have an army. Mix them and we can have some real fun...
  15. Friend and I 2 manned it in 15 min. 2 destrezas packed with crit and gas did great. Spam heavy. I used Rev spin to win to mass kill and keep lamp lit, he used Ash to stay cloaked while shanking. Went fairly smooth, chaotic, but smooth. Edit: also, if you have Nora's ship, he can go sleepy bye if you can time it right. We did 2 back to back and blew his last phase away, lol.
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