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  1. Personally I just pull out either my Destreza, Opticor, or Bramma. All are crazy overclocked and 1-3 tap him, lol. Otherwise I suggest always carry a heavy hitter in SP or something that procs stats like crazy to keep him debuffed.
  2. Honestly I see it as 5 parts for 6p... Putting a colon between numbers converts it to a ratio. Ratios are solved to 1 usually. Thus 5:6 would be around 1:1.2. So it's summed as 5 parts per trade at 6p, or 1 part at 2p (round up). Idk why it's so hard for people to type things... 2 keys yo get a colon or 3 keys for the work "for." Like really... avoids stupid stuff like this entirely.
  3. I have never put my clan's over 0%. From day 1 when it was built, I was like "what is this crap? No." It even taxed friends and clanmates back in the day, lol. There are some clan leaders that force their members to pay tribute or whatever on a weekly/etc basis, especially now that people can check donations. They are usually the greedy ones with tax. Also, pay attention to people who overpay plat or high credit items. I almost made a trade where some pos set it to max tax, and tried to stick me with almost a million credit tax. I rarely trade with taxers, lol.
  4. I main/mained Chroma all the way to Wisp, where the Booty's kit synergy was fun to play. Still use him for a lot though, SP bosses for sure. His vex was neutered because he became a literal Eidolon hunting god. Understandable. Get 2 or 3 together and you get it back. His scream, like a lot of frames up to him, is meh. Most frames have a near useless 1. That's what subsuming is for. His ward is good as is. His effigy I admit was a bit lackluster, but it has its uses. Would I complain about redoing it to act like Wraith's? Not at all. Would I complain if kept the same? Not r
  5. I just hate how very little armor works on his legs... my poor imugi legs make a right triangle on those backwards knees of his. And them high heels... wtf...
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