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  1. Anytime I see this, I just lead enemies to them, get them killed, and leave them there. To my knowledge, if it's still active, if you don't get kills/etc to a criteria, you don't get credit. I figure if they stay dead with revives left, the system might kick in, and they get zip. Otherwise reports are about it sadly, and a vote kick system would be abused AF. Just look at R6 and games with raids with those options...
  2. This is why there are multiple obvious checks before hitting the button... This is why you leave subsume food in the foundry until needed. This is why you don't have multiples of the same frame and just get more loadout slots... At least OP isn't a raging crybaby on a tantrum, good for you. However, coming here to "share your grief " is a bit sad. You screwed up, why tell the world and invite a pity party?
  3. Let's not. First, Destiny is not the main competitor, that's hilariously wrong. Second, there are things called "console exclusives" that prevent cross save 90% of the time. Third, it's a lot of work that would be better off put into new content and stabilizing current content. Long story short, no. Maybe a catch up save here and there moving to PC like they did before, but that's about it.
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