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  1. Monsterwithin

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

  2. Monsterwithin

    Warframe Prime Time #205: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I was like, what is this random music playing on a Prime Time topic, lul.
  3. The forums are such a lovely place. Anyhow, if this helps/stops future DDoS then I'm down for it!
  4. Monsterwithin

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    Let's hope the Servers don't get DDoS'd again when the update drops.
  5. Monsterwithin

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Can't leave Cetus...
  6. Monsterwithin

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Submitted, thank you for making the survey.
  7. Monsterwithin

    [Console] Operation: Plague Star!

  8. Monsterwithin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    What other Warframe are you guys planning to rework next?
  9. Monsterwithin

    24/03: Server Issues (CURRENTLY STABLE)

    Server Dead again?
  10. Monsterwithin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    Would melee riven mods be implemented into the game?
  11. Monsterwithin

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

  12. Monsterwithin

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #3

  13. Dunno why I quoted you, completely read that wrong... Your always have people complaining that didn't like or use Carrier, without providing constructive feedback.