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  1. I never really give feedback about changes on the forums, but the last couple of updates really worry me, so much so that I just had to give my feedback, specifically about the recent melee changes. The old melee mode was never something i used, as it felt clunky switching between melee and guns. That's why I was locking forward to the melee changes, but sadly after playing around with it for the weekend I came to the conclusion that the negatives far outweigh the positives. Autoblock/ removal of manual blocking High reflexes don't matter anymore as you now have to rely on the game blocking for you. (By that i mean that it just doesn't feel good blocking damage/knockdown with no input) No block button also means that you can no longer aim glide while blocking, which just wasn't necessary. No one asked for this to be removed. The only skill you need now is walking forward while spamming the melee button. Combos While nothing has been changed about combos, it is still affected by the new melee changes. The block combos now share the same button as aiming for guns, which causes problems during gameplay. Mouse sensitivity changes when using block combos. (this is most likely a bug) Sometimes during melee combat it can happen that you start aiming, this especially annoying if you use the option that changes your melee attack to the fire button, and suddenly you are thrown out of melee mode. The option to change the aim button to a manual block, like we can do with the melee attack to fire button, would be helpful. This would please people who want a full melee mode without affecting people who enjoy the new changes, as it would be optional. Channeling I use Life Strike quite often, but now that that channeling is a toggle it doesn't feel good to use. I know that not a lot of people use channeling, but this is still a problem for me and most likely other as well. A simple option to remove the toggle aspect would be enough. It's a good thing that DE wants to change old systems like melee, so more people use it, but i think this time they created the opposite effect. The melee changes aren't perfect, nothing ever is, especially not after it just came out. But that's why i think DE should now concentrate on making melee something special, and not just fixing some bugs like the one i mentioned in the combo section, but making it something you want to use. Right now I have no fun using melee, and i hope this changes.
  2. I have this since 23.10.0 Chimera I tried everything i could, from re-installing the game to trying on a different computer with a different account, but still no fix. This bug is almost 6 months old and at this point i have given up of it ever being fixed.
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