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  1. Why on Earth would they give a weapon, particularly not one that may actually have a use, rivens? I'd much rather an Artax riven than a Deth Rifle riven that's for frikkin' sure. It's arbitrary and stupid.
  2. He has little weapon synergy (Vauban but worse and you get actively punished for killing with anything but your 1), takes ages to build stacks since the nerf to his 4, can't get kills or stacks in a high damage squad until levels most people leave anyway and has to be constantly using his 1 to really see him shine. CONSTANTLY. As in no killing with anything else. Yeah no don't nerf him again pls leave him alone and stick to your AFK World On Fire before taking another hammer to a well designed frame.
  3. Agreed, part of why I have come back to this game so many times was the way DE addressed and changed things, I'm not going to pretend their PR record was spotless, but they seemed to make an effort. I think I'll take a hiatus for now, check back in a few months. I do hope the course of things changes for the better in that time, if so I'll start to recommend this game again. It has so much potential, I just hope DE understands why it got to the... prime... position it's currently in and doesn't see success as an excuse or opportunity to change their model.
  4. So much agree, there are fair portions of a lot of maps where half the screen is just black for me. 100% no vision. Eris is hell. And those little tunnels on lua and in corpus maps are completely dark. Like switch to flashlight on my bow and pray dark.
  5. I can be doing level 100 lephantis or phorid solo, but when Lotus says there's a Juggernaut, I stay the **** still and hide like the best pacifist WF has ever seen. Ain't nobody got enough revives for that.
  6. If you lost 90 stacks into a long survival that would be game over. No number of revives would help, he'd be useless as of then for the rest of the mission. If you lose 2 lives in quick succession that's a HUGE amount of damage and survivability gone. He isn't punished with instant death so much as long term inefficiency. Losing all stacks would make him terrible at the game modes he currently excels (and I mean terrible, not mediocre. Inaros or health conversion Nekros would be the better choice for staying alive every time).
  7. That is because people can be idiots and there is a lot of attention on new content. :)
  8. Nidus is not OP. He is perfect. LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE. Also people must play him before saying he is, in high level stuff he can easily lose stacks and a lot of power to something like a scorch or elite coming out of nowhere. Also while he has CC, it's not godly, it doesn't lock down the whole map for sure.
  9. I actually quite like this drop table. I don't want greater lenses, but as a rare reward it's not bad as it won't be clogging every third sortie. Also lol people suggesting straight up platinum. That should never be an in-game reward. Farm trade. I wouldn't mind seeing starred ayatan sculptures as rewards too. Like tradeable endo, or for the liset fashion parade.
  10. Archwing: Unplayable motion sickness bumpity mess with a non-functioning mini-map. Junctions: are we calling the junction quests new? Really? Kavats: sure, but #datgrind. And it's not a novel grind either. FIssures: The same thing. Every run. K. Such new content. You speak to my heart. Which is saddening in this case :( Hopefully War Within adds some good long-term play options.
  11. How much of the new content is really enjoyable, pushes optimised frames and gives good rewards? None yet.
  12. Genuinely massively disappointed. Tigris and Galatine do NOT need primes, and are being primed in favour of weapon classes that would provide more variety and less powercreep.
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