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  1. Secondly, there are ways you can prepare for "The Second Dream".

    In order to have access to "The Second Dream" quest right away, make sure you have completed the "Natah" quest. It is a prerequisite.

    If you have an absolute favourite Warframe loadout (cosmetics and all), get it ready. It will be directly incorporated into the Cinematics, and we're sure you'll want to take some screenshots and more!


    Guess i wont be starting new quest EVER as i have never seen that damned drone and i play rather alot. Screw you rng quests.

  2. Draco, Spreads from players grind exp/rep there carrying more players there to level up faster,

    Syntoms: Players start turning lazy, under skilled and with almos no knowledge about game mechanics due to pasive leveling gear.

    You can get rid by playing other node missions and truly learning the game

    Add in they's to syntoms. Auto hotkey, camping and ejucation middle of mission.

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    Oh, that's why the most common setup for 60+ min T4S is 4 Valkyrs. It's basically the only setup you find in the recruitment chat. "Hosting anything need lots of Valkyrs for easy immortality lolz".




    What about Ash bladestorm build with Arcane Trickery x 4

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