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  1. There is very clearly some sort of puzzle with the Heart of Deimos. There are pillars scattered across the world, and they all match the symbols found in requiem mods. They seem to do nothing but players report that sometimes they give pacifism/mind control to infested. They appear to be temporary when activated with void blasts. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Requiem_Mods There is also a hidden symbol here that only shows when you're close enough in the lobby of Necralisk, the main hub for Heart of Deimos. It's the first symbol in the poem the lich mods are based off of,
  2. Pillar locations change each time you exit Desmos. There is a very high chance that it does something interesting as this symbol shows up when you move close to it in the relay. I tried triggering the corresponding symbol and racing back, but it doesn't change or anything. The pillars reset after some time so I'm wondering if it is indeed a puzzle.
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