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    Atlas to become a true brawler

    I went for the brawler frame like it says in the description of the frame when you equip it. Currently this description is misleading. There is an easier way: change brawler frame to earth bender. And then instead of punching Landslide, Atlas needs to throw smaller rocks like an earth bender does.
  2. nocnisunac

    Atlas to become a true brawler

    Alright i have took in consideration of knockdown immunity (works only when in contact with the ground) and edited passive.
  3. nocnisunac

    Atlas to become a true brawler

    I've been playing Atlas for a while and never felt like a brawler, yeah a punch ability is there but just punching doesn't make a brawler, that is a boxer. So a few animes, movies and games i had an idea for a Atlas rework. First his base armor 450 is good, health and shield are both 100, for a brawler i feel like more health then shield lets say 150 health and 50 shield would be good, or just like Inaros or Nidus only health 200. Second his passive is Knockdown immunity while on the ground, makes sense for a mountain frame, immovable object, but not for a brawler. Brawler is someone who can take a lot of damage and is resistant to attacks that doesn't puncture it's skin to some extent, so idea for a new passive: give him damage reduction not a lot like 20% to 25%. Since the introduction of Parkour 2.0 we can bullet jump the whole map and 80% of the mission we are not on the ground. Now his abilities: Landslide: Keep it as it is, punching is a part of being a brawler, but remove the effect that is combined with petrify (will be explained latter why) and make it work with melee weapons that are connected to the fists (Ankyros), also it will work with Spike-up/on ability (latter explained). Also make it so the damge to the enemies behind the primary target gets lowered, no one can punch so hard that the damage stays the same even after the initial shock Augment idea: The damage done to the primary target is also done to the up to 3 targets behind the primary target (one per level of fusion). Tectonics -> Spike-up/on Have you ever seen a brawler hide behind a wall, call him a coward immediatley. So currently you spawn a wall that gives you cover from enemy fire and when you reactivate it it roles down and explodes. New ability Spike-on/up uses those spikes on his hand to give a buff in 2 ways, it gives his and his alleys a base puncture damage, and a buff for other damage (not big like Rhino), but works only on melee weapons, not primary, secondary or abilities. For Atlas it will work with his Landslide same as with melee weapons, this gives him a brawler feel (a brawler never goes unarmed). Ability would be similar to Rhino Roar. Augment idea: The buff extends to other types of weapons including the ally abilities (if for some reason there are more people playing as Atlas). Petrify -> Rumblers Replace Petrify with his ultimate ability (Rumblers), of course give it a nerf it would be too powerful to have 2 brawlers that early. Lets say it gets a brawler per rank gained and for third rank it boosts the health of these brawlers. Reduce the damage the brawlers do to justify the downgrade from ultimate to 3rd ability. Augment stays the same as this one. New ultimate: Rock Toss Rock Toss as the name says Atlas would throw rocks at enemies. To keep that mountain frame and a brawler style, a little bit of dirty fighting. Ability works like this: Atlas becomes immobile while gaining damage resistance 90% (not variable, is not affected by any mods), he puts his hand in ground and starts to collect rocks (similar to Gara ultimate). The ability is charged but holding down a button (4) on keyboard, the more you hold the button the range (variable by range mods), damage (variable by power strength mods) and energy (variable by efficiency and duration mods) increase. Once you release the button Atlas throws collected rocks as a cluster of rocks at aimed spot (controlled by mouse/aim) in an arc fashion, at the contact with the ground the rock does damage to enemies beneath the rock and it explodes in pieces in an cone (not variable, or variable with maximum angle of 70 degrees), from your point of view outwards. The length of cone is variable to the damage collected, for example when you throw the rock and you've collected 4000 damage, it will go for 8 meters reducing damage 500 per meter from cone starting point in an angle outwards. Augment idea 1: When you get to the maxed range and damage you get 3 more rocks with each one decreasing damage (and angle if variable) but not range. Augment idea 2: The rock you throw explodes in 360 degrees angle of the place it lands. This will (i feel) give him more like a brawler style while keeping the mountain frame.
  4. nocnisunac

    New Contest: Captura the Moment! I don't know any other way to link my picture. #CapturaTheMoment