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  1. it's kind of crazy to me that people have such high, unfulfilled expectations for what nightwave should reward considering how unremarkable the alert system it replaced was. where do you guys get this kind of optimism also i think de really overestimated our life management skills in rolling out a system that works best for people who only play like an hour a day
  2. I'm pretty sure saying stuff like "I'll still be able to take advantage of the system" and "I want TP to be punished" is why the community doesn't trust any of your explanations though
  3. The proposed change that the thread is about? You don't have any thoughts on this? The prevailing narrative is already that you're trying to take down other people and acting out of personal greed. Discussing (and possibly supporting) a change that is intended to benefit the general public would probably do more to counter that narrative than saying you don't want to fight but then asking DE to take action against TP. Staying silent about the proposed change has the potential to suggest, at best that you don't care about it, and at worst that you don't like it and don't want to think about it. It's certainly possible for people to imagine that you are the victim here, but you're not making it any easier for them.
  4. If I may make a few PR suggestions, you would probably sound more credible if you said, unprompted, that you believed this was a good change. As your post stands right now, even if people take your word that Semlar was selling a paid riven bot, it will only be viewed as one gang going to war with another gang and causing the police to clean both of them up. Reading the thread, many other of your clanmates have said that they, too, used Semlar's riven price tracker, which should be consistent with a stating something along the lines of, "Making trade prices a public resource rather than a third party resource under Semlar's control and possible manipulation is a good thing." Omitting such a statement simply makes it appear that you're trying to take Semlar down with you without regard for much else.
  5. bump because this is still an issue that makes doing poe bounties undesirable
  6. i would prefer if titania's tribute's slow was buffed. tribute requiring you to pick up the soul forces the player to move into the middle of a mob of enemies, where they are most vulnerable but also affecting the most enemies with their aura. even with the quality of life change to tribute, going in to collect the soul still feels like an unnecessary risk when it could instead be a powerful incentive for the player to pivot from ranged dps to melee with CC, knocking out a heavy unit then going in swinging on the mooks with melee before they can react. if you're going to improve all of her other ranged CC options, please at the very least consider making the slow affected by power strength so that she has a reason to actually use her 10 meter slow aura.
  7. well, there goes my plan of buying as many ignis wraiths to hand out to new players on christmas as possible also, for anyone confused, the list of items is on the page after you go to account management -> migrate to nintendo switch. it's a pop-up rather than a separate page so we can't link it
  8. i think you're blowing my point out of proportion, actually, though i don't really blame you for it given how few words were in my original post. my point was actually more just towards reducing the cast time cost of health conversion upkeep, given that chakram is his only source of health orbs, not his overall survivability (and i suppose the energy costs of using chakram more often itself). i'll acknowledge the implicit suggestion that health conversion isn't necessary for nezha in the vast majority of situations, but my post was intended to respond to pablo's desire for chakram to be used more fluidly and to synergize with health conversion. i don't even think my suggestion is something that critical, just something that would improve quality of life.
  9. given that nezha will probably now be very dependent on his blazing chakram to generate health and energy, i do hope you'll make it one-handed and not just movement-non-restricting
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