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  1. most of us probably know that in order to get info on a lot of content in warframe, you have to go to the wiki (or youtube, reddit, or other sources of information) i have some thoughts on that Speculation: wiki usage is encouraged by the game's farming system, but wiki usage also sets up the player for frustration with farming and RNG As we all know, RNG is a *@##$. I'll go out on a limb here and say I actually personally like gambling minigames in games. However, RNG is not gambling. It's often worse, because when you use the wiki, you generally use it to plan out a p
  2. on a personal level, i feel that the movement system would have to be much more refined before i would enjoy pvp; rolling is an uncomfortably long animation lock and parkour movement speed is reduced. add to this the fact that warframe is an aim-down-sights shooter, and you get a game mode that is fundamentally at odds with the high-paced action in the rest of the game on a community level, a few years ago i would have said that pvp makes the community more toxic, but the real pvp was the trade chat we made along the way
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