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  1. free roaming conservation targets don't become invulnerable upon being tranquilized
  2. tfw nobody mentioned my baby "makes game playable with visual impairment" argonak
  3. didn't this exact same thing happen with railjack lol
  4. will invulnerable damage instances of 0 waste marked for death? does marked for death spread the full stored damage dealt at the end? (modified by whatever your power strength is of course)
  5. seems the client-host discrepancy mentioned by OP was fixed on tuesday
  6. WRT the hand being broken, i saw speculation in another thread that the console doesn't work if you get this spawn tile (as opposed to the one with a statue of granum): i believe the DR is on shields only, so you could use nyx to strip the shields instantly with +25% power strength since it's percentage based (and then redeem the coin during a different mission with a different warframe). toxin DOESN'T work even though this is literally its only job. but yeah i had been using octavia to more or less auto-clear granum void so it's very noticeable when spawns are bugged
  7. all of these issues are still present as of heart of deimos. i was gonna ease myself back into the game with the fairly easy goal of getting stahta, but i really don't enjoy "will it drop" RNG and "will it bug" RNG stacking on top of each other solo player here having said issue
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