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  1. wym sandstorm is great it lets you escape hek assassinate when the water in the pipe glitches and keeps flowing after the boss is dead trapping you in the boss room to contemplate your existence
  2. ARs are not weak against nullifiers. rather, ARs' fundamental advantage against nullifiers is that they don't require you to do anything different than what you normally do. this fits into their archetype of being a gun that is reliable but without any special features
  3. i've seen most of the bullet points provided as feedback already except for b) which i wholeheartedly endorse as for battle avionics, well... a big reason they spoil railjack is because the enemies are poorly tuned to begin with. if enemies were less tanky you wouldn't have as much of a need to spend 100 flux on stuff. it would purely be for fun factor instead, and the guns would also be more fun to use
  4. only one person has mentioned nullifiers
  5. wym boss fights in this game are boring as heck. they literally only have two modes: become knocked down or become bored
  6. a PBE for warframe would be a lot better because DE ships updates with really awful progression systems that always need to be retuned after player feedback grinding awful progression systems makes the game-breaking bugs that much worse to suffer through a PBE would let you evaluate progression and bugs separately and without a burning hatred of DE because it's a hypothetical space that doesn't affect your main account progress (burning hatred is a joke btw) edit: trying to build false hype by keeping secrets already bites them in the ass anyways, and a PBE would enhance dev-playerbase communication instead by giving players some actual participation in the development of the game and probably actually get players more invested and thus more excited. right now devstreams are mostly a one-way street and the prevailing sentiment is that DE listens very little to feedback from the average player
  7. Still an issue for me. Makes soloing Balor Fomorians rather difficult
  8. The issue is not really doing things over and over, though. You see this complaint often with the open world "islands", but parts of the game which are not connected to the rest of the game get tedious much more quickly, not just because of a lack of variety in gameplay, but because making significant progress in this one piece of content is mutually exclusive with making significant progress anywhere else in the game. This is exacerbated by the fact that the Lich system more or less incentivizes you to do an entire Lich in one go, lest it spread its annoyance throughout the star chart and into your sortie rewards.
  9. I saw that yesterday, made an Ivara Empowered Quiver (cloak prevents status effects) build to solo it, and then immediately logged off without even playing the mission because I could just not be assed
  10. IMO, P2S is never P2W, but P2S can be made just as bad as P2W under the right conditions. That might be a bit of what people are trying to capture when they say "oh DE is going to make this 0.00000001% drop chance so we effectively have to just pay for it". Part of the issue exacerbating the Railjack RNG may also be that the power curve is basically exponential. Stuff like Void Hole just makes farming easier by orders of magnitude, but you have to do insane amounts of farming to get it first
  11. Part of the problem with the current loot and resource progression system is that it is Exponential rather than Logarithmic. Void Hole increases your farming efficiency by orders of magnitude, and this is reflected in its platinum cost. Bulkhead variants have values of +90%, +120%, +250%, +500%, exacerbating the "constantly repairing the ship" problem. These are the two most basic elements of this game, killing enemies and not dying. Why are they following an exponential curve along which the progression is more heavily gated by RNG than any other part of the game? I'm literally just farming Earth until I get something that can make Veil actually enjoyable instead of a boring slog of slowly shooting (healing) enemies and repairing the ship. Another part of the problem is that Railjack as it is currently is hectic without being fast-paced. A fast pace means that my mind is reacting quickly to an enemy that is also reacting quickly to me. Railjack is being trapped in the body of a snail with the mind of a rabbit, fighting enemies about as fast as a turtle. Thus, when people are given the body of a rabbit via Void Hole, it trivializes the content, because the content was artificially difficult to begin with.
  12. basic functionality mods such as bulkhead (ship health) and hyperstrike (ship damage) really need to be more common. they are going on 100 and 200 plat respectively. the fact that there are useless versions of these mods really reminds me of some of the worst aspects of RNG mods from the beta version of warframe, with none of the fun aspects
  13. Warframe is not pay to win. I enjoy this game a hell of a lot, and I (mostly) don't feel like it's forcing me to spend money to have fun. I think that having an economy where people trade real money currency for RNG drops and vice versa is, overall, better than the alternative of having RNG drops and real money items totally separate. But I also think that the community seems to resemble that of a pay to win game just a little bit more with each passing year. People are quicker to assume other people are trying to scam them in trades, especially in high value trades for RNG items, such as Rivens and Liches. People are a bit more cynical about DE's intentions, e.g. making things grindy to sell Resource Boosters and Rush Repair Drones (myself included, at least until they added 1k/750 materials to mission rewards). And let's not forget that whole Riven mafia fiasco from a while back. On the whole, I feel that the general atmosphere of the community is growing less trustful of each other and of DE. Most of the time, this honestly doesn't really matter; Warframe is mostly a casual PvE game, and cooperating with other players is usually rewarded. I still, however, play solo in content like Thermia Fractures, Radiation Hazard Sorties, Eidolons, Orb Mothers, and Railjack because there is a real possibility of other people ruining the mission or taking their frustration out on others, not to mention the forums. In the long run, if this really is a trend, I don't think it's a healthy one. Anyways, what have your observations been with the overall climate of the community over time? Feel free to share your own experiences, especially those that contradict my own. Just don't be a $&*^ about it because you'll literally just be proving my point, and to be honest, "The community is getting worse," isn't a point that I want to be proven right on. tl;dr just read the bolded lines, I'm outta here
  14. while it's great that the crewship missiles allegedly no longer seek tenno, they still need to have their actual hitbox reduced in size
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