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  1. 18 minutes ago, Buff00n said:

    The song storage on an Octavia appearance slot is separate from the saved song slots.  I now have six Octavias and I regularly stumble on a song I deleted from my save slots years ago.

    The save slots are shared among all your Octavias.  What I'm talking about are the songs actually saved in your Octavia appearance, what actually plays in mission.  You can remove those songs from your save slots and they will still be there in your Octavia appearance.

    awesome, thanks for elaborating/reiterating

  2. On 2021-04-06 at 9:21 AM, Tyreaus said:

    Probably the biggest issue of her kit. It's not just that there's no specific reason to switch forms - because there also isn't a benefit to going back and forth, besides fun time - it's that her kit actively dissuades doing so. If you don't run the bandaid augment, changing forms means losing mend / main charge, adding a lot of casting time, more energy costs...and energy transfer alleviates that only partly. It still takes time and still costs energy.

    agreed. helminth empower works really well with equinox's channeled abilities, and her 1 is usually my first choice for replacement. i can run a low level provoke/maim for clearing enemies and containers and a high level pacify on the same empower/energy conversion build with her 3 augment, but i hardly ever find reason to use both in the same mission. it would be nice if there were more reason to switch between forms without the bandaid augment, which still causes you to lose stacks on peaceful provocation

  3. 27 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    No, it doesn't, because exploiting that feature became the standard and a major reason why Trinity was so strong, which is why her DE had to change the way the damage reduction worked on Blessing. Your argument remains conjectural, while mine is based on things that actually happened.

    this argument attempts to characterize my experience as being conjectural and your experience as being authoritative. furthermore, we are applying it to a scenario which is itself conjectural. 

    27 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    Please point to where I have insulted your person or used your own character as an argument against your claims.

    asking me to point out where when i have quoted it directly is clearly sealioning and intended only to lead to further argument.

    27 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    And this is a bad thing... why? You seem to be operating under the logic that abilities need to all see exactly equal amounts of usage in order to all be worth using, which is not how ability design works.

    as i've already stated, it reflects on their having similar *value*. while certainly not a 1:1 conversion, it should be obvious that i see your version of blessing as much less effective than link, and that with your changes there would be no reason to ever not build for link, while blessing would be untethered from both range and duration. but i'm finished engaging here, since i don't think i can actually say anything without being aggressively mischaracterized.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    This all sounds very nice in theory, but translates to nothing in practice.

    i use those builds, though. they perform perfectly fine in sortia and steel path and provide different utility than the generic build, which is the point of build variety. while most people simply use trinity for its generic use case, these options are open to everyone if they look for them.

    38 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    a benefit that is ultimately far inferior to the DR from Link

    adding 1350 armor is equivalent to 76% damage reduction on trinity

    38 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    This assessment is entirely wrong; Blessing today is severely nerfed compared to its previous iterations, especially as it used to have global range. The DR based on the percentage of health healed had to be removed because it was far too strong, allowing Trinity to equip self-harming weapons and abuse them to give her entire team 99% DR.

    that it had an exploit related to self-damage doesn't change its ineffectiveness when used normally. the argument still applies. furthermore, that was *after* the quick thinking nerf, so you had to bring specially modded castanas to do it, and do it rather frequently, as you've noted.

    38 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    The DR does not need to come with the healing for that synergy to exist, and Blessing is strong not because of its DR (75% is nothing special in a game full of 90% DR steroids and Harrow's 4, which provides total invulnerability), but because it's a spammable full team heal from a massive range. It can single-handedly save teammates for death, and has been made easier to use now that shield gating prevents most teammates from getting one-shot.

    that the DR is not large compared to many others which are arguably overkill is irrelevant. it is sufficient to be non-negligible in the vast majority of content. if you limit the DR range to that of link, you'll find that the heal is less effective at keeping allies alive, though not as less effective as it used to be, thanks to shieldgating, as i've noted.

    38 minutes ago, Teridax68 said:

    Refresh which buff, pray tell? Because Link as I've presented it isn't a timed buff, it's a permanent buff that drains Energy continuously, so you wouldn't have to constantly refresh it on teammates. Your assessment is also ignorant of the manner Trinity currently uses her abilities, which is just as much of a two-step process when she refreshes both Link and Blessing in succession. As with the single other person pointing out the "hassle", you complain about one thing ("overcentralizing" Trinity's kit by moving her DR to one ability) and then its opposite (separating Trinity's DR from her healing and thereby decentralizing her 4) in the same post, which is a bit confusing.

    you're taking this a bit far with the ad-hominem. i specifically noted that while people may point it out as more of a hassle, it really isn't since *most* people play with link and blessing permanently active. there is no contradiction between noting that link is overcentralized in your version and accepting blessing's current state. as you've pointed out, blessing in its current state has equal usage with link by most players. if you were to implement your changes, it would have far less usage than link. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Xer06siX said:

    That totally doesn't work...just FYI. I have Octavia and Octavia Prime. The song slots transfer.


    if you have a song equipped on octavia, and then you erase it from the saved song list, what happens to the octavia? if it stays on that octavia, that might be a form of storage

  6. 2 hours ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

    This is the first time I've seen someone besides me using sealioning as a term. I was starting to think it wasn't a real term I have heard it so rarely (or never.)

    i'll be honest, i actually misremembered it as seawhaling before going "wait that's not right". not a very common term, despite being really helpful for describing a specific thing

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  7. 2 hours ago, Teridax68 said:

    As per the earlier part of my post, Trinity has two 75% DR steroids on her kit, which creates redundancy when she could just have a single damage reduction effect instead. Additionally, it's one of the reasons why she often feels annoying to play, as she's incentivized to constantly refresh the buff on its short base duration. If you believe I am removing the "protection aspect" from Blessing when I am leaving its heal untouched, then I don't think you necessarily understand what makes Blessing so strong.

    having multiple DR sources that are affected by different modifiers does give her more build variety though. you could forego link for pool of life + health conversion and trade range in for duration, for example. or you could dump duration and max range, relying on pool of life and vampire leech, which also works well with marked for death. changing link to be the source of both personal and team DR overcentralizes her kit, imo. 

    blessing is stronger in the modern day because it can refresh shieldgating, but it has gone through iterations that were not so useful, one of those being scaling the DR based on the percentage of health healed. the DR in that iteration was extremely situational because you couldn't get high DR reliably without your teammate dying, so you still ended up just spamming it to heal. DR and heals synergize with each other because DR increases the amount of EHP you've received, and that synergy is what makes blessing strong. even if you move the DR to link, you aren't changing the need to refresh DR buffs on allies to increase blessing's effectiveness. you're just making it a two-step process instead of one, which is why people are pointing out that it's more of a hassle. not necessarily true in the full gameplay context, as most people play with link permanently on anyways, but still worth considering. i probably would never use blessing over vampire leech again, because it has multiple functions in one action, and there's no value in dumping range anymore

  8. On 2021-04-07 at 9:11 AM, LockingSoul said:

    How comes that, that thing has never happened to me? Neither as volt, nor gauss, or even as gauss with a volt and wisp. I call bs on that.

    similar issue is documented here:

    as well as here and here:





    melee oddities are nothing new to warframe, unfortunately, nor are issues related to refresh rate. i think mesa's regulators' max fire rate was your framerate at one point.

    11 hours ago, Vaml77 said:

    I am perplexed to know that until today DE has done nothing with saryn. All warframes have received some improvements or reworks ... but saryn seems to be DE's favorite warframe or that DE is afraid to tamper with and lose "players" who abuse the mechanics of this warframe .... ironically it is a warframe based in toxin and toxic to the game itself.

    saryn's current state *was* the rework. now that they've done it once, they're unlikely to do it again

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  9. 3 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    If I may go off-topic for just a second - random rewards get used over deterministic rewards for purely habit-forming, anti-consumer reasons. I can't cite the studies any more as it's been a while, but it was discovered that players maintain an overall higher average level of "engagement" when rewards are unpredictable. With predictable, deterministic rewards, engagement peaks very high when players are close to attaining a reward, but then drop all the way down to near-nothing afterwards. This creates a "stopping point" - a point where a player has had enough of the game for a while and might go play something else... Or log out. With random rewards, every roll offers an opportunity to make progress, thus players retain an overall higher level of engagement. Even if you just earned a big reward, the next one might drop off the very next roll.

    i think the term you might be looking for is skinner boxes. they've definitely been discussed enough in video game design and criticism circles to be considered common language, at least in those spheres. i'm not aware whether similar studies were ever applied to humans rather than rats, though.

  10. 54 minutes ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

    The "zen" like feeling is abnegation. basically you get in "the zone" and just grind and it is relaxing. DE has a lot of grind and I often find it relaxing. I don't mind if stuff is locked behind it, personally. The grind is content, even if many people don't see it that way. It gives you a reason to play the game.

    that's certainly a way to play that i think is possible for most everyone, but i do think that requires a change in perspective that isn't trivial when so much of the game is structured around motivating players through extrinsic rewards. what i have to do with some of the grindier stuff is to only play for a short amount of time, so that i can't actually expect to get a drop before i'm done playing. 

  11. 22 minutes ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

    RNG and other elements often complained about have been in MMOs since the very early days. It's part of it. It's effort insomuch as you often have to "put in the time" to get those items, though yes you can get lucky. I got my second Nidus within like 5 or 6 salvages, for example of some no effort, good luck. But I've put in a lot of time on other RNG things and that time makes it effort to do. Challenging? Only if the fight itself is. But definitely effort.

    i'm not confident how true this is generally, but at least in my experience playing stuff like monster hunter, RNG drop systems are more fun if the fight itself is also challenging. a lot of stuff in Warframe isn't actually that bad of RNG, but sometimes, how long it takes to farm is kind of out of whack with how challenging it is, so it kind of just becomes a chore.

    and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, RNG grind can also be like relaxing zen content, like fishing in FFXIV. but i find that's only fun when it's optional and doesn't unlock any special rewards that benefit you in other content. a lot of people really hated fishing in FFXIV because they only did it to raise their level and get the title for maxing all your classes.

    in both of these examples, i think there's sort of a concept of intrinsic reward. RNG can be intrinsically fun on its own, but locking extrinsic rewards behind it tends to take the focus away from the intrinsic, and then you need to supplement it with gameplay that is also intrinsically fun. that's just my guess, though, and it's not like you can't still have fun with MMO grinds and RNG and whatnot. i just prefer to measure games by how fun they are instead of how much time they take.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Jarriaga said:

    The New Loka quest reinforced just how cartoon-villain-evil they are at the end by pretty much willingly choosing to hypocritically play coy and disingenuous when confronted with cognitive dissonance that exposed their beliefs.

    i think that's a fair take, though mine was personally more of the seed of doubt has been planted, though it hasn't yet germinated

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  13. 20 hours ago, PublikDomain said:

    Which is fine, and a perfectly valid perspective, but it's not the perspective everyone has. Some people find that their experience is ruined by things like lack of balance, and for them it's more of a "need" than just a "want". IMO if you have a bunch of people who feel that they need something and a bunch of people who are indifferent, then it's still a need. For example:

    I'd agree that right now is probably the best time to play Warframe as a new player. If you've got another 300 items to collect and level up and thousands of hours of content ahead of you, then yeah you're going to have a blast. Warframe is going to be great for you.

    But as an old player it's possibly the worst time to play because there's just nothing interesting for you to do. Raids are gone, PvP is still dead, there's no challenging content to be seen, etc. Warframe lacks the long-term systems and mechanics necessary to keep veteran players engaged, and one of the reasons it can't have these systems is the lack of balance. There are no epic raids or challenge missions because there can't be; it's impossible to create this kind of content because no one can define what "challenging" means when every player's experience is so wildly different.

    Both perspectives are valid and correct. But just because you're happy with where the game is doesn't make other players' needs any less valid.

    GaaS is an acronym for "Games as a Service", not a person. Games like Warframe which are designed to run perpetually through constant content drops. MMOs, F2Ps, etc.

    as an old player myself, i'm actually alright with reducing the amount of time i play warframe in accordance with the lack of engaging content for me. gives me more time to try new things and whatnot. people tend to group all vets or all new players together as all having the same perspective within their respective categories, but that isn't really true. that said, i definitely still respect and even support your perspective on warframe needing more long-term systems, and how rebalancing a wide variety of systems would go a long way towards that. because even if it's not a need that i personally have, it's still something that would probably make the game better for everyone. curb ramps for example benefit everyone, even though they're only an explicit need for wheelchair users

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  14. she doesn't really need a rework, but i agree that her design can be contradictory at times. she kind of performs best at long range due to how her 1 and 4 work, which is the opposite of what you'd expect from a warframe with built-in claws. yet her blood altar puts you in melee range and is a fixed-placement gradual heal, which you're not likely to use at long range but you're also probably not going to stick near if you're using melee. it would be better if it gave a buff like wisp's reservoirs.

    apart from small QOL changes, though, i don't think changing her gameplay to be more melee-focused would necessarily be a good idea. functioning at range makes her distinct from valkyr, who would probably benefit from a rework more

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  15. i dont think its too fast

    6 hours ago, Psianide73 said:

    Because when many players of Warframe are actually at risk of being harmed, they moan that the game is too hard, and that it ruins their power-fantasy.

    They complain the loudest, and stuff gets nerfed back to training-wheels level of difficulty.

    DE doesn't put more challenging mobs in because they don't have any tools beyond increasing their raw stats, and the way those stats are scaled also makes it difficult to fine-tune, which pretty much only results in either bullet sponges or wet tissue paper

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  16. this is kind of what i was concerned about with moving oberon parts to railjack. oberon was probably the easiest entry frame for new players into eidolon and gave access to focus abilities and arcanes that really open up the playing field for new players to use frames that arent rhino. now the easiest apart from leeching your first few hunts is probably trinity with voidrig, the latter of which is also kind of a pain to level solo

  17. On 2021-03-30 at 3:48 AM, TARINunit9 said:

    Volt's passive is terrible though. It takes much longer to charge even with the augment, and it caps at an unmoddable 1000 damage. Ballistic Battery charges much quicker and gives you 1600*strength*crit bonus damage. And no I don't think it's clunky at all; definitely a lot less clunkier than just playing as Trinity I'm general (which I used to do a lot)

    i'm honestly still so sad that volt's current shield has anti-synergy with his passive. movement debuff AND an energy drain? i know his passive doesn't matter in the slightest but it still makes me so sad

  18. 7 minutes ago, PublikDomain said:

    The mechanics, look, handling, etc. of a gun should be what you pick them by, not the size of a number. 

    i honestly felt that there was a LOT of potential design space in the basic weapon stat distributions prior to status 3.0. with IPS status weighting, the innate slash distribution was incredibly useful, as were any weapons that could dilute that weighting with innate elemental, and they could totally have extended that to impact and puncture with a good status rework. now they're all very samey and i mostly only look at the crit and status chance because we just use forced procs now.

  19. On 2021-03-30 at 4:59 PM, DealerOfAbsolutes said:

    Bombards used to be a high priority threat. 

    holy S#&$ i remember this.

    you're absolutely right, the enemy design just hasn't kept up with the gameplay at all. and while i still love the current mobility and think it's one of the things that makes warframe unique, i have also thought for a long time that most of the game design just doesn't reward mastery of the parkour system. 

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  20. Outside of pre-status-3.0 Ballistic Battery gas memes, no I cannot. I promise you that I was not asking rhetorically, and I apologize for that jab I took at you earlier. Outside of a Condition Overload primer, I genuinely cannot envision such a build currently, and I acknowledge that this is moreso evidence of my lack of perspective than evidence that such a build does not exist. I would really appreciate it if you could share such a build.

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