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  1. It took me maybe a couple hours in Survival just messing around to get 1,000 Ducats. Fun weapon with neat passives~
  2. I like to push the "BREAK ALL THE THINGS" envelope with my buddies every time new mods/weapons come out lol in Defense and Survival till we can't go any longer, rushing missions is no fun </3 even with over powered builds you gotta give the game that slow romancin' xD
  3. Calm thy mammaries, you will recieve the update when it has reached completion~ As will we all...Alderaan may recieve it a little harder though...just sayin'
  4. The Synoid Gammacor is over powered, sure...I have it and don't use it, or bring it in with me in case I need to pick up some random surrounded by enemies when I don't want to risk melee. But you choose if you want that handicap when you pick your loadout before a mission, play with your friends who also don't like using it if you feel so strongly. Don't be begging for a nerf on something other players enjoy because you don't like seeing them use it. Over powered or not, a lot of people invested time and money in to getting them to have an extra powerful fist laser beam. I prefer the Marelok (trying to get the syndicate version too) And I can out-kill most Gammacor wielders with the basic one, or even my Nikana if I'm trying a little. (granted the Nikana is sort of OP as well)
  5. Sorry, I had been typing still when this post got 18 updates xD
  6. What about the players who accidentally bought the Nikana which had half as much damage because they looked and were priced the same for a little while? Are we expected to all have to buy both? D: I bought both anyways because I wanted it so baddly (I am not that patient obviously) but there are plenty of other people who feel pretty ripped off and don't have the option to try again and get the Dragon Nikana with double damage :/
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