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  1. I feel like this question has been raised before, but will there be more options to captura other than the syndicates and few rooms given? I'd love to see more options on other planets and tilesets as well as within my own dojo (if possible).
  2. D: Don't be cruel to the idle NPC! They want to sit at the cool kids table too! Haha!
  3. Wow everyone's stuff looks so good. and those pun load out names are 10/10 So this is worth the try. Operator - Azarel. [body and face] Frame - (proto-) Excalibur [ loadout: excalibro / weapon loadout included (i am but a simple tenno) ] also casual non bloom-y screens just because. :) this seemed like fun. had to throw mine into the mix for funsies.
  4. Super excited to hear that you guys are pushing for cert so soon! Thanks for the update!