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    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    I must start out with this has been what I have experienced since the update, many probably have gone through the same situations I have, but at the same time, many probably haven't. While I do like the overall look of the updated UI/HuD, a lot of the overall movement just feels... off. It definitely feels as if it was made specifically for mouse and keyboard. Despite many comparing the feeling to Destiny, even that feels more comfortable than this. The right stick feels more in the way than the Frames being in the shot of your stats. Using the right stick when it came to appearance no longer allows you to spin around and look at your finer details unless you exit appearance and move the cursor out of the way-- it's a bit timely and very annoying to deal with. It also does this when your cursor is hovering over anything else but the frame itself while in the arsenal. To me, it felt much easier to navigate through options with the d-pad, but not only that, having the shortcuts of square, circle, and triangle to help get to your upgrades, appearance, and general equipment, it now feels like you have to chug through at a snails pace to get to any thing while double clicking everything. At times, I can't even click anything with the cursor hovering over the options either! I wouldn't be as annoyed with it if most of this wasn't a double click or a pixel hunt, as it does feel. I've learned that the go around with this is to leave the arsenal (sometimes twice) to even get anything to click, but with this, I've had to leave groups (mostly during sorties), so I could have time to even swap frames or weapons because the slow crawl or work arounds took forever to even do. Working with the upgrade screen in both the mod area and configs, it's been a mess on my end personally. Press L1 or R1? Nope. Can't move on either area. I'd have to drag the cursor up to the top to use the config (either clicking on the options or aggressively clicking R1 in hopes that it finally moves), or way to the bottom and still clicking through the mod sets to even reach Madurai because nothing else lights up. On the mod selection, despite the right stick cursor just SHOOTING through mods at a speed unnoticed in any other part of this, the d-pad really was a handy thing to have. The quick selection of being able to click and swap mods with just the up and down buttons and X, really got things done rather quickly and helped get back into missions with ease. Now we've returned to that slow trudge through with mods with the sudden drag and drop option (that really didn't work until I left my arsenal and came back... four times...). It'd be neat if the cursor had the same super speed going up and down as it does traveling through the mods, but it doesn't. TL:DR; The cursor feels more natural on the menu screen than it does anywhere else in the game. It's mostly consistently in the way, too slow, too fast, or just generally a hassle to work with. Console users definitely need shortcuts when it comes to controllers despite mouse and keyboard integration. I'm not saying get rid of it as a whole, but it'd be lovely to have an option to be able to choose between this or of having the original controls. It's wishful thinking, but it'd be much better than all this slow slipping and sliding, that's for sure.
  2. (PS4)CannibalRain

    Dojo decorations not appearing?

    That sucks. The fog would have been dope with regular lighting.
  3. (PS4)CannibalRain

    Dojo decorations not appearing?

    I guess this is a general little thing, nothing massively serious, but my dojo decided to up our decorating skills, but we wanted to fill one room with fog. However, with about 20 of those little fog things all over the room, it still looks the same in comparison to how we've seen it on PC. It might be an error on my behalf, but my clan can't see the fog effects either. This isn't the first time we've had little dojo problems like this, but I thought it was something to bring up. I hope there is a fix (we really wanted that fog lol). :(
  4. (PS4)CannibalRain

    Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    I feel like this question has been raised before, but will there be more options to captura other than the syndicates and few rooms given? I'd love to see more options on other planets and tilesets as well as within my own dojo (if possible).
  5. (PS4)CannibalRain

    PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    D: Don't be cruel to the idle NPC! They want to sit at the cool kids table too! Haha!
  6. (PS4)CannibalRain

    *24 HR Tenno Casting Call* Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    Wow everyone's stuff looks so good. and those pun load out names are 10/10 So this is worth the try. Operator - Azarel. [body and face] Frame - (proto-) Excalibur [ loadout: excalibro / weapon loadout included (i am but a simple tenno) ] also casual non bloom-y screens just because. :) this seemed like fun. had to throw mine into the mix for funsies.
  7. (PS4)CannibalRain

    Ps4: The Second Dream (U18) Status [Live Now]

    Super excited to hear that you guys are pushing for cert so soon! Thanks for the update!