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  1. Personally I think that if we had more diverse mission objectives challenge would be less of an issue. Maybe some more missions that are not "Kill everything as fast as possible"
  2. Ashs fatal teleport can actually sorta cc Demolists
  3. I don't understand why they even release an augment for a frame that needs a rework as much as valkyr does. She used to be a really popular frame for a long time and now she's kind of a rarity to see at all. Imo, Valkyr needs another rework cause her whole setup doesn't synergise at all. 1 Ripline does the opposite of what you would want for a melee frame. This should be a lunge like Garudas 1 2 Warcry is of course fine, it's her best ability and has a great mod. 3 Paralysis working off of her shields makes no sense to me. Valk is also not a CC frame, but one that kills stuff with her claws. So this would make more sense if it buffed her, maybe by giving her shields based on how many enemies are around her. 4 Hysteria was changed in the wrong way imo. Why should her 4 make her high armor redundant by making her invulnerable? Status immunity is fine but a berserker should live from fighting and her lifesteal would work perfectly for that. So she does not get one shot she could have the shield gating mechanic also for her hp, refusing to die as long as her hp gets fully refilled again. This would also make sense for her being an armor tank. Of course her 4s energy drain needs to be reduced, probably by resetting the drains ramp-up when she gets a kill.
  4. Warframes player guidance is atrocious and really needs work. Without the wiki this game would be horrible to play and that's just sad after all these years.
  5. With the Sentients at the gates, maybe they will adapt further to fighting warframes and their powers? I quite like the idea of enemies attaining resistances to our powers, like taking less damage or turning hard cc into soft cc. That stuff would happen as enemy level increases during the run of a mission instead of just scaling their stats. Lorewise it could be Corpus and Grineer reverse-engineering some aspects of the Sentients. Another idea I had while reading this threat was that all Warframe abilities draw their power from the void and maybe unleashing them at grand scale for a long time is a bad idea. Just giving spamming the same ability consequences. Void rifts could open (similar to fissures) and bestow resistances and such onto enemies, depending on the ability that was used in excess.
  6. But why? Some stuff literally means you have less reason to play the game at all.
  7. I log in quite infrequently an for some reason I get plat coupons a lot. When I am just checking to see if the game has something to offer me is probably the time I am least likely to buy plat.
  8. Why do people play ESO so much?
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