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  1. Thanks for the #mods, mastered weps UI fix!
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    Seeing this right now, stuck on CHECKING FOR NEW CONTENT... 54.9 KB, and using high CPU doing .. something. Not using any disk or network though. Edit: Tried running Verify Download Cache, now it's stuck on 21%, still using high cpu on a Warframe.x64.exe process. Edit2: Getting this from `Preprocess.log`, seems like the corrupted files are tripping something somewhere. Can't find a way to repair, which probably means reinstall. Come on, it's not a small game, I don't have time to download 30GB, potentially after every update.... 8.325 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Materials/PostFX/Themes/EquinoxStyle_v.png is corrupt 8.325 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Materials/PostFX/Themes/FortunaStyle_v.png is corrupt 8.327 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Materials/PostFX/Themes/GrineerStyle_v.png is corrupt 8.332 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Photobooth/VentKidHideout/LevelCapture_mm.png is corrupt
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