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  1. The farm for Void Hole is absolutely bonkers. 15% drop from Avionics (99% for 1 drop every 30 kills), ok not so bad. 1.01% drop chance from Exo Outrider (99% for 1 drop every 500 kills)? Ok this kind of sucks but as long as there are enough spawns it will be feasible to get it. There are 3-6 Exo Outriders per "kill 90" mission. This is ludacris. For a drop that we would have to kill 18k to approach a 99% probability of getting a drop. Madness! And I understand that Void Hole is the supposed end-game. I still think it's an insane amount of kills for it. My suggestion is to boost the rate of Exo Outriders spawns, though that also essentially nerfs the rate of other Avionics, so maybe just increasing the drop chance to 5% would be more sensible, or making it available to drop from an enemy that isn't so uncommon, or being able to buy it with something. I don't think it's acceptable that the market price for an essential skill is 500 plat lol.
  2. Railjack loses stats from components if it's not double clicked to be selected. Simply exiting out without double clicking it will lose the stats on the Railjack! To replicate: Go into Railjack Configuration > Components Note your Avionics capacity with a reactor equipped Select Reactor and press Escape or click mouse button for Back (default mouse button 4) You Avionics capacity is back to 30 Open Reactors again, and double click your reactor that should already be equipped Look at the Avionics capacity go up to what it should be This also happens for Shields and Engines, but not for weapons. I don't think the Railjack is actually affected if you start a mission, but it makes all the avionics invisible on the Avionics screen, nor can you equip new ones until you go back and click your reactor again.
  3. Asterite drop rate seems very off compared to the others. I mean look at this: Titanium costs are also insane, compared to drop rates, but because of Asterite it doesn't matter! I can farm up enough Titanium for 5 items when I have got barely a third of the Asterite for a single one. And I have a 1004 of the "rare" Fresnels. What? And this is after a while of farming, so in general I think Asterite should either: - Drop 10x more. That means I would have about 5k Asterite. I can repair 3.47 items now. After ~2 days of farming with Resource booster. Yeah maybe make that 15x more! or - Reduce Asterite costs by 10-15x.
  4. Please for the love of god, remove the "rare" popup for Cubic Diodes, Carbides, Pustrels and Titanium. No a resource from which you need 15000 is not RARE. Use the old loot in the middle of the screen with tiny text, the one for common resources. This way rare popups can be saved for actual rare resources and avionics...
  5. So that's why people join in and drop out in a matter of seconds... Quite infuriating I agree.
  6. Bows are less used - you can get such high damages because of crazy Riven rolls. Do people use Bows in places where they would use Snipers, e.g. eidolons, because the bow damage is so ridiculous? There's no point thinking about the weapon type here, it's balancing based on usage/usefulness.
  7. Trade channel has sucked since its creation, and you can already filter it, nothing else needs to be added. Third-party trading website has proven a far superior experience to using the trade channel anyway
  8. This really sucks. After 1 hour just got to the point of giving up. Lost a ton of good look and recipes too..
  9. This right here DE. Spot on. The #1 rule of Railjack is Don't use the Railjack. We have to literally hide it and put bubbles if it's under fire. This sucks. 4 people, 1 on Railjack, 2 with Amesha bubbling and killing S#&$ and one on enemy ship is the best way. And it shouldn't be. It really sucks that the enemy ships are so much better in every way.
  10. Oh damn I've seen that actually. My Zaar was displayed as lvl 30 on mission end screen and then I went to change it only to find it level 28.
  11. Missions to kill X ships in space would be a lot more fun if the weapons weren't utter garbage. Will we get better weapons? Probably. But the first ones doing so little damage to ships is boring. People end up going Archwing and killing everything 100x faster, and I can't blame them. If the RJ weapons were actually at all competitive, less people would do that. I'd expect the beginning weapons to be decent until end of Earth. Maybe only struggle to kill enemies on the last mission, so level 20+. Currently they seem useless for anything over level 10, and even below is not fun.
  12. I can't seem to join a public Railjack. Hosting is fine, but nobody seems to join me as well. Is matchmaking gone broken?
  13. Just found out on PC - using Nezha's charged chakram shoots the disc out a couple of meters and then instantly returns. This is on 26.1.3, but apparently been an issue since Old Blood. Also seen on PS4:
  14. Maybe you can try to reset your controls to defaults? Mine got messed up after a recent update to the point where I could not move with WASD anymore. Yeah I don't use controller but I can imagine similar thing happening
  15. Thanks so much for making A6 less painful to farm!
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