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  1. I happened to check again today and their PC data has been updated apparently. It now has 581 entries, including the Zhuge. Based on sampling some of the data, it looks like the data we already had is the same too; so this was a fix rather than a complete re-run. I'm not sure when it was updated or who did it, but thank you for looking into it DE!
  2. The PC data for this week still seems a bit off. It's getting cut off after Venka this time I believe, with 556 total entries this week (around 10 - 15ish less than prior weeks on average). It's certainly possible that there just happened to be less items traded this week resulting in less entries, I don't doubt that at all. But the fact that last weeks data was ~200 entries below the average amount, and the fact that Zhuge Prime just came out and the data is missing it - indicating not a single Zhuge riven was traded - makes me believe otherwise.
  3. I can confirm I'm also seeing this. We're missing ~200 entries compared to previous weeks
  4. Is the value for "pop" broken this week? It seems to be wildly incorrect on all platform, e.g. from PC: EDIT: Nevermind, I see the initial thread post has been updated: In general, I'm not sure what the benefit of changing this even is. It's a ratio based on one type of item sold as opposed to the entire population of items sold. We would have calculated this ourselves if we wanted with the old system, and with this new system in place it feels more like we're losing information about what's actually going on in ways of Riven trading, which (from what I understood) this whole project was supposed to help alleviate. If this is the route it's going to take, could the ratios at least be decimals? Having them as whole numbers isn't very informative since well over a majority of the items (483 out of 576) are listed with a pop of 1, which doesn't really tell you much beyond "these traded less frequently" yet with what actual scale is unknown. For instance, a non-rolled Fluctus has a pop of 1 this week. Last week, with the old system, a non-rolled Fluctus had a pop of 0.2914%, which lets you estimate an amount of 128 total traded. With this new system, if we assume a similar amount was traded (let's say 90 for this sake), a pop of 1 with 90 actually traded would be the same pop as some other item with 2 actually traded.
  5. After today's update (24.5.2) it seems like running multiple servers is producing some cache issue when trying to load assets. It spams all of the server's logs about being unable to load assets because "platform not enabled", until all but one of the servers are closed. The one remaining server seems to load fine after all others are shut down. I'm not sure if this is just some issue with my own servers or if it's affecting other people. In any case I've emailed you one of my logs @maciejs
  6. I can confirm this is also happening for me. I did get a crash at some point, not sure if it was related to this. WAR-2030738 I have the log for that as well if you'd like it.
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