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  1. Looks like there's duplicate entries for veiled Shotgun and Kitgun rivens for every platform except XB1 this week. The duplicate Kitgun rivens have an itemType of "Shotgun Riven Mod", so I'm guessing that's related to the Gift of the Lotus fumble from August 27th.
  2. On Warframe.market you can just type into the regular search "Shotgun Riven Mod (Veiled)". It should take you to the listings for them
  3. Thank you for that quick response! That makes sense for Lunaro . I figured it was something like that, just wasn't sure what each value actually was. Sorry to ask for you to dig some more, but for other game modes (FFA, TA, CTC), what does Mechanics represent? I'm assuming for CTC it might be captures based on Lunaro's case
  4. Sorry to bother again, but I had a few questions regarding logging recently: Would it be possible for some extra logging to take place in Lunaro and Cephalon Capture to denote when some kind of scoring happens? e.g. "Player ABC scored a goal", "Player XYZ captured the Cephalon", etc This was mentioned in a bug megathread, but I figured I'd ask here if I'm already posting: how is it possible for someone to have a "Kills" stat in the end-of-round stats in Lunaro? I encountered a case where someone had 2 kills at the end of the round, but no one had any deaths, and there were no individual log messages denoting someone dying e.g. Just for clarification, what does the "Mechanics" stat in the end-of-round logging represent? I used to think it was just abilities and special kills (i.e. sliding or headshots), but I'm not so sure
  5. Looks like this is fixed now once the dedicated servers get restarted. Thank you very much!
  6. Hey @maciejs, it looks like the NRS Server issue is happening again after the latest update
  7. I had actually done something like that for PC data: https://uasclan.net/RivenSearch Luckily I did also download all the other platforms as well, though I never fully parsed them so I have no idea if there's any erroneous entries: https://uasclan.net/RivenData.zip A few things I can tell you about the PC data though: Any entries after "Ogris" were missing for the week of 2019-07-07 Data was missing completely for the week of 2020-06-28 Data was missing completely for the week of 2021-05-02 There may be some instances where the data has more than two entries for a weapon (e.g. on previous page I had mentioned Kohm having three for one week). I don't remember if I removed any obviously wrong ones from the JSON or not (I know I didn't for any recent ones), but just something to be aware of even still to this day For other platforms, if there's just an empty JSON file for a given week, then that's because DE didn't provide it (like Switch this week). I also assume the last issue I noted above about multiple entries is true for them too. If you have any issues or questions with it please feel free to reach out!
  8. Looks like Switch data is missing this week (except for the WARNING)
  9. There's been some warning at the start of the PC output files for the past couple of weeks, just an FYI:
  10. In Captura or when you're customizing, it shows the full sigil. Outside of that though, it will only become visible as you take damage. The more damage to your health you take, the more visible it becomes (until it hits max visibility).
  11. XB1 data missing this week. All others seem good. UPDATE 6/8: Looks like it's present now, thank you!
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