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  1. PC data is back this week, though it looks like there's 3 entries for Kohm: I assume the last two (319 and 320) are the correct ones It's happened several times in the past for other items, but I have no idea if anyone else actually cares about this stuff still, and I figured I'd just point it out now since I'm posting anyway.
  2. Appears to be good now, thank you very much for the swift response! Will monitor it and let you know if anything else pops up
  3. Can confirm I'm also experiencing the same issue. Played with port settings, firewall settings, etc. and nothing seemed to resolve it. I figured I'd wait a bit since maybe something on DE's side went down due to the patch, but at this point I figure it's probably safe to say it's something else.
  4. PC data is empty / missing this week. Other platforms seem fine
  5. XBox data is missing for this week, others look okay. UPDATE: Looks like it's present now
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