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  1. Hey DE, you're losing it. Like Mortaria I'm playing warframe for about 5-6 years. All the ups and downs aside I really love this game BUT... Since the numbers of 'white knights' increase you guys start to do what they 'allow' you to do. and to come to my point it ends in unstable content that none of us like with the bit of bait that 'it's improving...it's going to get better' but know what. I bought the story of railjacj liches and new war for over halve a jear now. 'we do not want another island' haha... it IS now just another island. it is unstable,leggy,half-baked S#&$. And now even I am sick of it. I really feel betrayed. The game I loved is falling apart into content that is only half done and gets new content that is the same way Unfinished so for myself I will watch the next days and wait for you to make it work or I will like Mortaria abandon WF for good. Sad thing... I know all of my friends will follow Mortaria and me and will abandon the game as well.
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