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  1. Pretty sure abilities can already benefit from Sonar, I've had a (not-high-Strength) Mag Pull deal like 5k or so damage once.
  2. Not if you're invincible thanks to your 4, and can refill your Shields with your 1 right after (and pump them up beforehand if you're not yet at max Overshields).
  3. Both. Also, how is this a bug? Chat moderation simply did their job. You may not agree on the severity on the response, but still, not a bug in any way.
  4. I'd say give a high Efficiency and Range build a try, mass Avalanche spam is so dang effective, and not least, with the Icy Augment, giving the entire Squad Iron Skin for 4x 0% Damage Taken on the Mission Summary = yes please 😄 Many people declare a high-Range Globe as bad but I've often found it nifty to have a decently-sized safe space to shoot out of in more stationary missions, just gotta keep a look out for Nullifiers and enemies sneaking into your Globe (Enemy Radar Mods FTW, anything that still moves after Avalanche is a Nullifier). A good Frost should IMO never stray too far away from his Globes, including so he can toss enemies out via recasts (yay wall slams for Finisher damage). And yes, Globe spam to keep absorbing the previous Globe's health is a lot more effective than building for high Strength. Ice Wave clearing everything in front of you on lower-level missions, or prepping enemies for Condition Overload en masse and for cheap, there's some use for that as well, surely. So, FWIW, this is my general use build: Corrosive Projection, Vigilante Pursuit R9 Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude Stretch, Overextended R4 Streamline, R4 Fleeting Expertise Primed Continuity, Icy Avalanche Might seem weird to have no survival Mods on, but all I can say is, it simply works really well for me, at least up to and including Sortie 3 missions.
  5. NinjaZeku

    Damage bug

    https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Limbo/Abilities https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rift_Plane 😄
  6. What do you mean? The weapon doesn't reload even though you have Ammo, the model (maybe for the second one) is not being displayed, or ...?
  7. There are enemies in the game that adapt to your damage, so switching weapons (i.e. damage types) is highly encouraged. Oh really. How about that. On a completely unrelated /note, do more Quests 🙂
  8. I wouldn't mind having a whole lot of new Emblems suddenly available to use, of course, but as far as Standing gains go, it's way past due to de-couple that from FashionFrame (as was done e.g. for THE CONCLAVE and Arcanes). Let us choose our "currently supported" Syndicate at the main Syndicate screen, have the bonus % depend on the amount of Sigils we own for that Syndicate, to still have those matter, and automatically apply the respective % bonus to Syndicate Mission Standing rewards even if we currently "support" another.
  9. That'd be my suggestion. Even when "powerleveling" in, say, a Defense with a full Squad, having at least one piece of decent gear to contribute with is highly appreciated. In the early parts of your Tenno journey, with limited resources and stuff, sure, I guess that makes sense. But do look into easy early ways to make some Plat (Relics woo), to be able to afford some more Inventory slots (and maybe Reactors / Catalysts etc), because you should try out all the Frames, "maining" a Frame is a bit silly when you can easily switch between 40+ of them at a whim 😄
  10. ... but it doesn't? Maybe I missed it, I skipped through the video in 5 second steps (because you didn't give / link a specific time in the video grr), could you show us when Sinister Reach is equipped? Pause the video and Right Click -> "Copy video URL at current time" -> paste here.
  11. Oberon can affect any Companion with via abilities (Renewal), why would it suddenly be nonsensical for his Passive to do the same?
  12. Click one of the Support links at the top or bottom of this page. (BTW, don't put your email in public posts, unless you really like spam lol.)
  13. Do you maybe have an Extinguished Dragon Key equipped?
  14. I mean, you already said it right there, work on getting better Mods, and (start on) maxing out your builds which will require Forma. You could e.g. take a look at builds on Warframe Builder / Youtube, see which Mods keep popping up, and then look up how to get these Mods on the Wiki.
  15. Heh, another one of these topics. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cipher +10x Cipher Manufacturing Requirements 9,000 3,600 3,600 Time: 1 min Rush: 1 Market Price: N/A Blueprints Price: 250,000 There ya go, the option to craft multiple Ciphers at once was in the game all along 🙂
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