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  1. Those aren't affected by Strength tho. BTW, on the /note of Helminth options being mentioned, fun fact: a Molecular Prime'd enemy keeps the slow down / speed up state when under Mind Control. Thus, a Speedva can produce a speedy speedy boi MC victim, can be pretty entertaining to watch (also yay high Duration for MC in general, 300% Dur - which is not uncommon on Nova builds - makes for a nice 90 seconds of MC).
  2. The website has a Steam option, when you pick your payment method.
  3. Well, the "disadvantage" would be not having a better Mod in that slot :P Having some extra Shields can be nice early on when you don't have easy / free ways to restore Health, but even then, I'd say just use Redirection and leave it at that. Also, if you want to make use of the set bonus for (partially) resetting Shield Gating, there's ability Mods like Augur Reach / Message / Secrets that may very well make more of a difference.
  4. Check your Control options, see if "Use Abilities On Selection" got toggled off.
  5. Nobody cares about damage, this is about elemental combining order, and nothing else.
  6. That's intended, if it fades away that means there hasn't been a new message in a while. You can open chat (press T, then Escape to get back to the game) to bring it back for a bit.
  7. Could you clarify what exactly you mean by that?
  8. Did you play solo? You don't get a reward selection screen for that, since, you know, you can't select anything other than your own reward.
  9. Just to make sure, was this actually on the Kuva Fortress? Because a mere Kuva Siphon that happens to be a Survival is something different and doesn't count.
  10. Infinite reserves or not, DPS should also take into account reload / recharge times, sites like Warframe Builder or Overframe have a "Sustained DPS" entry you could use for that. As was mentioned, it kind of depends on the rest of your build. For best results, you may want as many different multipliers as possible (base damage + multishot + elements + crit + fire rate) without overly focusing on any one of them, since you get diminishing returns the more you stack the same multiplier. Also, just to make sure, that Stormbringer you're thinking about using, that's in ad
  11. I'm a bit confused, you keep bringing up Strength, yet also already acknowledged how all it gives you (for Maim) is some more damage on the initial Slash proc, which won't kill anything after a certain (early) point in enemy levels, and certainly not on the Steel Path. Neither the storing-up-damage nor the "unleash" nuke part care about your Strength at all. (Mind, I'm not saying Strength is useless on Equinox, I do enjoy her Augment'd 3, in either form, with a decent bit of Strength.)
  12. Void Dash is already faster than sprinting before you add a Hobbled Key, so no :P Also, if you want to stay in your Frame, you still shouldn't just sprint, instead use bullet jumps, rolling, Melee slam attacks when applicable, and whatnot.
  13. Why would it be a bug? You removed the ability, so you can't equip the Augment for it. The end.
  14. Depends, what niche role did you put him in? :P Besides of course being a strong stationary defender, I also quite enjoy his mass damage & CC combo from Avalanche (high Range and Efficiency FTW, some Strength, slightly negative Duration still works okay) and then also further giving my Squad what basically amounts to Iron Skin via the Augment (yay Status immunity for stuff like Radiation Sorties, also no need for Health etc Mods). His 1 and 2 admittedly I mostly toss out for the lulz (or to pop old Globes), though on a higher-Duration build, you could certainly have some
  15. Of course there is. Your case is a clear example of how not to mod. Duh. That's fine, but accept the consequences of that choice. No you don't, you simply want to. Absolutely max STR is in no way the 100% intended, or optimal, build for Rhino.
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