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  1. Did you refine all of them? Because you can't link vaulted Relics (and I guess whatever Baro-only ones fall under) unless you own an intact one.
  2. Teshin sells a Blueprint, did you craft it? It sounds like you might have simply used a regular Forma, and then chosen one of the options for either removing the selected slot's Polarity (hexagon with no Polarity symbol in it) or keeping it as-is (no hexagon at all), which, if used on a non-polarized slot, would give the same result, no Polarity change, (regular) Forma used, unranked Frame.
  3. What is this about "putting it back"? DE never removed it from anyone's Dojo. The research was an Operation reward, for Clans that did well in said Operation. And even ignoring the free trading deal that to me seems to work well enough, there's Baro bringing us a weapon we might have missed originally, as is the case for Machete Wraith, Quanta Vandal, Vulkar Wraith, Supra Vandal, Zylok, Glaxion Vandal, and whatnot. It's fine for those weapons, it's fine for this one as well, no? Mind, I wouldn't be against the Operation returning, not least for Switch users who never
  4. Lavos' base Armor is 450. He gains [I guess as a replacement for +Energy maybe?] up to +225 Armor from ranking up.
  5. ... huh? It's not about performing a Void Dash, it's about the game properly recognizing it and thus actually triggering the Zenurik passive.
  6. Just to make sure, because you never responded, did you check your Filters?
  7. You really don't need / shouldn't use 3 sources of +damage, that gives diminishing returns, i.e. less overall compared to e.g. using elemental damage in combination with +damage. Also, making your Melee slower (via Spoiled Strike) is rarely a great idea in any case, I'd rather up my Attack Speed to get an increase in both DPS as well as Status infliction rate (which will further increase DPS). Try to get Vicious Frost (and Volcanic Edge while you're at it) from low-tier Spy missions, to allow you, for a managable Capacity cost, to make Viral (plus Heat) and add Status Chance at
  8. For the record, that was not my suggestion at all, kind of the opposite, in fact.
  9. Vulpaphylas (and Djinn before that even) have shown that immortal Companions aren't out of the question for DE, so not least in light of that, I'll repeat my thoughts on Companion survival: Make all Companions immortal, but have them enter a cooldown state for their offensive capabilities (not stuff like Animal Instinct / Vacuum / Mod set boni) when they take "lethal" damage. That would make the current Health etc Mods / defensive options still have a purpose, stuff like Bleed Out Mods / Regen / Reawaken would be reworked to affect that cooldown. And wh
  10. (Just sayin', you could've scrolled down to check whether there were already topics for this issue.)
  11. Didn't run extensive tests myself, but it's e.g. listed on the Wiki page for CO, so seems legit. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Condition_Overload
  12. Nukor (Kuva or not) enlarges the body part(s) it shoots at (try a Thumper for the lulz), this is caused by a "Microwave" Status Effect unique to that weapon, which apparently also contributes to Condition Overload damage buffing.
  13. Sure, Wuclone uses an exact copy of your weapon, Mods and all. I mean, you can't mod for all of those at once, but yes, Wuclone's procs will fuel your CO. All the things you listed are damage types. All damage types can cause Status effects.
  14. It is available, though. You can either get it via trading (usually for free) or from Baro if the former is not an option for whatever reason. They did. Back when the event happened.
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