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  1. Same, weird. Cordelia used to be a node on Uranus, but I guess got nixed in the Star Chart rework, so ... maybe some other node took its place and is thus appearing under the wrong name in the friendlist screen? lol dunno
  2. You need to actually get the permission (i.e. gain the role of "Fabricator" IIRC) to buy those Blueprints, did that happen?
  3. Are you maybe using one of the Fortuna Arcanes that change your Amp's damage type? Because you need Void damage to take down those Shields, anything else won't work, even if it comes from an Amp.
  4. I think that's fine, TBH, since otherwise Efficiency would "double dip" and improve both the intake and output, so to speak. Although, lemme check ... ah yes, the ability info in-game actually shows the 50% base being affected by Mods. Hm. Dunno if that's an issue with the displayed info or a mechanical bug, but yes, that needs to be fixed either way.
  5. Was that necessary? Implying TC to be illiterate, sick and stupid, over such a small thing? Come on. Agreed, it's not the most elegant / direct way to present this information.
  6. Volt Prime parts are spread across 4 different Relics, and the rarest of them (Axi L4 Relics) are only farmable in the final (hardest) branch of the Void, coming from Sedna, the final planet in the Star Chart. For a new player, that's quite a journey, and IMO one that should not be rushed. One thing you could do would be farming other things, be it Prime parts / sets, rare Mods, Ayatan Sculptures, or whatever, and then sell (spares of) those to other players so that you can then buy Volt Prime (he should be ~somewhat cheap for a while at least).
  7. Using Icy Avalanche but then also Health and Armor Mods is kind of contradictory, just sayin'. If you're set on your triple Umbra Mods, maybe try Chilling Globe as your Augment of choice, or put Overextended in that slot.
  8. Magus Repair already covers all my Frame healing needs (and also works on other players, woot) so I rather doubt I'll be slotting in such a less universal method of healing, TBH.
  9. FWIW, this is my general use build for ol' frosty pants: Corrosive Projection, Vigilante Pursuit Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude Stretch, Overextended Streamline, Fleeting Expertise (both R4) Primed Continuity, Icy Avalanche High Range and Efficiency on Frost is just too fun / effective. I find big Globes nicely comfortable, cheap stacking makes "merely-decent" base Globe health a non-issue. You get to cover a lot of ground with Ice Wave and Avalanche, and the latter also provides some pretty nifty (non-stationary) Squad protection prowess with the Augment that at least for up-to-Sortie-level content has rarely failed me.
  10. Yes to those two, not so much the rest. There are a few abilities that are based on Affinity sharing range but those are very much in the minority. As for weapon hits / Arcanes ... I guess there's Sancti Magistar's charge attacks, and Arcanes like Energize or Pulse have an AoE aspect, but those aren't Affinity-ranged.
  11. NinjaZeku


    Heh, I'd really like someone to decipher / not-Google-translate this ... consigning an unnamed Kubrow to get Revenant Blueprints, lol wut? 😄
  12. Alas, that "Open Squads" thing is best ignored, I don't remember it ever being truly reliable. Something you could try would be to choose the "Wait For Other Players" option after clicking the mission, that stops the countdown and lets you, well, wait for other players to join your Squad. Or, ask in Recruiting Chat (or in your Clan Chat, BTW join a Clan if you haven't yet) for someone to help you with that mission, even just one might be enough as it's actually quite possible to hold all 4 points with a single Frame (yay e.g. Nova).
  13. TBH, your build is kind of "selfish" so I hate it 😛 It's fine for Solo play I guess, but when with a Squad, more Range for mass buffing and crowd control can really make a difference. FWIW, this is my current general use build that I tried to make as versatile as possible, while not least retaining the possibility to pump up Iron Skin to stupid high levels: RHINO STRONK (Rank 9 on those Strength Mods allows for a neat exactly +100% lol, Exilus should be Vigilante Pursuit but the site doesn't allow it in there.)
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