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  1. Parazon Mercy Finishers are not at all the same as Melee Finishers, they don't deal damage that's affected by Mods or anything, they are simply instant kills.
  2. I think I already knew that, but ... thank you, I guess? My point was about the difference between Orbiter and Landing Craft, since the TC used one name to refer to the other in the title.
  3. Just FYI, you have your Landing Craft (Liset etc), the small ship that takes you to and from missions, which is not the same as your Orbiter, the humongous thing you return to after missions. You can only customize the outside (also model) of your Landing Craft, and only the inside of your Orbiter. Relevant:
  4. But it's not "even more" tho. They can have more than 30 Capacity. Regular weapons cannot. The end.
  5. FWIW, when I tested out my Toxin Karak Lich a while back, against Corpus, I saw no Health damage being done before Shields were depleted, so unless something changed since then, it seems like the damage bonus is not active on converted Liches / Sisters.
  6. You necro'd a 2019 topic. Also, don't overlook Sonic Fracture, it's a neat bit of single button mass Armor removal, nifty e.g. on The Steel Path.
  7. Just a heads up, you're looking at the natural Status Chance of those weapons. The damage bonus % is a completely different thing.
  8. Help us help you, give more details. A simple "I can't do it" means very little, alas. Not least, actually specify which of the two (Lich or Sister) you have trouble with, since it's impossible you have one of each currently.
  9. You can just stand still when he's about to spawn and mark him manually, there's no suddden new "advantage" gained here. All this automatic marking would do is make players who are too lazy (or maybe just new) not make things harder for the the rest of the Squad.
  10. It's a Forma. It being on the Forma screen makes complete sense. At most, maybe add another confirmation prompt or something I guess.
  11. ... yes, I'm pretty sure TC is aware of that. The actual question, however, was how to get that one missing item that's needed to craft the Mark. I guess your best bet would be to contact Support over this. But also, I have to echo @Leqesai's confusion, how did you complete the Quest two times already? Furthermore, why did you start it a third time?
  12. Silent / silenced weapons don't break Prowl.
  13. Just a small tip, try out Lock and Load (in addition to Synth Deconstruct & Fiber) to quickly reload while you're slicing up an enemy or two with your Melee, works quite well I find.
  14. That is not the entirety of the task. It is, in fact, merely a supplement telling you how to do the actual task. Read the whole box, and you'll see the line "Complete Suisei on Mercury" above. Do that task :P
  15. Were you close to enemies at those times? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Staticor While charging, touching an enemy will consume the charge to release a discharge that functions like a normal shot while also applying a knockdown. Basically, it's a "defibrillator" effect :D If no enemies were near and you still triggered that effect, did maybe your Frame / Companion get Radiation proc'd earlier in the mission? Because that (is an old bug that) can cause your Companion to permanently become considered an enemy for the purposes of the defibrillation effect.
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