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  1. Well, thus the frequent calls for a rework, so you can spam more than 1 ability :P So you push them back out with a Globe recast (which also freezes them and can smash them against walls for % damage), and / or keep them from entering in the first place via Avalanche (or, you know, killing them with weapons lol). That's still scaling infinitely. Mind, if you wait out the absorb period and then Avalanche / kill the enemies outside the Globe, you get a good chunk of Globe health without it going away again right then and there. Like, just don't play Frost passively,
  2. Why? It's not like Sentinels and their respective weapons are inextricably tied to each other, you can use any of those weapons on any Robotic Companion, the only exception is Deconstructor being exclusive to Helios.
  3. I just checked your Profile in-game, you're trying to go up from Rank 3 (Adherant) to 4 (Instrument), which takes 20 Eidolon Shards.
  4. Did you infuse an ability on him? Because the same started happening on my Mesa (after infusing Shuriken on her 1).
  5. Pull on a high-Range Sonic Fracture Banshee. Glorious push & pull madness. Radial Blind on Ash. Even with slightly negative range, still plenty good for Melee funzies, and even some Squad protection. Thermal Sunder on Volt. For he is the Avatar, master of all elements. Mind Control on a max Duration Nova. Yay ~90 seconds Eximus buddies. (I just wish the M Prime debuff was wiped upon applying MC.) Larva on a high-Range, low-Duration & max-Efficiency Grendel. Snag, snack, let's roll.
  6. Until official word is given on this, there's always the chance this is just good ol' Bugframe, like, my guess would be that changes made to the Glassmaker Heavy Blade projectile launch feature inadvertantly affected Exodia Contagion.
  7. Ignoring how the other tags weren't really necessary either, don't use the PSA and Megathread tags, they're reserved for Staff only.
  8. I mean, that's the issue, right there. That's one ability. Wouldn't it be cool (hah) if you loved ALL of his abilities? Because that's what a perfect rework would accomplish. Mass CC and Icy Avalanche let you - and your Squad - survive decently enough while on the move, I find. I don't quite follow, you want damage + CC, you mention Avalanche which gives damage + CC, but then you complain that not using Avalanche means you don't get damage + CC ... well, yeah? :D (Maybe you meant to make a point - which I can get behind - that Avalanche's damage should scale in some
  9. You can manually scan corpses, it's not a Helios-specific function, and I'm not sure how LOS relates to this. What would be the point? It's not like Helios scans give Simaris Standing (and they shouldn't, IMO). But sure, Widgets for (Peacemaker-ish) increased scan reticules, and allowing partial scans to resume, that could be nice. Very yes.
  10. Are you getting this from what you've mentioned in the OP, or was there actually a proper "yeah I made this song specifically to ruin people's enjoyment of the game" statement you left out? Because, if you're basing your views of other players solely on the interactions you shared with us, then that's one friggin' MASSIVE overreaction / misunderstanding, I certainly didn't get any malice out of that.
  11. Move Hydroid, the Water Frame, to Uranus which is a Water tileset. Move Equinox, the Day & Night Frame, to Earth, which has Day & Night cycles, and let a respective part for the Two Forms drop from each of the Two Forms of the boss there. (Also, make the Manics in the Tyl boss fight able to drop Ash parts already, and / or increase regular Manic spawn / drop rates.)
  12. A 666 Amp (Lega Dissic Plaga) is neat. Nice range (and visuals) on the flamethrower part, good AoE on the cluster grenade thing to e.g. catch Kuva clouds easily, you can keep flamin' for a long time / spit out a bunch of 'nades before needing a refill (which takes like a second or so). Also, you shouldn't have any issues triggering Virtuous Fury, for a (small but) consistent damage buff.
  13. Please be more vague, there was no need to shower us with that many details and examples. Learn to hold yourself back, man.
  14. That at least already is shown, though. ((It's only Chat-linked Mod Configs that need to be fixed already to properly show those Set effects.) You can hover over the Armor stat you currently have and the game will tell you the damage reduction value it provides.
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