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  1. Orthos has just straight-up better hybrid stats, though (not to mention e.g. Slash focus).
  2. Dunno what's wrong on your end, it appears just fine for me (second tab at the top), both on a Kavat that has 3 "scans" remaining and a Kubrow that has 0 left. Do you maybe just not have any Genetic Code Templates ready to fill? Not sure if that would make it stop showing up, just a stab in the dark.
  3. Have you completed the Saya's Vigil Quest?
  4. Only Armor affects (one of) their abilities, and you can even build both of them so that Health and Shields are useless. Increased Max Energy would indeed be a nice thing to have (also maybe some +Sprint Speed on Frost Prime plskthx), it's somewhat fiercely silly that these Frames (especially their Primes) have merely half as much as some non-Primes get nowadays.
  5. Same for Blast Radius while we're at it plskthx 🙂
  6. I feel similarly about Astilla. Some more base damage and bigger AoE on the explosions - as well as a proper radial blast rather than this half circle or whatever shape nonsense - in addition to maybe a Max Ammo buff (inb4 the Gara boost, that's kinda way too significant to be limited to one Frame) would all really help to make this lovely weapon less forgotten. And no, please don't take this topic as an incentive to nerf Acceltra, it's a fine weapon with enough drawbacks.
  7. Even your Clan Chat? If so, that's ... kind of a bad Clan and you might wanna think about switching to a better one. That's indeed a great Frame to have (in combination with the right Mods). With loads of Duration, her 4 will debuff enemies over a massive area and her 1 will give 90% damage reduction, both of those should be a huge help in managing near any content that might give you trouble.
  8. That's still a ~2% chance for your situation to happen. Like, that's the same chance as getting a Rare reward off an Intact Relic, and that happens a bunch, to lots of players. But you do have my sympathies, might be better (for your sanity, heh) to farm / sell other stuff and just buy a Lich with the Ephemera you want.
  9. Keep the Magnetic Brakk (and however many more Brakks you need to reach just before 60%), then get a Heat Brakk and fuse all of them at once, with the Heat one being the last.
  10. My point is, using the same Mods at the same time doesn't appear to cause any glitches, so there's nothing fundamentally standing in the way of Sentinel weapons following suit.
  11. Just out of curiosity, when was that? The changelog on the Wiki page for Sentinels doesn't make any such mention. You can use the same Mods at the same time e.g. on Venari and another Companion, though. [citation needed] Indeed, at the very least let us "mark" Mods as Companion Mods or something, it's such an annoying hassle to figure out each time you mod weapons whether or not that Serration or whatever is "safe" to use, not to mention that even with the correct Sentinel weapon equipped, there might still be potential conflicts with different configs, just ... blurgh. But really, there's no good reason that I can see for this conflict nonsense to continue. DE pls ❤️
  12. Nah, it's intended so you don't lose your last / only copy of any Precept. It'd only be a bug if you have multiple Odomedics, is that the case? Yeah that's a known bug on consoles, expect a fix SoonTM🙂
  13. On a related /note, can stuff like boss cutscenes please NOT move our camera around so we're suddenly pointed in a totally different direction afterwards? Also, not really a fan of the Parazon hacking view tilt compared to how it used to be, and more importantly, here the camera orientation similarly doesn't return quite to where it was before.
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