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  1. Has nothing to do with Nidus (Prime or not), it's working how it's always worked, you need to take a good chunk of Health damage for the Sigil to show up outside the Arsenal.
  2. Well, did you try the same solution? :P
  3. Do you by any chance have another weapon (pair) ready to fuse? Just so we can see a screenshot of how it's worded on Xbox, because at least on PC, I don't see any issues, alas - basically, I'm getting this: Upgrade [equipped weapon] Consume [other weapon in inventory] Result [equipped weapon, with higher %] Which matches how it's always worked (and what you say happened), the equipped weapon gets upgraded, keeping Forma etc, and the other one is used up.
  4. You're talking about Sorties with weapon limitations I guess? There's plenty universal options already for that situation - Bullet Jump, Void Blast, silencing Mods, and whatever I forgot.
  5. Neither version of Pherliac Pods has a reusable Blueprint. But I can totally believe you having problems with the Foundry otherwise, it's been behaving quite erratically recently, I noticed stuff like squashed images when switching tabs and starting a craft jumping you back up to the top, the search bar will be the next thing I try when I log in again :P
  6. Valac is a Crossfire Spy by default. (Of course, it'd be VERY nice if the game actually mentioned the full mission type everywhere.) You mean after someone set off an alarm in a Spy vault, or what?
  7. Bob. Some of the more interesting Helminth replacements I've gone for would include ... Banshee - replacing Silence with Pull (on a high Range 100% Sonic Fracture build), yay yeet & yoink madness on one Frame, plus having Pull hit 5 digits damage at times thanks to Sonar is just neat. Mesa - replacing Ballistic Battery (duh) with Spellbind, mostly for the Status immunity so Mesa gets that much more resilient (and can use AoE goodness with reckless abandon, complementing her 4), but it's also fun to stack the visual on allies waiting at Extraction, heh. Seeking Shuriken can also be quite nice, not least for the current Plague Star Event. Ember / Protea - replacing her 1 / 4 respectively with Gloom, since that ability works very nicely with either Frame's passive. Equinox similarly can replace her 1 and then fuel Gloom with Provoke (also Energy Conversion etc), to have mass CC on Day. Xaku - replacing his 1 with Empower, to reach 100% defense removal on a high Range build without needing to tank your Efficiency via Blind Rage. Limbo - replacing his 3 with Thermal Sunder, to gain nuking power while invincible. Volt - replacing his 1 with Thermal Sunder to make him The Avatar, Master Of Elements :D Nova - replacing Wormhole with Mind Control (other good options would be e.g. Pillage or Dispensary), your "standard" 300% Duration build is quite nice for MC, and on Speedva you even get to speed up your victim.
  8. Look at it the other way around, now you have reasons to play other Frames than just Khora. Plus, you can force a Khora Invigoration every 3 1/3 weeks in any case.
  9. Would be nice, including on other weapons like Stahlta (a single regular shot and you only get 1 alt fire shot, argh why). Alternatively, scale (down) the damage based on how much ammo was used. BTW I still would very much like customization options for weapons with multiple firing modes, not least for Corinth I'd love to be able to have, say, the Airburst on Primary Fire, and "regular" shots only while aiming, cutting out the Secondary Fire button since that doesn't work while you have your Melee out, making the weapon work much more smoothly. Just because, copy/paste from a recent topic: (spoiler tag to slightly diminish the topic derailment lol)
  10. If you're recruiting Squads for Murmur farming, isn't that usually done because you don't want your Lich to spawn until you have discovered all (or with Oull, at least 2) of the Requiems needed? For missions in your own Lich's territory, there's regular matchmaking and all.
  11. As you were told in your previous topic, you need to rank up NEW gear. Each Rank on each item can only ever give Mastery once, merely using a Forma to reset the Rank or getting a new copy of an item will NOT give Mastery again.
  12. This might've been caused by Plague Star, you can somehow gain "incorrect" Syndicate Standing there, see the topics on that. Well, checking your Profile, you're currently not at max Standing for your current Rank, so you can't rank up to Genius yet. The "no further sacrifices" refers to not needing to give them a Prime part & Credits again. Though I have to wonder, how come you're so low on Standing, I was expecting you to be down a few K maybe, but you have ~60k to go still, did it actually push you down that far (over multiple days) before you noticed anything? And if the PS bug was to blame, then you should also have gained a bunch of Standing for the other (wrongfully supported) Syndicates, so dunno lol.
  13. IMO the first thing Staticor needs is a reduction to the self-stagger AoE (not least since it didn't use to have self-damage originally and all), it's a bit ridiculously large, especially with Primed Fulmination added. Turn it down to somewhere between the current effect and something as minimal as Envoy, please and thank you.
  14. You mean you had previously Forma'd the Stance slot (for Iron Phoenix) to Unairu? Because Madurai is the default Polarity on that. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dakra_Prime That is entirely normal, stuff like Stance / Aura / Exilus Polarities cannot be swapped (DE why tho).
  15. That's ... not how it works, there's no "unlocking" or anything. You choose the (one) Plague Star Bounty, you do the phases of it in order, without leaving the Plains, ending with the Hemocyte battle.
  16. I've been clearing out dropships with (Kuva) Ogris among other things, and that one has the exact same base projectile speed as (unguided) Envoy. Only aim once the projectile is somewhat close to the dropship (if your shot was gonna miss), and in any case you can use +Flight Speed in the Exilus slot to speed it up.
  17. Would be nice to have this get fixed finally, but I'm not holding my breath, so as an alternative / addition, I think you should just get the regen buff when you switch back to your Frame regardless of where the circle ended up / whether your Frame touched it or not.
  18. I wish Akarius would finally get fixed for Clients, because that weapon does a decent job at filling the "homing rocket launcher" spot ... when it works :P
  19. TBH, I really don't think Sabotage Caches should be included, they're ~easy enough to find if you have Loot Radar Mods, there's a lot less randomness to them than Sculptures / Rare Containers, and they're more obvious than Kuria. But sure, reduced cooldown would be nice in any case.
  20. Why did you necro a 2 years dead topic with a random personal anecdote? That's not what the Bug Reports section is for :P
  21. FWIW, you can set Matchmaking to Solo then Public to get an empty Squad Chat that persists while outside Navigation. But sure, an option to always have Squad Chat available would be nice. Yeah, that one's pretty bad.
  22. If you're referring to my post, no, I did not say that at all. The player I quoted looked in the wrong spot, i.e. at the stat literally called Status Chance. (Look at the numbers they gave, and compare them with the natural Status Chance values of those weapons.) Hovering over the name at the top indeed lists the damage bonus, both the type and the percentage.
  23. Hundreds of kills would most certainly be better than (again, literally, no exaggeration) zero. Also, an easy solution would be everyone bringing a nuke Frame :P
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