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  1. It's been a problem for quite a while now, and remains utterly baffling.
  2. You mean, they get unequipped? When exactly? FWIW, I just ran a quick mission with default Rev skin & helmet, plus Meph Syandana, and the Covert Sigil on my Rev's back seemed to work just fine, it showed Standing gains both during the mission and afterwards, it didn't get unequipped or anything. *shrug* Are you sure you didn't maybe just switch to a (new) Appearance Config that didn't have any Sigils yet? If you copied a Look Link, that doesn't transfer over Sigils either.
  3. You can quote something, then copy that from the "new post" box below, and paste that into your post while editing it.
  4. WDYM by locked, exactly? You can't travel there, or the fight doesn't start? Try clearing Eurasia (again). And just to make sure, all the tasks are checked off as completed? That's a pretty minor thing really, the Void Relic Segment and the Quests are MUCH bigger issues :P
  5. Could you take a screenshot showing them? Pretty sure they're 100% gone on my end.
  6. Are you sure it's not maybe a case where some DOT effect kills the enemy before the Mercy is finished? (Though that IMO still shouldn't happen, we should get Parazon Mods to trigger anyway.) That is incorrect.
  7. What exactly does that mean? The game doesn't just do that randomly. Like, if your internet connection had a hiccup or something, that's an issue on your end, alas.
  8. Trading section of the forums Trade chat in-game Warframe.market
  9. Indeed. BTW, the "proper" way to quote, that not least makes people get notifications and stuff, is via the Quote option at the bottom of the post, or highlighting a part of the post then using the Quote Selection popup.
  10. We don't, DE will. Some day :D BTW I just noticed I also still have my duplicate Vengeful Toxin, so the upon-login script thing seems to not have been all that thorough.
  11. But why, after you already bumped the old one? :P Anyway, the skin + Mod combination works just fine as far as I can tell. ... at least at base functionality, because there are some other issues [not sure whether or not the skin has anything to do with it] like the Napalm seemingly not affecting (e.g. Vortex-)radgoll'd enemies [could just be a ragdoll thing in general, e.g. Sonic Fracture also makes enemies miss Launcher blasts at times].
  12. Did you get those recently? Because there was a fix that should stop you from getting those now: Removed the ability to collect duplicate Ephemeras. Ephemeras now abide by the “one per person” rule that other cosmetic items follow. And thus clearing out the unnecessary inventory clutter. A script will run upon first login after updating to remove existing duplicates. Maybe that fix got reverted in the last update or something? Or is it the removal script that didn't catch them on your end?
  13. Yep gone for me as well, and not just on Deimos, Vallis / Plains also had them, and it's gone there, too (or at least on the Vallis, didn't check Plains yet).
  14. All of my yes. The base durations of Blessing and Link might have been ~okay back in the day when (Warframe was a different game and) they gave 100% invincibility / allowed map nuking and all that fun stuff (RIP infinite range heals), but nowadays any Frame shipping with those values would just get laughed at. As an alternative though, I still think it wouldn't be too much to turn Link into a "conditional drain" toggle type, only draining Energy when linked to enemies, and of course allowing Energy gains from EV etc.
  15. Would be nice to simply have the ability to (maybe only once the Frame is at Rank 30) swap around the abilities, so you could do stuff like having Rhino Charge, Tidal Surge and Reave on the same button :P
  16. Are you talking about a Syndicate sacrifice maybe? If so, which Syndicate? What Rank? If not, please clarify.
  17. Did you choose the "Practice" option, or do the actual test? Can you afterwards try again right away? Because then you likely only did a practice run.
  18. All Lich / Sister weapons with innate single elements work the same way, it's just that "the way" is paved with DE spaghetti code logic :D https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tenet_Cycron If the weapon innately has a primary element type ( Heat, Cold, Electricity, Toxin) AND has a different primary element as its bonus stat, the elements on the weapon will combine in a unique way: Whichever of the two primary elements comes first in this element order - Heat > Cold > Electricity > Toxin, or "HCET" for short - will be placed second to last in the element combine order, while the other primary element will be placed last in the combine order. This order can be subsequently shifted based on the order of the equipped mods. For example, if the weapon innately has Cold, using an Electricity progenitor Warframe to add base Electricity damage to the weapon will change the weapon's base element to Magnetic. Because Cold comes before Electricity in the HCET element order, Cold will be placed second to last in the element combine order, and Electricity will be placed last. If the weapon is then modded with only Heat, the elements will be arranged in the order Heat, Cold, Electricity, resulting in the weapon having Blast + Electricity. If the weapon is instead modded with only Toxin, the elements will be arranged in the order Toxin, Cold, Electricity, which will create Viral + Electricity. If modded with Electricity and Heat, the Electricity will be moved earlier in the combine order due to now being a modded element, so the new combine order will be Electricity, Heat, Cold, resulting in Radiation + Cold. If modded with Heat and Toxin, the combine order will be Heat, Toxin, Cold, Electricity, resulting in Gas + Magnetic. HCET Damage Priority Results Bonus Element + Modded Element / Innate Element Innate Heat ( Tenet Spirex) Innate Cold ( Tenet Envoy) Innate Electricity ( Tenet Agendus) Innate Toxin Bonus Heat + Modded Cold - - Blast + Electricity Blast + Toxin Bonus Heat + Modded Electricity - Radiation + Cold - Radiation + Toxin Bonus Heat + Modded Toxin - Gas + Cold Gas + Electricity - Bonus Cold + Modded Heat - - Blast + Electricity Blast + Toxin Bonus Cold + Modded Electricity Radiation + Cold - - Magnetic + Toxin Bonus Cold + Modded Toxin Gas + Cold - Viral + Electricity - Bonus Electricity + Modded Heat - Blast + Electricity - Radiation + Toxin Bonus Electricity + Modded Cold Blast + Electricity - - Magnetic + Toxin Bonus Electricity + Modded Toxin Gas + Electricity Viral + Electricity - - Bonus Toxin + Modded Heat - Blast + Toxin Radiation + Toxin - Bonus Toxin + Modded Cold Blast + Toxin - Magnetic + Toxin - Bonus Toxin + Modded Electricity Radiation + Toxin Magnetic + Toxin - -
  19. My guess would be the word you get when you remove the first "co" ... google that if you're not familiar :P
  20. What is the "normal place" you're looking at? Because it's not hidden in Appearance anymore, it's now on the main Arsenal screen, underneath Parazon.
  21. It's a pretty nice gun ... for Solo play, because it's still bugged to for clients, after all this time, DE why :(
  22. You can open the chat window while in the Mandachord screen. Click on a Song Link someone posted there. Just a small correction, the Mandachord button is now found in the main Arsenal screen, underneath Parazon.
  23. Sorry, but ... no. You can't propose a rework on the basis that you'd Helminth-replace something to make the kit work.
  24. In chat. Someone needs to link a song they made. You 100% can copy other players' songs.
  25. Open the Mandachord, click a Song Link.
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