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  1. "Posted November 17, 2014" :P
  2. You can have that on the base abilities, for Augments I much prefer those being specifically for the ability I'm augmenting :P Plus I Helminth-replaced Mind Control on my "main" Nyx build lol
  3. Just make such an Augment trigger on death, period. No need to get Mind Control or Chaos involved.
  4. Please check the post dates, you randomly necro'd a 6 years dead topic :P Plus you're wrong about Blood Rush, that also drops from Deimos Bounties along with the other "Acolyte Mods" nowadays.
  5. Which is entirely not what the topic is about. Maybe read more carefully next time before tossing out comparisons to "dumb dogs" out of nowhere.
  6. Can you give an example of Arcanes not working as advertised? Because in this case Arcane Nullifier works just fine, those Arcanes protect against procs, nothing more, nothing less.
  7. Do you mean it doesn't let you start the fight because the task is still not ticked off as completed, or that you can't click the Junction on the Star Chart to travel to it in the first place? For the former, maybe just try doing Teshub again (no Alert / Fissure / whatnot). For the latter, you need to have cleared the path towards the Junction to unlock it, did you do Carpo? In any case, screenshots might help, of your Void and Jupiter progress, and the task situation.
  8. Did you try the same solution that was suggested? Did you install a Gravimag, and also get the Archgun Deployer?
  9. Like I said, that would mean changing the "growth" to be inconsistent with how Mod Ranks usually work. Normally, each Rank adds the value the Mod has when unranked (starting at 10% would mean each Rank gives +10%, but with that you'd end up at 110% for Rank 10). But even with adjusted Rank up values, how exactly would you adjust them? Would you (starting at 10) go up by 9 on each Rank? That IMO looks / feels worse than the current 9 -> 99 we have.
  10. To be fair, that's not such a big deal (for the most part) since you get the full power of EV in one big pulse anyway if you simply kill the target. I'd actually like it if EV got some burfs (buff + nerf combos), like ... - increase the pulses' base range (maybe with a cap on the max range) / make them Affinity Range'd - make the pulses scale with Duration like how Miasma was changed Basically, remove the temptation of the "easy EV build" and make modding for a more balanced / versatile build more appealing / feasible. ... or at least, give builds with positive Duration a bonus to how much EV gives in total, so min Duration still works as-is, win-win. Combined with a better Link (see my "conditional drain" suggestion above, or at worst just triple the base duration I guess) and maybe also a small buff to Blessing (for the damage reduction, increased base duration would again be neat, double it at least) plus of course a complete rework / replacement of the still pretty dang silly first ability, that just might be enough :D
  11. 500 Health worth of healing, spread out over 5 seconds. Cannot stack with other healing sources. Not overly impressive in my book. Tied to an ability with abysmal base duration, and needing at least 223% Strength (plus a further Mod slot). Trying to mod for this while keeping your other abilities in a "great" state is a somewhat nightmarish proposition.
  12. Just FYI, you probably should've made a new topic then, in https://forums.warframe.com/forum/38-players-helping-players/ Hm? What does Stickney (a Phobos node) have to do with the Europa Junction? ... ah, checking in-game, I see now. Like so many times before, I now get to tell you as well, READ THE WHOLE TASK GOSHDARNIT :D The line at the bottom mentioning Stickney is a hint on how to do the actual task above it, which is "Complete Teshub in the Void".
  13. Are they? How often do you use e.g. the Magazine Size ones, or friggin' Hollow Point? How often did the Crit Chance ones see use, before the recent general buff? When would you use Heavy Cal & co nowadays, what with Galvanized Mods and Gun Arcanes? The buff I mentioned above both increased the positive and reduced the negative effect. DE themselves seem to disagree with you, some Corrupted Mods needed, and IMO others still need, help to be worth using. I get that reason lol, but with how Mod Ranks work and all, that'd make the lower Ranks be even more filled with "bad" numbers, like, a 100% Blind Rage would have 9.090909... (displayed as rounded up to 9.1 for the most part*) per Rank, so you'd have all the non-max Ranks look off as a drawback, which is not least relevant since you don't always use max Rank Corrupted Mods. I guess you could have uneven "growth" per Rank to smooth out the numbers, but that in turn kinda triggers some OCD-ish twitches over on my end, I prefer my Mods to be consistent in this regard more so than having "nice" numbers. *= Also, on that "for the most part" - you'd go from 36.4 at Rank 3 to 45.4 at Rank 4, urgh that not-increase rustles my jimmies :P
  14. Helminth exists so regular Warframes still have a purpose once you've acquired the Prime. Weapons ... eh, many are somewhat expected to be left behind as you progress (if not outright Mastery fodder) whether or not there's a Prime version. Something to extract Potatoes / Forma / whatnot from an item before you trash / subsume it could be nice, then again people buying those is a source of income for DE so I don't see (a pressing need for) that changing anytime soon. With how garbage some farms are (urgh Oberon and Ash change, DE why) ... nah. Also, how would this work for Prime weapons (like Dakra / Euphona Prime) that don't have a regular version?
  15. You sure your friend wasn't by any chance looking only at Tennogen skins? That Prime toggle is not a general thing, it's mostly limited to Tennogen, and has rare exceptions like Umbra, and now Rhino Dex I guess.
  16. You can contact Support e.g. via the links near the top / bottom of this page, on the support page in the upper right is the "Submit A Request" option.
  17. Pretty much the same as any weapon? Ignis W supports a Crit / Status hybrid build, so you'd use the "standard" Mods for that: Base Damage Multishot Crit Mods Elemental Mods (at least partially 60% dual stat ones) Then based on your preferences and stuff, you can add e.g. some more Fire Rate which Ignis can easily afford in terms of Ammo economy, you can try out (Viral plus) Hunter Munitions if you're dealing with SP Grineer or something similarly durable, plus you could open up the Exilus slot for Sinister Reach (yay thanks DE for finally allowing that). Not sure how well e.g. Galvanized Aptitude would fare on this weapon (over regular Base Damage Mods), you're not getting tons of different proc types (just up to two with Elemental Mods, maybe 3 with HunMun), though with additional procs from a Sentinel / Warframe abilities, that can be a different situation I guess.
  18. Do you want to maybe try some words? Why did you link that, how is it relevant, come on, give us something.
  19. Try more details. What exactly are you trying to buy, and where / how? Are you in the Market? Are you trying to trade with another player? Did you acquire any Plat beyond the 50 you start with, and whatever you may have gotten from PS promo bundles etc? Because "free" Plat has never been able to be used in trading, nor for gifting stuff from the Market.
  20. TBH, I don't know if there's anything different about trading Liches / Sisters than other items, but is it possible the seller (was a dirty scammer and) simply switched their Sister for a different one at some point? Or are you saying in your Sister screen, it showed a 50% Magnetic bonus all the way until you vanquished her?
  21. Make all Companions immortal, have them enter a (cool)down state when taking "lethal" damage during which regular offensive capabilities are halted but stuff like Animal Instinct / Vacuum continues to function. Vulpaphylas show that this is not game-breakingly OP, they haven't become the one Companion type everyone uses or anything. Like, there's only so many times you can see Squad members' poor Pets go down before something breaks inside you, I didn't wanna get fully desensitized to (even "just" digital) animal plight, but you've done it. Feels bad man. Please save at least newer players from that.
  22. Were these Kuva Siphons / Floods? Because those don't count, the only Kuva Survival mission node is on the Fortress.
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