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  1. You may not, others may well. Also you not "required" to use a extilus slot if you don't want to change you "fetabuild"
  2. then they should use that nonsense if they cant be bothered to play a weapon where you take your time and aim ~ playing a bow rewards the type of player who isn't interested in bouncing off the walls like a loon
  3. She has some good fashion potential but its hardly the best.
  4. What im losing out on is the progressive erosion of any effort or challenge as its washed away by the whingers who cant possible accept that maybe they might have to skip a thing.
  5. The point is to use them if you like them, if you were only using them because the instakill mod then you will move on to a another weapon. I'm suddenly not going to stop using daggers on the frames i use daggers on just because a mod change
  6. Shame you caved to the whingers on nightwave, the totally optional reward track that people do not have to do anything they don't like the look of in
  7. Good thing we have Primary, secondary and Melee weapons then.
  8. Fixed. Whine is a players-base's ground state. Want to see a game in decline, go look at Mechwarrior Online ~ it was going down even before PGI took it out back and shot any hopes for it with the great epic store backstab for MW5.
  9. So you want to make her a Timberwolf then
  10. I know of at least three of us who use triplines a lot and if you stand still i will cover you with Tesla's
  11. Very serious, he needed some tweaks but not this monstrous mess that is coming from what ive seen on the devblog
  12. Hopefully as long as possible, need more time to play a good frame before its screwed up.
  13. Different damage types, different damage effects, firerates etc. My general rule is that if i have a Fast RoF Primary i will have a Slow Secondary (and vice versus) and will try to make sure that the primary damage type of one is not the same as the other.
  14. I used to worry over them (particularly missions quit) but then realized it really didn't matter and now don't care.
  15. Wukongs twin is the poster child for it done right, everything else should be as good as his is.
  16. Maybe she has a http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/magicWeapons.htm#frostBrand
  17. Same reason "feedback" ends up the general chat all the time.
  18. some of the best rivens i have were "trash" and were actually bought for what was on the mod at the time
  19. You are not "forced" to do any of nightwave's missions.
  20. Reading warnings is for smart people only.
  21. Put the Emphasis back on the Name ~ Its Warframe not space tween frame
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