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  1. I haven't done much with kitguns mostly because the one i did try was not what it was advertised as and was ugly to boot. Have many side arms that are already good and those ^@^$ boxes don't hold a candle to them.
  2. I fully expect them to become a lot more common after New War
  3. It'd be easier for everyone if people could y'know just not do a challenge that they didn't like the look of/want to meet the requirements for instead of the whole song and dance routine every time. I got to 30 the other week including skipping a whole bunch of things over the course of the weeks and managed to not come running to the forums when a thing i didn't like the look of showed up.
  4. The real cost is the amount time you have to spend that tedious game mode to have a chance at it dropping
  5. Hopefully Iteration "2" addresses the actual reason people don't like doing them which from reading a lot of the last thread about these changes is nothing to do with the lack of revive
  6. If its not bad for you then good for you. i can barely remember using them so i'd say they were bad for me since if they were good i'd have kept them.
  7. Im put off by the fact that its so tediously long to get anything worthwhile in this mode.
  8. In the end after much thought and testing Frost Prime won
  9. So terrible it is that you must do them...
  10. not sure. it will go sooner rather than later now that every time i decide to forma a frame or melee weapon its there a option and would have rather had it be its own thing say when you go to forma the Umbral symbol it would go "ah you need this" to do that action. Hildryn is looking to be the recipient currently
  11. it may well be intended, i however am saying that people often do find ways to do things that were not and then whine loudly when they are fixed
  12. Read: players will whine about any percived "nerf" to anything they do especially if they find and use something unintended
  13. Don't pay an exorbitant sum and never be worried that your "godawful tier" riven may slightly change over time.
  14. i haven't seen it but I've heard it a lot recently
  15. Kitguns need them most, they are all ugly as sin where as most of the zaws and pretty good.
  16. I bring out Clem fairly often but rare use the others
  17. He works fine every time i take him out. Then again i and one other person ive encountered while playing him maybe the only ones who use triplines to good effect. Tesla needs to scale better and maybe off Power Strength and a similar thing with the other "mines" to be more useful but thats really all he needs.
  18. Depends on the weapon and what the player wants to do with it. What you may want on a riven it totally different from someone else may want on one so your in the wrong for assuming that it was bad at that price point, if its not what your after then move and and find another that is.
  19. All i heard was we are going to screw up a good frame
  20. Had him turn up in a MD today, didnt get to kill him because he took out the Console and instant mission fail
  21. If its on a Charge based fire mode it should at least fire more of the magazine the longer you hold that charge
  22. Because Interception is a horrible game mode
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