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  1. Can we get a management system for Relics? In the off chance someone convinces me to do a fissure mission(see reactant question on why I don't), I have too many relics. I know I'm not the only one out there. 15 seconds is not enough time to look at all my relics and pick one. Can we please get a system where we can lock a relic, hide, pre-load ones I would want to use. I don't really care which.
  2. Hi, do we really need reactant? Don't you feel like it takes away from losing yourself in the game. Instead of focusing on mission, having fun, your are worrying about making sure you pick up reactant to make sure you get rewards. In survivals you panic because two of your teammates are gone off on your there own, you lost track of time because you were having fun, and now you have 20 seconds to find 6 reactant. It really removes the fun out of relic missions, even to the point, I just don't play them anymore. I miss being able to go into a survival, run around like a idiot, jumping of walls, hitting people with sticks, until the lotus would pop up saying 30 seconds left. I was having fun, now, survivals are watching were everyone is to so you know where to run to get reactant. Can we please just remove reactant? Can I please just run around like a idiot again?
  3. Dear DE Steve on June 16, 2017 during Devstream 94 during Devstream 94 at 46:48, you ready my question about the acolytes returning with no Misery in sight. The acolytes has returned multiple times now, and still no Misery insight. So I will ask again, is there any possibility of having a Misery instead?
  4. Why the change on the clan recruitment forums? You have everything stuck together now, clans, alliances, groups, systems. I came on here to look for a new clan to join and frankly, its pointless. Half the posts don't have what system they are on, so I have to go into each and everyone. I don't know if a lot of people used it before if that is why you changed it, I do know however those who did use it, benefit from it. So I am just wondering why the change?
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